1. The army is full of sexual assault. Even between men as initiations and hazing. Its become normal and its completely not.

  2. Not sure its really sexual assault but I’ve seen on Snapchat a group of teenagers who stripped a friend to his boxers, hog tied him and dragged him through the halls to their higher ups office and knocked on the door before running off, if that’s what they’re doing to a friend who’s laughing the entire time and posting it after, imagine what happens to the people they don’t really like

  3. There has been a huge cultural shift in that time, but it has been far slower in the British Army than in the RN and RAF, in part due to the army's archaic organisational structure which makes any sort of change very challenging.

  4. teenage girls are not safe in male dominated environments at present. We keep sending vulnerable girls under false promises of egalitarianism, hoping that they’ll martyr their self worth to make life better for the next generation of women.

  5. There's quite a bit of misunderstanding about what entering the military under 18 actually entails.

  6. As former old and bold, I think it's pretty inexcusable. I'd also like to see the ACF rolled up as well, and increase the size of the Scouts. If the Scouts want to teach skills that have military applications, like rifle shooting, moving stealthily and marching with gear, I don't have an issue with that, as there are legitimate reasons for this - including playing airsoft! But warfighting should rest in the arms of adults alone.

  7. If soldiers lack the self control to not rape or sexually assault their own colleagues it really makes you fear for what they do in a warzone to innocent civilians.

  8. When the army were still in my town and I was at school, most of the girls lost their virginity to a soldier at 14.

  9. The abuse is likely at the same level with better reporting. The fact of the abuse is bad but the better reporting is good news.

  10. they've sent you to die for oil which benefits only private corporations and politicians owning the shares, and made you believe you fight for your country

  11. Yeah everybody knows that when any bloke goes through a dry patch the chances of him sexually assaulting a teenager start steadily rising. Come the fuck on man.

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