1. Move Starmer first, when he comes back Corbyn will be living rent free in Sunak's head so they can be moved together, this will reduce the carbon footprint of the move saving planet earth and the job will be complete.

  2. It’s taken me all night, but done one of the final end game bosses in GoW. Will spend the whole day tackling the other way tomorrow.

  3. I can only assume you mean "gilded" which is the sense of being covered with gold, rather than "guilded" which is the sense of being a member of a guild.

  4. That feeling of being pissed and seeing the lights fly by when you’re in a car is not as pleasant as you just made it sound

  5. I've always thought we should marry Prince George to some Japanese princess and become the United Kingdom and Empire of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and Nippon.

  6. Johnson's climate czar - and Net Zero architect, Chris Skidmore (41), is standing down from Parliament at the next election. Another high-profile retirement.

  7. I suppose the closest we've had to that recently would be the net-zero by 2050 target, though it hasn't really felt like much of a collective effort to achieve it so far.

  8. Life in the oceans must be sheer hell. A vast, merciless hell of permanent and immediate danger. So much of a hell that during evolution some species—including man—crawled, fled onto some small continents of solid land, where the Lessons of Darkness continue.

  9. maintain the two power standard and extend the Empire to every axis of the Oort Cloud, a flag on a thousand worlds and a myriad jewelled bronze warships glinting in the light of the Enduring Empress's sun to ward off the creatures from dark space and protect the Helium-3 lanes

  10. This might be sad but anytime Starmer writes an article for the Sun/Mail/Telegraph/Express espousing how Brexity he’s going to be, the ensuing outrage and cries from the FBPE crowd is so fun to watch.

  11. It amuses me because he's not actually Brexity. He's just not gonna lick the third rail to see what happens next.

  12. Would well done privatisation improve British healthcare beyond the point it's currently at? Absolutely, look at countries like Germany that have very good private healthcare.

  13. It might increase availability of appointments for those that can afford to go private, if there's currently a delay on private treatment, since they'd get more access to the NHS resources they use. So it might improve things for wealthy people. I'm taking a very broad reading of "anything" there.

  14. It will never stop being funny to me that the reason so many public sector workers are asking for big % pay rises is because the Tories spent 12 years with stupidly low inflation giving them below inflation pay rises.

  15. Kinda, but I think the nurses screwed up by acting in the national interest during the pandemic and accepting nice free claps alongside pay freezes rather than a decent pay rise. They put the country first, and now the nurses are (and I believe will continue to) paying the price.

  16. There's a variety of different converters and upscalers out there, but you really want an actual CRT for those old consoles. The games look like dried up dog shit on modern TVs.

  17. Wellcome's woke speak is more intense and self-depricating than most anything I've seen from an American institution . The letter by the president following their "audit" was one of the most crazy sounding things I've ever read.

  18. I don’t really see the benefit of not showing a bunch of stuff that were collected by one person, surely the alternative is nobody sees it and it’s locked away somewhere? I think I’d understand a museum repatriating artifacts that others have a claim on, or donating them to museums in areas closer to their original history. But in this case I don’t see that happening, it seems they’re just going to keep a collection private instead of public.

  19. I saw an exhibition about the Stone Age at the British Museum, and they’d managed to shoe horn loads of stuff about gender identity into it.

  20. The Wellcome collection has definitely switched its focus towards being diverse and inclusive as a priority over being educational and a place worth visiting. Their last few exhibitions have definitely been lower quality than those of even a few years ago.

  21. Oh that's a shame. It was a great exhibition and a very unique museum. The way things were exhibited it made you think and a dig a bit deeper. The staff were good at giving context to it all too.

  22. Is there anything you can do to report a house with one of those high pitched alarms to stoped kids hanging around? Such an antisocial thing to have installed…

  23. There's a few houses on our street which have those anti-cat things on their front lawns. Quite often see our three, and some of the other neighbourhood mogs, just sat chilling in front of them.

  24. There's a house near me with one of those motion detectors that scare cats (I assume) by playing a high pitched noise. My ears are still young, and it hurts my ears - but the worse part is it startles the Dog when we walk past.

  25. Curiosity: Does anyone feel their opinion on immigration / asylum seekers has changed over the last few months?

  26. There's so many different types of immigration. The only thing I can say about it in general is that, if we net a few hundred thousand more people each year, eventually it will get crowded unless we rapidly improve infrastructure.

  27. With Blair we got cool Britania. With Cameron we got no money left. Any thoughts on what Starmers defining 'and then they voted him in' moment will be?

  28. If I was Forklift Certified I'd definitely start a Forklifters Union of Qualified Shifters, so that one day at PMQs the opposition leader can say "Will the Prime Minister commit to XYZ, for FUQS sake?".

  29. Saying we should avoid changing a harmful policy because it's in the past makes him a legend? Do Labour carry on with austerity too because we "need to face the future"?

  30. Is that price increase not more a result of the reduced hours they are doing? I'm not strong on maths but the increase in price looks proportional to the reduced operating hours.

  31. Lmao literally one data point that could be explained by a any other whimsical thought that comes into your head.

  32. If you can get some sponge cake you could heat the syrup up and pour it over. Oh you already suggested sponge pudding, sorry thats all I know.

  33. Left wing parties across Europe are increasingly going to be taking the lead driven by Denmark. It’s still amazing to me people don’t get it.

  34. It seems to me that our tax system simply isn't set up to give governments the ability to have public services adapt to high immigration flows. People who come to work on low wages - the biggest beneficiaries of free movement since they are least likely to be able to get work visas - pay very little in income tax because we have such a generous personal allowance and very low social security contribution payments (i.e. NI). In Germany, between public health insurance, unemployment insurance and pension contributions, you pay around a third of your income specifically to pay for healthcare, pensions and unemployment benefits. It doesn't cover the entire cost of these three expenses, but it does mean that extra pressure on e.g. healthcare will be offset by tax revenue to some degree.

  35. My local Tesco have got new cashier tills with a bizzare UX choice. They've moved the card machine away from the side you pack and over to the side where the conveyor belt is, so you have to walk back up to where the next person in line has advanced to pay. It used to be right by the packing area which was much more natural. Absolutely baffling.

  36. Some of the self serve tescos in England have new software on it and it’s awful. Laggy, stuff doesn’t scan, whole thing crashes. Looks like they’ve developed their own software rather than licence then standard one that all other shops seem to use.

  37. Have energy companies disabled self-service credit refunds across the board to try to trap more customer credit? I'm with Octopus and they always used to let you just request a refund on the site. Instead that page now says I can't, and it's probably because my meter readings are out of date. They're smart meters and I've checked there's data up to yesterday. I emailed them and they sorted a refund, but ignored my question of why I can't do it myself any more.

  38. Went to Morrisons before and ended up buying a bottle of Advocat, which I've since demolished. Best thing about Christmas is becoming temporarily dependent on alcohol followed by a dry spell until it is warm enough for beer gardens again.

  39. Just save the money and pour gin into an omelette next time. Though with those egg shortages we’re having, maybe advocaat is your solution already…

  40. My council thought it would be a jolly good idea to get into property development, and it's now literal billions in debt. Local government makes our Westminster crackpots look like geniuses.

  41. I think my favourite thing about Brexit is that it unravels the main plank of our foreign policy going back about as long as there's been an England to have a foreign policy. We don't want a European hegemon that can push us around. Well, we've completely and utterly fucked that one, as the EU is the European hegemon, and we're now on the outside.

  42. I absolutely loved the episode of Yes Minister about Europe. Britain's primary objective is to keep Europe disunited and the best way to achieve that was being in the EU.

  43. I think we must be at the point where even if you're normally a tory voter you just think it's time for the other lot to have a go. What's the worst Labour could do in 4 years. (Actually don't answer that. Woke banks?)

  44. Knowing a Tory voter who ripped up his membership when Truss got in, this is exactly his view. They need time out of power to rebuild and blood new talent.

  45. Most Tories I know are ready to not vote this government because they feel they are too left wing amongst other considerations such as corruption/non-dom.

  46. I’m curious what the error margins are there, those swings seem quite big for a 5 day period where I don’t think much happened (18th-23rd). Unless I’m forgetting something!

  47. Given the overwhelming vote for Curtis, it does seem a little stupid in retrospect to have blocked Townsend for what looked to be quite spurious reasons. He's very likely to have won anyway, as the much better candidate.

  48. There's a lot of talk of the Tory purge in 2019, and how that has seriously reduced the number of talented MPs in the party. But I think just as damaging to the current crop's quality is the way they've been conditioned to behave over 3 years of Boris. How can you spend 3 years regurgitating government lies and deflections, dodging every single question you're asked, criticising people for talking the country down, etc. and then be able to exercise the sort of critical thinking required of a minister?

  49. People acting like the Tories weren't running on fumes before 2019 is sort of hilarious, given that they fucking foisted Brexit on the nation to try and quell their infighting and bleed to UKIP.

  50. Thinking a bit about Stewart talking about how he thought that Labour had actually implemented police marching people to cashpoints to pay fines.

  51. Interesting to see that the London Fire Brigade story isn't getting any traction here. You'd think a report finding that one of the UK's big public institutions (with some 6,000 employees) was institutionally racist and misogynist would be a big deal...

  52. I expect the primary concern for most people about the fire brigade is whether they continue to fight fires. As long as they continue to do that, a lot of people won't care too much about the rest.

  53. Agreed! Maybe something to do with timing too? Someone submitted the article at like 9pm last night, around the end of the England game. Most of the front page looks like it was submitted earlier today. Maybe would have got more attention if it was submitted this morning.

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