1. He's innocent your honor!! Look in those precious eyes then tell me that are ANYTHING purge than precious. Don't hate him cause he's chonky, he can help that no more than he could change those eyes!

  2. We the jury find the defendant, Hippo C Wiggle Butt to be guilty on 3 counts of zoomies and being so dang adorable without a license. We sentence the defendant to 15 minuets of belly rubs and 4 games of tug

  3. Depends. Did you sneak up on him or have you been asking from the other room “WHO DID THIS!?!?!?” Cause those eyes say “I don’t know what you’re talking about but I LOVE YOU!!!”

  4. Guilty, but with governor pardon due to his excessive case of puppy eyes. Locking him up would be criminal/cruel and unusual punishment

  5. Guilty. Remand them to my custody for maximum security blanket, 20 years of being in my heart and 3 snacks per day.

  6. Definitely bad, but the kind of bad where you want to smoosh his cheeks and ask him wtf man. Then kiss his forehead.

  7. We the jury find this handsome chonky puppy not guilty on all accounts. Furthermore we would all like to say Whosagoodboy

  8. Definitely guilty. Sentenced to continuous scritches until I see a smile, and then belly rubs until leg twitching commences.

  9. That face and those ears say guilty. Not sure of what, but definitely guilty. Did he steal your taco? my hippo stole my taco 😭 it was egg and bean on corn…

  10. Guilty on all charges of being cute, cuddly, happy hippo. Sentence is a life of love, affection, belly rubs, naps, zoomies, and endless supply of treats

  11. Guilty! Adorable as charged. Those meaty cheeks should not be a reason for dismissal and the accused should be sentanced to pets and butt scratches until death!

  12. I find this hippo guilty of being sweet, adorable, chonky boi. They are sentenced to eternal cuddles and treats, effective immediately.

  13. That is THE most innocent face! Obviously this baby has been set up. Prob by the cat lol. I demand immediate release & compawnsation for this sweetheart :)

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