1. I remember the clinical trials were going to follow participants for 3 years and people were insisting the vaccine couldn’t be considered safe while the studies were “still ongoing”. We must be coming up to the 3 year mark soon, I wonder if all those people will be lining up or if they’ll suddenly want 5 years of “long term” data instead.

  2. Plus, it's not like this was the only coronavirus in recent history. We already had the necessary technological developments in place because the spike protein shape is common to other viruses; the vaccine development just had to be extended to these specific strains.

  3. Exactly! "Interesting" in this case means "I'm not in the mood to deal with this nut job today, so lets just move on and get this over with."

  4. I like to imagine these people sitting at home, writing this story out, then deluding themselves into thinking it actually happened, then feeling insanely proud of themselves.

  5. I mean I can see this happening. I've asked many patients if they got the vaccine and if they wanted it and I get this bullshit back. I reply "ok" and don't go further because I don't have the time and I don't feel like dealing with someone like that whose mind I'm not going to change.

  6. Nah this sounds real. Sounds like the doctor was too tired to argue so just said said something and got out of there. Didn’t agree or disagree just moved on.

  7. If it was nothing serious....and he doesn't trust the medical professionals....why did he go to the ER to start with??? These people are insane and should be locked up!!!

  8. They really drive me nuts with this "the healthcare industry denies the existence of natural immunity or the benefits of diet and exercise."

  9. I don’t even believe that the doctor even asked him why he wasn’t vaccinated. I’m a nurse and whenever we admit people, all we do is ask if they are vaccinated or not, and if they say no, we just say “okay” and move on. We honestly don’t care to know their reasoning as to why they didn’t get their shots.

  10. More than likely, this dude just included the reason along with his answer for "are you vaccinated?" And the doctor's response was a genuine, "Ah, a fucking nutcase...Interesting."

  11. Wait til he finds out that patients have the right to refuse any or all care and the doctor was simply respecting that right as all healthcare workers are trained to do.

  12. "Interesting" is the least interesting thing you can ever say... which tells me dude absolutely didn't care and was not in the mood to deal with this shit at this time. As they say, the trash will take itself out in due time

  13. Hilarious because the person is so fucking dumb that they couldn't even recognize that the doctor thought they were psychotic and "interesting" means "yeah you're a lost cause, I'm not even gonna bother."

  14. I can totally see this happening for real, but the doctor walks away not because he has been "owned by facts and logic" but because he has been on shift for 16 hours and hearing someone recite the "evidence" they saw on a Facebook mom's group next to which sick to put the potato in to cure your child's chickenpox wasn't worth his time as he had patients to care for who weren't front runners for the Darwin award

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