1. I just switched to CBC music cause they have no commercials. THe morning host is really annoying but she plays enough music that its easy to tune her out. And then its like 4 hours of really good classical music.

  2. yeah i can't handle radio ads. so abrasive. it is cbc, npr, and streaming for me. i guess those ads must "work" though

  3. i wish my car connected to the bluetooth immediately, instead my choices are listening to annoying static, or an xm channel 1 ad.

  4. Anyone remember they had some slobby looking guy with glasses do all the tv commercials? And one had a little girl say “you forgot the doot doot!” At the end

  5. You know, I was kind of okay with the commercials until the jingle singing lady started getting in on the jokes. A tasty breakfast treat indeed. Make. It. Stop.

  6. I want to rip my ears off when I hear their ads holy shit. If I ever need a company for getting approved, I’ll go anywhere but them. Worst part is that they have CFOX by the balls now

  7. I'll never use them, since they did a Star Wars-in-all-but-name commercial after Carrie Fisher died. The jist was that Leia was mortgaging the Death Star to fund the rebellion, and I thought it was super fucking tasteless.

  8. They're both terrible. Spence takes the cake for me for historical reasons. They have ALWAYS been terrible, to the point that I paid a slight premium to purchase my ring from a different local retailer, even though Spence was slightly cheaper

  9. The worst Spence ad is the one where they go “WOOOOO!” at the end. Way back when I used to listen to the radio as my alarm, that was the worst when a guy is waking up.

  10. My boyfriend has a Woody T. Bear teddy bear from when he was 2. It's all janky now but still keeps it on his bed. & he even bought a brand-new one at Value Village a few yrs ago. He's 37. I'm too young (35) to remember Woodward's.


  12. I instantly change the station... Any diamond company now. They are all equally as bad. "Diamonds, on diamonds... on diamonds. Revolutionary"

  13. Oh boy, you remind me of why I stopped listening to the radio. When I last listened to the radio, it was non-stop Alpine Credits ads (Approved! Devorppa!), Spence Diamonds (WOOO!), Hope Street (Hope Street dot C AYYYYYYYY!), Zukerman Law (Call us before your Spouse does!), Sleep Country Canada (Why buy a mattress anywhere else?!) ads.

  14. Yea I can stand the other commercials but Spence is just god awful. I have no idea who though those commercials would be good for their business. Then again, I must be wrong because they are able to spend tons of money on radio ads every month. They must be still making tons of money.

  15. They were the reason I got satlite radio. Could not stand that guy telling me I was a bad man because I was not buying diamonds for my girlfriend

  16. Have you heard the recent one? It's so blatant they lampshade how over the top it is. "The holidays are coming up - you're going to be meeting your fiancée's family. This is true. They're going to be talking non-stop about her big, huge engagement ring. This is also true. You got her a big, big diamond, right?"

  17. Agreed. Radio is a fucking wasteland these days. CBC used to be a place of refuge but now it's utter crap too.

  18. Agreed. CBC has really sunk. Still some good music sometimes, but the “personalities “!! Odario, PLEASE shut up and play the music!!!!!

  19. Their programs are still ok. Just they keep playing music shit on their main channel. Like book or theater shows are ok but if i wanna hear music ID listen to literally every other channel.

  20. I used to give radio stations a five min penalty and would switch to another station for playing those ads... God awful...

  21. Whenever I'm in a different vehicle and hear the radio I'm instantly reminded why I've used satellite radio for almost a decade. Listening to local radio gives me ear cancer.

  22. I used to hate hearing these ads growing up, but when I was ready to propose to my girlfriend, was the first place I went as it was the first place I thought of. They got deep into my subconscious- played the long game.

  23. I hate these ads. While I dislike Kid Carson to a tee, he actually did a pretty good job making fun of the ad by doing a spot-on imitation of the CEO's voice.

  24. It's been a while since I've left Vancouver, 10 years to be exact (and hence stopped the daily drowning myself in News 1130)

  25. Sometimes I like when radio hosts bring up current events and local stuff in between my music, so I'm not too out of the loop nowadays. Sometimes an entire news broadcast is too much for a 20 minute commute.

  26. I turned the radio off the moment I heard that add. Later decided to change channels all together because the one I was listening to started playing Christmas music on November 12, and as a retail worker, I get enough of that shit in December.

  27. Good point. I wish they wouldn't switch over to Christmas music until Dec 1st. I, too, work retail and have been hearing it for a couple of weeks now already.

  28. I can honestly say that there has never been a jewelry store advertisement that hasn't become annoying after you hear it once. If I hear "Diamonds, on diamonds, on diamonds, one more time I go crazy.

  29. Why do radio commercials always use echo effects on the announcers? Has it been found to draw people's attention more? Makes it less monotonous? Annoys TF outta is all it does.

  30. spence diamonds ads are the worst, but to be fair i hate it enough to know the name, some ads i hate so much but idek what company i should be hating

  31. Never was going to buy a diamond, but they made me extra sure in my decision. Just because you removed the scream doesn't mean I hate your commercials any less

  32. It’s weird that pretty much every city in US/Canada has radio ads for diamond/jewelry stores. And they all sound the same.

  33. I actually like the jingle now as I know there's a Vancouver Redditor having a meltdown at that precise moment.

  34. You just helped to increase the buzz around them. Ads just need to attack attention, they don’t need to be liked, they need to stand out.

  35. Brilliant although I have and will continue to Stan for their commercials, not because diamonds are an ethical product or that I believe in the company, but for the sheer eccentricity and terribleness of their ads. It is an absolute legend to me

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