1. The fines are not the story here. They are part of it - but there is a MUCH bigger issue of FAR greater consequences that ABSOLUTELY can not get lost in the noise.

  2. “At the time, we believed it was legal. We’ve paid our fine, now we’re going to get on with the job of running the country…”

  3. not that surprised that they got fined. I think the uproar would have been greater, if these were the exceptions.

  4. Boris saying "As soon as I found out about these parties, I was furious!" a few months ago now sounds even more hilariously bad for him.

  5. I was so angry to be at these parties I couldn't help but down each drink I was given and have a right old go at the pinata! It's despicable that these took place and I am furious at those involved. I have however investigated myself and found I've done nothing wrong so the matter is closed.

  6. Under British common law, if a Prime Minister is convicted of a criminal offence then all British subjects are allowed to choose one free crime to commit.

  7. Awesome. I'm glad I am a British subject not just a British citizen. Good thing I had the sense to be born before the British Nationality Act 1981.

  8. I know PMQs isn’t on tomorrow, but I know exactly how it would’ve gone. PMQs could basically be run by a bot at this point

  9. What needs to happen now if for Blackford to call him a liar, the Speaker to eject him, and Blackford refuse to leave. This must be followed by other MPs doing the same thing.

  10. Ah, Ian Blackford. Feels good to be represented by a guy who my English colleagues honestly can't understand, so for them PMQs includes a guy who gets a row for standing up and yelling goobledigook.

  11. Throw in a "If it was up to the opposition we'd still be in lockdown but NO! We have the fastest growing economy coming out of lock down and record numbers of people in work!"

  12. Yes. The first sitting PM to be convicted of a crime. However when it comes to certain PMs, it was more about not getting caught.

  13. Possibly, though plenty senior ministers have been found to be in contempt of court. But nothing ever happens. I'd love for just one judge to finally have the guts to gaol a cabinet minister.

  14. You must realise by now that tories can literally break any law... And it doesn't matter which law either. Tories could literally do the worst crime imaginable.... And it'll be washed away with "yeah but Labour would be worse"

  15. Just heard a woman on LBC, from Warrington no less, going on about how good of a PM he is and, in her words, "he doesn't seem like someone who thinks he can do what he wants". These idiots just don't pay attention, so I think we're fucked either way.

  16. I just browsed the DM comments and someone is defending Boris because “he invented two vaccines, so what if he had a party”.

  17. I look forward to seeing Boris refuse to resign, the conservative party doing nothing about it, and for the country to continue its death spiral into a xenophobic wasteland with mecha-pritis roaming the border firing fireballs at dinghys in the channel.

  18. Did you noticed fines they handed out so far were the lowest possible (£50), if the reporting is accurate? Unlike in the case of the average subject.

  19. The £10,000 fine was for organising a gathering. I now can't remember the requirements but there was a minimum number of people who needed to be physically present... 30, I think?

  20. The repeated lying in public and to parliament that "no rules were broken" is much worse than the initial rule breaking. If they'll lie about that, what else are they willing to lie about?

  21. If Boris survives this as prime minister, this brings the government into disrepute like nothing before it. This is bigger than Boris.

  22. It basically destroys the social contract of government and people. Now people will realise there are no true “checks and balances” and that even if they manage to catch their leaders out, they are literally powerless to stop them.

  23. Lying to the Queen to literally suspend democracy wasn't something which would bring the government into disrepute?!

  24. Yeah, he broke the laws he made and lied about it repeatedly, seriously fucked up personality to do that so blatantly

  25. So will the leader of the SNP get an apology for being kicked out of Westminister for suggesting that Boris had knowingly lied to parliament?

  26. No, he inadvertently knowingly lied. He wasn't intending on lying, but it just flopped out like accusing the opposition of aiding pedophiles.

  27. We didn't have a full general election in 1940. Chamberlain resigned after losing much of the confidence in the Commons after the defeat in Norway. Churchill (who had been appointed as First Lord of the Admiralty in 1939 when the war started) became PM after an internal Conservative discussion, then formed an all-party government wih Clement Attlee as his deputy.

  28. Tories will cry that there's a war going on, whilst they do as little as possible to their former Russian friends and Putin's goons will continue to rape and pillage their way to Kyiv

  29. corruption like this is how Putin came about as well, tories love making out like "ohhh bad man in charge of bad country"

  30. Doesn’t have to be. Jeremy Corbyn could give a journalist a dirty look and the media will blow it up while squeezing the air out of this. It’s about the treatment and perception of the scandal rather than it’s degree.

  31. Trans people, immigrants and Channel 4 seem to be the usual distractions at the moment. Bets on which one gets a big policy announcement tomorrow?

  32. ‘ZOMG I can’t believe you’re still talking about some stupid parties when there’s a LITERAL WAR happening and all those poor Ukrainians are homeless or dying!!!!!’

  33. Boris Johnson did something illegal.... Oh boy.... Trans people and immigrants... Watch out this week please. You'll be targeted this week by the tories.

  34. Now watch the mental gymnastics we're going to see from Tory MPs over the next few days as they're trotted out in the media to explain why the Prime Minister repeatedly and demonstrably (1) lying and (2) breaking the law isn't a problem because he went to Kyiv.

  35. i almost pity the poor souls who will be given this task. then i remember theyre Tories and are willfully complicit in all this.

  36. Amazing how you get kicked out of parliament for calling someone a liar, even though you are telling the truth

  37. There were reports over the weekend that Sunak was considering his position. Imagine if after this he chose to "do the honorable thing" and tender his resignation?

  38. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if he resigns now and jumps off the sinking ship so he can have another crack at leadership in a few years when everyone has forgotten about this saga.

  39. Now watch the fine itself continue to be the story as if it even matters. They'll discuss it endlessly to trivialise what has happened.

  40. I would say "Surely this is time up in office for Boris" but given everything else he's said/done possibly not.

  41. The Ministerial code states that ministers who “knowingly mislead Parliament will be expected to offer their resignation to the Prime Minister"

  42. I doubt it. These fines are roughly the equivalent of speeding tickets, so I don’t think there would be such a mechanism for such a minor punishment.

  43. Nope, just honour and ethics. But we all know how likely it is for Boris Johnson to abide by those…

  44. Jail time coming also? Or is the fine going to be multiple million £? If none of this then the punishment isn’t enough.

  45. Carrie Johnson, the People's Princess and First Lady, also to receive a fine which should be £10k since she organised these parties.

  46. Our country is a fucking joke. In the past a politicians career could be ruined for wearing a football top while sleeping with his mistress but this shit we just accept. MPs have been caught stealing our money but nothing really happened so now they treat us with utter contempt.

  47. People watched their loved ones die over a video call because they stuck to the rules. Families were not able to attend funerals, because they stuck to the rules. The population made huge sacrifices. The man has to go, along with any other lying members of parliament. They knew what they were doing.

  48. Let's be honest, there is no way he is going to resign. A vote of no confidence won't happen because the Ukrainian President has sounded out Johnson as being the best world leader in his opinion with regards to the atrocities committed by Russia and Russian troops to Ukraine and Ukranian civilians and the support of Johnson and the UK.

  49. Contact your local MP expressing your outrage. A PM who can break the law and get away with it cannot be normalised. It will set a dangerous precedent for the future.

  50. Went from “I was furious” to a fine in a few months. However I know this Teflon bastard will find a way to escape this shit.

  51. It is amazing how we might have the least qualified person in the country as PM. Like, I can think through my friends and acquaintances and I don’t think any of them would be a worse PM than liar , adulterer, criminal Boris who hates his own family

  52. Remember guys, any crime in which the only punishment is a fine is only a crime for the poor. This hardly even counts as a punishment. The fine won't even be a drop in the water to them

  53. So, playing the game...engineered a trip to Ukraine to garner public support, all the while his old chums are assassinating his main rival in the press.

  54. PMQ’s tomorrow will hopefully be good fun. When do we get the Sue Gray report? I still want a signed copy of it on glossy paper, we haven’t forgot.

  55. And lo and behold, he is a lying criminal sack of shit. Just watch as all the Brexiters and Tories carry on not giving a fuck.

  56. Definitely revealed conveniently during parliaments Easter break, so some other controversy will be centre stage instead by the time next PMQs comes around

  57. So they did lie to parliament, like we knew all along. Now Johnson can refuse to resign even after lying to parliament, like we knew he would all along.

  58. Given that this now proves he did mislead parliament, what now? Rules state he must resign and I think we can all agree he won't do that willing.

  59. Parliament is in recess. They'll return on April 19th. My understanding is that parliament can't be recalled unless compelled to do so by the Government. Between now and then people will trawl through Hansard to find any answer / statement from either of them that can be construed as lying to Parliament. There are local elections in 22 days.

  60. Boris wanted the bodies piled high while he partied, almost dancing on the corpses of many peoples loved ones.

  61. Someone on the radio made a good point. For those trying to defend Boris by claiming we're in a war (we're not), how can he possibly be taken seriously by other NATO leaders now? He's a laughing stock, he's broken the law, and he doesn't have the respect of his country, so what use is he on the international stage?

  62. I'm staggered that the Met decided to announce the fines, with such vagueness, at a time when Parliament is in recess. I'm concerned that the timing was deliberate to give the government time to mount their defense. I still think it is indefensible.

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