1. I used to treat myself to one CD per month when I was a broke kid in my 20's. I'd be so happy to take it home and play it and look at the art on the cover sleeve.

  2. I used to love making the rounds of music stores downtown. We would go down Seymour to Sam the Record Man, A&B and another store that the name escapes me (they always had singles and rare EP’s). There used to be a guitar shop on the corner that I would go to as well. The Virgin music megastore was pretty awesome as well

  3. Oh man, I just barely remember the Eatons in Coquitlam Centre. I was no older than 6 when they went out of business, but I remember their cookie card!

  4. Playdium just hit different. That whole area of Metropolis was lit back in the day. The running track leading you into Planet Superstar, the GLOW! Store that was black light everything, TGIFridays, Millenium (the medieval store) and Daft Punk and Cher blasting through the mall speakers.

  5. Woodards grocery store had giant tins of 1 and 2 ingredient peanut butter when I was a kid. Or was that Woolworths? Anyway, I looked down on my friends who had Skippy.

  6. Sears was definitely a huge part of growing up for me. My grandma only bought Kenmore appliances. We also used to go for lunch at the Zellers café and she had a Zeddy Teddy.

  7. yeah, My grandmother loved Sears so much that we joked it would go out of business the day she died. It didn't , and lasted another two whole months.

  8. Sears fucked up e-commerce so bad. I bought a dishwasher online for in store pick up once in the late 2000s. You got a delivery window of six weeks. Then you got a call one day random. Then you had to go to the catelouge clerk on one side of the store then go to shipping clerk - then bring shipping request to loading dock. It would of been wildly successful as a physical home goods/appliance/tool store combined with physical depot for online orderes of everything else. Sears had established agents in every small town too. Such a waste

  9. As a Maple Ridge kid, Zellers evokes some nostalgia. I don't know if I miss it.. but it brings about some memories.

  10. Worked seasonally one Christmas at Future Shop, the total nonsense I witness there was nuts. Repeatedly saw staff lying through their teeth to secure sales about products by promising performance they knew was useless or did not exist.

  11. Sport mart in Richmond was great Miss Rogers video, and buying the cheap perfume at zellers. Also, zellers was the best spot for the basic socks and underwear. AND my dad loved their jeans - was a great gift simple gift.

  12. I miss Payless. Some of their shoes were sketch, but their slippers, flip flops, and seasonal wear did the job (and at 1/2 the price)

  13. Same. They weren't great for everyday shoes, but if I wanted something to wear with a specific dress for a wedding or something, they were a really affordable option.

  14. A&B Sound, A&A Records, Kelly's Records, Sam the Record Man, Radio Shack, Cal-Van Auto Supply on Kingsway, Granville Book Bin, Mayfair News, Woodward's downtown and $1.49 day.

  15. Woodwards 1.49 day helped get me though life on a minimum wage in the 80s - I could load up on big packs of chicken wings and other groceries then.

  16. My fav Zellers was the one at Oakridge. Used to park in the upper lot and enter the mall via Zellers. I stopped frequenting Oakridge once Zellers was gone.

  17. I was so pissed when they just left that closed instead of opening a Target like the ones in the burbs. Then I saw people whining that Target Canada failed because snooty city people wouldn't drive out to the ones they'd opened. Boo-frickin'-hoo.

  18. Highly recommend ordering one of the older Sears catalogues for fun. I ordered the 1897 edition and some of the stuff in there is wild.

  19. I got a toy catalogue in the mail from Amazon this year just before Christmas. I’m in my 50’s, and the Sears Wishbook is such a huge part of Christmas nostalgia for me. This Amazon one was about 50 pages, had some kids activities in it, like a maze, and stickers. Looking through it totally brought back memories of being a kid.

  20. Zellers was the shit, I remember my mom shopping at the Lynn Valley one and taking me there every Friday night as a kid, I'd always hand at the video game section and do some window shopping and read video game mags.

  21. Does anyone remember the used cd store on granville street? I think it was called Charlie’s. I used to buy so many cheap cds from there. When I go into my collection I find old price stickers from there occasionally and it brings me back to the overly warm, yellow linoleum room with cds hanging from the ceiling.

  22. There used to be a Japanese boom store called Book Off on Hornby too. They bought anything and everything there.

  23. A&B Sound. I still remember buying cassettes in the early 80’s and the legendary Boxing Day sale. They even had a store in Kelowna.

  24. Going way way back, but Toys & Wheels. TBH the only thing I clearly remember about that store was the bins of really cheap toys at the checkout. My parents would give me a quarter, and I could pick out a bouncy ball, or squishy finger puppet or something. It was all crap (cereal box quality stuff), but for some reason I got super excited about it.

  25. Everything for a dollar store! Hoo boy did that bring back memories of buying chocolate bars for 50 cents throughout elementary and high school. They sold mainstream chocolate bars for the lowest price in the city. Not to mention buying blank cd’s from there to burn music onto

  26. Blockbusters!! Ahh I miss it so much. Wandering the aisles looking at every movie available to rent (old and new), checking out the movies to buy and picking them solely on what cool cover they had on them (Fight club was cool, it looked like it was wrapped in brown paper with a string, and the Saw movies has the BEST cases [fake blood, hologram x-rays]), hitting the candy and popcorn stands on the way to the cashier... It was such a good time

  27. Sears, only becuase it was as family tradition that each child had to go through the Sears catalogue and decided what they wanted for Christmas.

  28. Metrotown in general was so cool. The rainforest cafe, the arcade under the movie theatre, that glow in the dark store with the lightning balls, the dragon and sword store next to it. Great place to be a kid in the 90s.

  29. I think San Francisco was the precursor, I used to waste my allowance there before going to a command HQ to waste some more

  30. That’s not my post tho it’s the other person’s. I just saw this while browsing through Reddit today and decided to cross post to

  31. Army & navy, i wasnt big in to fishing when it closed. My dad told me how it was one of the best stores to buy fishing equipment.

  32. The Virgin Megastore: Movies, music, games, toys, and food. God I miss that place, it was the highlight of living downtown in the early 2000s.

  33. I miss RainForest Cafe, Arby's, Playdium, Lester, and more recently, Pearl Cafe!! I can't believe they closed their Burnaby location on Edmund and this is their final week for the Richmond location! Went down to get some Taiwanese food and they are giving customers souvenirs to remember them by..... I will deeply miss their Taiwanese food and drink

  34. Not a store, but found out that the owners of Movieland Arcade downtown put it up for sale. Spent my youth there and many quarters over the years.

  35. SEARS fucked my dad over by not paying him over 100 grand in pension money they were supposed to have on hand by law. MP kept dodging dad's inqueries.

  36. And the shoes and the huge outdoors departments (fishing, boating, camping) at the A&N. They had a lot of housewares too - I always bought linens and towels there.

  37. No YoU dOn’T,yOu’Re JuSt NoStAlGiC fOr YoUr ChIldHoOd shut up! You don’t know my life so I do legitimately miss all of them

  38. Why. They were soulless department stores. Zellers and Sears especially fucking sucked the life out of you everytime you went in. Nostalgia goggles are a wild thing.

  39. In the last few years before it closed, the Zellers (at Metrotown, anyway) was really spiffed up - clean, organized, well-staffed and well-stocked. It was great. Now we are stuck with Walmart.

  40. I miss Duthie’s Books, Johnny Z’s arcade at station square in Metrotown, the Woodward food floor, A&B Sound, Videomatica and probably a whole slew of other spots that made Vancouver great.

  41. Similar to Sportmart there was Shoestrings. O remember the one in Coquitlam had a basketball court in the back of the store

  42. When the Rona is done or as over we can get it we should have a send off for all the stores and restaurants that have parishes due to the virus. Everyone brings. A flyer or something and burn it or send it off into the sea 😂

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