1. It’s not, really, in my opinion. They already flock to any medical tragedy and use it as an excuse to start screeching their nonsense with completely baseless claims. They also have exploited deaths of numerous young people who have died from cancer or car accidents, appropriating their pictures and trying to sell stories about them dying from their immunizations. So, I’d say this is par for the course and it’s all despicable.

  2. Today, he's been rallying against heart screenings for young people... that have been happening since 2015, an intiative by two parents whose son died from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, (of course he conveniently ignored that fact)... apparently he thinks this is some sort of conspiracy.

  3. Why would he be against heart screening anyway? I mean his stated reason, not the real reason, which is that such a practice would negatively impact his ability to spread anti-vax bullshit.

  4. I mean, tbh, heart disease cases ARE going up after going down slightly for about a decade, and oddly, for younger groups of people.

  5. Practically any time someone claims 100% on something medically related it's total bs. I mean, even getting shot in the head isn't fatal 100% of the time.

  6. Isn't this illegal to impersonate a medical professional? Just as in the same respect of impersonating a police officer?

  7. Tried to report this account but they've removed all meaningful selections for harmful misinformation.

  8. Probably because they get more viewership when crap like this spurs people to check it out. That or it is probably a very used option that causes a lot of manual checking to be done by their review staff.

  9. So why is miscarriage listed in the 14-16 group? Also why are we talking about FETAL cardiac disorders? Like I get that his followers won’t bother to read any of it - there are big words that sound scary but come on now.

  10. I think it’s an attention thing. If it makes you feel special at the cost of peoples health…screw you. We should all report his ass and see if we can take his credentials.

  11. The sample size of the group studied in the first part of the tweet was 9 and diagnosed myocarditis was the prerequisite to be included in the study. Yep, 9. The second "study" is of vaers. So not exactly reliable.

  12. I don't even need to know what that graph ACTUALLY shows to know it's not what he says: How can it be above 100% ? And if it was a percentage why would it be graduated up to 1000 ?

  13. He was also spreading lies about a girl who willingly got vaccinated but had a fear of needles. He thinks she was forced to get vaccinated; she was panicking in the video.

  14. almost as bad as "Dr. James E. Olsson", someone pretending to be a dead dr has been a terrifying source of disinformation.

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