1. Crazy, although the economic system they are saying is failed (which it has) is the one they have been championing for many decades. Although now they may start to champion the one they always preferred, total fascism.

  2. The message is that we should abandon actions to avert climate change, such as net zero goals, and become more insular regarding international trade.

  3. I was on board until the bits about net Zero. All of the policies advocated for to meet net zero would have avoided or build resilience against this crisis...

  4. Their paymasters still haven't figured out how to charge you directly for not having a product. But they are doing a lot of work to force the rental model, to achieve something similar.

  5. Not so sure. The media are SO GOOD at manipulating people and the people just buy what they have to say. It'll be us having to struggle similar to a "wartime effort" thus getting us to rally behind the government to get angry at Russia for turning off the taps and the EU for using too much gas. We'll have a truculent attitude towards Norway to control the North Sea gas reserves. If Johnson had remained, he would position himself like Churchill for this, but Liz Truss, who we all know will end up as our next PM, will style herself as a sub-par version of Margaret Thatcher.

  6. Standing silently outside parliament. Silently fuming. Waiting for the next LedbyDonkeys trailer van to do a circuit. Might even point at a few nefarious honourable members.

  7. Well with companies Like Centrica and BP declaring huge profits and a 10% increase in shareholder dividends, they're kind of asking for it..

  8. Yeah because if we had weaned ourselves off fossil fuels and not been beholden to that lunatic in Moscow we'd somehow be in a worse position. Keep up with the mental gymnastics.

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