1. I would buy new shipping labels. You can do this online or at the UPS store. I did mine at the UPS store and it was sent fine (received by UKVI today). VFS won't issue new ones, or at least haven't and my biometrics was last week. VFS responded to me and said UPS is aware of the address change and will re-route it, but they sent mine to VFS DC, so honestly I wouldn't risk it getting lost or re-routed elsewhere.

  2. Thank you for your reply! This is what I was starting to realise after a bit more research. I'm glad to know yours was received. It's a shame it was re-routed, though. Thanks again for your help and good luck with your application!

  3. Hi! Do you mind answering what happened after they routed yours to VFS DC? How did you know it was VFS? Mine has ended up in DC after UPS told me my only option was to have it returned, but so far I have no confirmation of where it actually is, other than UPS telling me this morning that it was returned to the company that created the shipping label. Thanks!

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