1. It's funny watching every single Tory PM and Home Sec having to learn this when they talk about lowering immigration. When the option is between that and lower taxes/higher GDP/having a workforce they will always pick the latter.

  2. GDP going up but GDP per capita remaining the same (with less infrastructure to go round) is not good for you or me.

  3. Exactly, if people were asked if they wanted to lose thousands of pounds a year to stop immigration I imagine the result would be different. Immigration has been lied about so much that people have sincere beliefs because they have believed nonsense.

  4. We are a small island with no major exports, poor infrastructure and limited foreign reserves - of course we are dependent on cheap labour. This country has done nothing for 50 years to enhance its domestic capabilities and avoid this over-reliance of imports, of which labour is one.

  5. No offence, but it’s not even a competition. Have you been to a university nowadays? A warehouse, a hospital? White British people REFUSE to do these jobs. Like I study nursing, and my class is filled with middle aged non-white people, these are the people CHOOSING to pursue a qualification. It’s not like the universities are stopping them from pursuing higher education.

  6. “Immigration dependency” makes it sound like we’ve got an addiction, when the reality is it was forced on us against our will.

  7. The high cost of living in the UK means agricultural labouring won’t provide the standard of living that most Brits want. It’s low paid, irregular, and generally back breaking work. It’s been this way since WWI basically.

  8. Yawn They get cheaper full grown adults to work, tax and borrow against. Nothing on earth is ever going to tempt them away from it. They'd see the silver lining in the bronze age collapse.

  9. To solve the immigration issue simply be poorer. Rich and industrious nations need new labour in order to perform. From my understanding there is no alternative method.

  10. Want someone who is pro open borders to please explain how 300k on average a year immigration (and this year forecast to be 500k+) doesn't add pressure to the NHS, doesn't keep wages suppressed, doesn't cause house prices to skyrocket

  11. Totally open borders would mean millions of people potentially moving so there do need to be controls. However 300K in a population of 68m equates to 12 people in a town of 30K which looks manageable. Furthermore we also have 700K births a year which does not give us any concerns about pressure on services if we assume that broadly every 1% increase in people creates 1% more Doctors, Teachers, Houses.

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