1. It physically disgusts me to think that Putin would be in Ukraine. His prison cell needs to be somewhere in the north of Norway or Finland or something like that.

  2. Crimea is an absolutely fabulous vacation destination. I went in 2010 and it has such a great mix of beaches, sun, sea, wine, nature, culture, ancient sites, palaces, history, …

  3. Kharkiv, because I have not seen my family since 2019 and I miss them dearly. Plus they have never met my partner, and I'm sure they would love to.

  4. I’ve been slowly learning Ukrainian on my own over the past few months. I’m nowhere near fluent enough to hold conversations, but I know how to say some simple phrases. My goal is to become fluent enough so that I can have conversations with the locals when I go there after the war, and I’m sure the little old ladies at the Ukrainian restaurant in Cleveland would be happy to hear some white farm boy from the north of Detroit speaking their native language next time I go there.

  5. Oh hell yeah! Metallica played in front of a million Russians in Moscow back then, still their biggest concert ever.

  6. This is such a sick idea. I wonder what modern metal bands you could get to play. Metallica would probably do it again. Maybe convince slayer to come out of retirement for it too. Then some European bands like Behemoth or bigger Ukrainian bands (I honestly don’t know any.)

  7. I already visited Kyiv before, I have friends in Odesa as well, so probably Odesa... depending on the results of the war, maybe st. Petersburg :D

  8. Same here, Mariupol and maybe Bucha. I’ve been to a concentration camp in Czechia. It is a haunting experience that makes you feel obligated to imagine and empathize. I’m not a religious person, but I vividly remember the weight of walking through those barracks and seeing a wall covered in bullet holes where people were murdered by firing squad. It’s been years, but I think it was Terezin.

  9. I'd suggest visiting Carpathian mountains in that case, would recommend getting a friend or someone who speaks Ukrainian. But believe me, the morning views of beautiful mountains covered in fog with the cleanest rivers and freshest air is well worth it, plus the cuisine is a bit different to that of urban Ukrainian areas, so its well worth giving it a thought :)

  10. I think, we, in Ukraine, all will be happy to see our friends from all over the world here in Ukraine after the victory. Personally, I'm really waiting for this...

  11. When I was little my grandfather was director of the steel combinate in Kertch in Crimea. I had beautiful summers there as a kid, my grand parents had a big garden with all kinds of fruits and vegetables and the beaches where just nearby. The house got sold in the 90s when we all left Ukraine for different countries but I would love to go back there and maybe buy the house back one day...But first Crimea needs to be liberated.

  12. I agree. I was originally planning to visit back in 2020 as visiting Chornobyl and neighbouring Prypyat had long been on my bucket list of things to do. Being an "80's kid", I was four when the disaster happened and one of my earliest memories was of seeing about it on the news (along with my worried mother rushing around the house in a panic to close all the windows). Of course I didn't really understand what was going on at the time, but I guess I've always felt a connection with that event. Of course the covid pandemic put paid to that idea (and no doubt the area is probably not "tourist safe" any more due to idiotic orcs... sigh).

  13. Kyiv, because it's my home and even though I left with a couple of suitcases I want to go back to everything I left behind.

  14. I remember in Ukrainian MasterChef there was a competition where two teams had to fill in a huge map of Ukraine with iconic dishes from each region. Ever since then I have wanted to do something of a roadtrip and experience the food of Ukraine's many regions.

  15. Chernobyl. I wanted to visit for a long time but in past years it has been impossible to get there without booking long ahead. Post war it will be less touristy.

  16. I've been seriously considering looking into possibly moving to Ukraine at some point. I work in healthcare, so hopefully it wouldn't be too hard to find a job. The only problem is I've been trying to learn the language since mid-March and man I'm really struggling. I'm hoping after visiting once or twice will help with learning it better

  17. Chornobyl/Pripyat: I don't think a lot of explanation is needed, but nowhere else in the world is like it and seeing a ghost town of 35+ years would be incredible.

  18. I would like to do some thru-hiking in Ukraine. Anyone that has some recommendations for trails? Is it allowed to camp for the night with a tent?

  19. You guys should checkout the far west in the Carpathian 🏔 mountains as well as Odessa and the little communities on the azov like berdansk etc.

  20. I'd like to visit Kyiv and surrounding areas. Maybe Mariupol. My knowledge is limited of Ukraine geography. I know that members of my family came to Canada from Ukraine years ago.

  21. Sevastopol. Location of the hospital where Florence Nightingale established modern medicine.

  22. I'd love to visit Kyiv and the beaches of Odessa and Crimea after you guys blow up that damned bridge. It's such a beautiful old European country. Sorry you have such an awful neighbor.

  23. Well the Tschernobyl started the doom and gloom post-apo tourism. Now thanks to Ruskies the assortment is much more varied: Mariupol- come and see the city that is no more, like Pompei but by artillery, just 6 months ago, all of this was civilisation! Bucha: you thought the genocides were so 20th century? Well... Plus landmine amusement park if you crave explosive, adrenaline fuelled holiday.

  24. The Black Sea and the Azov Sea. I would be interested in war-touring across the country visiting places I never heard of before but have becomen familiar during the past half-ish a year.

  25. Mariupol. I'd like to volunteer in helping erect a statue for the Azov Battalion. Specifically one where the figure is showing its middle finger towards the direction of Moscow.

  26. Chernivtsi! "Ermine in Czernopol" by Gregor von Rezzori is one of my favourite novels:) And I also got an invitation to Kyiv from one of the Ukrainian families we've been helping in Poland so I'm definitely going to visit and hopefully it'll be soon.

  27. Would love to go on some kind of coastal tour of the coast of the Black Sea. A few days in a place at once. Something like from Mariupol to Odessa through Crimea. As far as I know the cities have diverse and deep histories. This could be a summer trip. Would be nice to have the sea close to combat the heat.

  28. Lviv because that's where my boyfriend is from and he has family there. I would also like to visit Kyiv because I think I would be fun to see the capital and seems like there would be fun things to do there

  29. A couple years ago I started watching YouTubers in Ukraine and wanted to visit Kyiv and some small villages as part of a larger trip to eastern Europe and Russia.

  30. I kinda want to see Chornobayivka. It must be really amazing since the orks keep returning despite the constant explosions.

  31. I actually would visit the entire Ukraine. Beautiful views and the people of Ukraine are amazing (orcs found out the hard way) Culture/music/food are all the things I want to experience.

  32. I have never been to Eastern Europe. But I will queue up to add another brick into a building that’s being rebuilt in Mariupol. And then see every other touristy place - as if tourism was never interrupted. Can you boat trip from Kyiv to Dnipro and Kherson?

  33. At least Vinnytsa - because I have been there before and I have friends living there who I talk to more or less on a daily basis. And we gonna celebrate victory together.

  34. Not sure.. maybe Kyiv. Purely as a tourist, both to see the country and help the economy. I'll spend lots of money on alcohol and souvenirs. :)

  35. I love barbecue...cooking over coals. Here in US, each region kinda has its own specialty. Sre there any areas with their own style of barbecue? I've been reading about shashlik...will be trying it out soon...but even with that, still a lot of variances. Would love to learn more.

  36. A club crawl in Lviv and Kyiv was on my list before the war. Lots of house and techno DJs that play and tour regularly that I'd love to see.

  37. I'd like to visit Crimea, just to see what's so special about it. I'm terrible at foreign languages, so I guess I'd have to be part of a tour group. As an old soldier, I'd love to meet the guys who threw a can of whupass at the Russians.

  38. I want to visit Snizhne area. I wish to see with my own eyes where my family members were shot down from the sky in flight MH17.

  39. You know, honestly, the small towns and villages. The countryside looks amazing there, like the Midwest of America where I was born 🇺🇦🇺🇦❤️❤️

  40. Sightseeing in Lviv and hiking on Carpathian mountains. I've been to Ukraine before, but only in plain areas in Kyiv, Odesa and Izmail.

  41. Olevsk, Korosten and Kyev! My motherland, my fatherland and the capital of the Kyevan Rus! P.S. Lviv, the best ancient armory museum in the world!

  42. I've wanted to visit Chernobyl for a long time because I'm a birdwatcher, and the surroundings have become something of a nature preserve since the 1986 disaster (many species are unaffected by the radiation because their life spans aren't long enough to develop cancers, and the lack of humans is always good for animal populations). But now that the Russians dug up all that radioactive soil, I'm not so sure that I want to go any more. My grandparents were also from a village near Ternopil, so I'd definitely like to go there too.

  43. Dominoes Pizza in Odessa. A couple of the employees and I work together to deliver pizzas to soldiers refugees hospitals Have had a lot of support from Reddit folks

  44. I've seen a few pictures of the tunnel of love and that's definitely a gorgeous place I'd love to visit someday. Sadly with this war, I'm not sure it resisted.

  45. Ukrainian -occupied Vladivostok. If that won't work, I have a fully planned road trip all around Ukraine and Belarus since 5 years ago. It's a massive-ass drive including most places of interest with 3 full days in Kyiv, 2 in Lviv and 2 in Odessa. I kept postponing it because I was always gonna have more money next year.

  46. Kyiv. Dad was visiting that place for work early 90s when i was a kid and he'd usually bring back some goodies for me, like chocolate or bananas.

  47. Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa for the beautiful picturesque cities. Crimea because it sounds like a lovely summer destination and Im looking forward to a rebuilt Mariupol :)

  48. I'd have to do research and get family input. Immediate Family left was I was ~6, came back once when ~16. First thing would no doubt be visiting all the relatives in Kyiv.

  49. I'm traveling europe and I've actually thought of going to Ukraine, but then I realized I might be a pain in the ass for now, so I'm waiting until things get better and then I'd love to come a few months and volunteer, hug everyone and smile like a proud idiot walking on the streets, knowing that even though I was born in a neighbor country, I never knew how fucking amazing Ukrainian people are, I feel so proud of all and I just feel that they are a big loving family. ❤️

  50. If you’ve never been to the Opera House in Odessa, you must put it on your bucket list. The Frappoli Hotel in Odessa with the Irish bar next door, is a great place to stay and conveniently located

  51. Area N of Lviv. That is my grandfather's hometown (German immigrants during Catherine). Looks like the area was wiped during WWII (not sure by which side), but Great Grandfather lived there until 1926. Would like to see if anything is left or if there is a cemetery.

  52. I want to hopefully find some of my relatives. They are in the north? I guess the name changed anyway so I'm safe but that part of my family is the Shekitka... I need help figuring out how that'd be spelled commonly in ukranian

  53. I wish this sub would be more about Ukraine and not just the war. There are other subs about the war in Ukraine, why does this sub have to be dedicated to the war?

  54. I'd like to visit Odessa and Kyiv. The catacombs sound cool af and I think it's important to see any capital, especially ones as long and storied as Kyiv.

  55. So before the war I was already dreaming up a vacation to Ukraine. I was born there but didn’t travel much because I was still a kid. I want to go to Karpaty, see the mountains and the forests. Then, definitely re-visit Kyiv, then go to my mom’s home village and visit my aunties, and then obviously go down to Crimea and visit the places I remember visiting as a kid: Alupka, the Vorontsov Castle, the mountains, and of course the Swallow’s Nest.

  56. I would not like to pick any particular city, as I believe all of them have inspired thought, strength, and a certain unmoving quality of unity among them. To choose is a bit of a divided subject in the middle of a war for me. But if I had to choose, it's Kyiv and Melitopol. If there's any symbol for resistance, defiance, and commitment it is those.

  57. Since I was a kid I wanted to visit Crimea, but there was always something holding me back. First I was a poor student, then I had money, but had no time, then in 2009 Latvia was hit by a financial crisis and I became poor again. after I was paying off debts. Then finally in 2013 I got my shit together. No more debts. A good job with paid leave. Everything cool. So I decided that in 2014 I will go to Crimea, but then... Shit!

  58. Chernihiv, Sumy and Kharkiv. Those cities were completely surrounded at the beginning of the war and they held on so strongly. Their strength saved the west.

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