1. The only thing more satisfying than someone shutting down my useless as fuck MP, is that it’s Nadine Dorries of all people doing it in defence of democracy.

  2. The current theory on why Dorres is pushing for a General Election is she doesn't want the bad PR from accepting her lordship from Boris and triggering a by election to fill her seat. So if a GE is called then she can say she isn't running and accept without issue.

  3. Feels like scheming to me. Leaked on purpose to increase personal popularity so to gain another cabinet position in the inevitable shuffle. She showed 0 care for democracy while she was in Boris's cab.

  4. Surely they know at this point it’s over for them and smarter to throw in the towel and reset

  5. Let's not get too excited. My guess is that she's been encouraged by the chancer-in-chief and his buddies so he can get back to the grift

  6. She's not fighting for democracy, she's using it as a weapon because she thinks it's the most expedient way to get what she wants. The moment it no longer serves her interests she'll argue the opposite position.

  7. Nadine is calling for a GE, JRM is defending solar panels... it really is end days isn't it. We just need Priti to come out in favour of immigration.

  8. It's a shit argument because by that logic we should be having a GE right now. She's only saying that because it fits her own interests. If they were proposing sticking Boris back in she'd be all for it.

  9. I found myself agreeing with JRM the other day (on planning permission for solar panels)... Now I'm agreeing with Nadine. This is... Disconcerting.

  10. I don’t think she is. She’s simply trying to position it so the only option the Tories have is to bring Johnson back.

  11. She’s only speaking sense so to get back to her once sensual times with a mr bj. It’s not even post nut clarity, but desperation causing an enormous (and frankly it’s going to be brief) character change.

  12. I suspect if Johnson was the one the majority were supporting to replace her with then her position might be different. However she's been vocal in opposing Truss' budget plans since they came out, highlighting that they were against the last tory manifesto and calling for a GE.

  13. Then there's the elephant in the room. Not only would it be 3 PMs within a year but there doesn't seem to be anyone Conservative Party capable of taking over and not fucking up. In the last leadership contest it wasn't exactly a stellar group, the few pragmatists weren't exactly scintillating and the rest seemed to be reactionary idealists that cared more about culture wars and sensible government. If a problem can't be solved by tax cuts, xenophobia or transphobia then the Conservative Party has no clue.

  14. How the fuck have we ended up in a timeline where Nadine fucking Dorries is speaking the most sense out of this Conservative party?

  15. We know who already. They passed on those two MPs that posed any credible threat and went for someone who sounds like she just had a lobotomy

  16. The Tories can 100% recover to a "party might survive this" situation. They just need to not have a complete plonker as PM. Right now they are facing extinction.

  17. I suppose it's a tough call for them as the likes of Hunt could be a future leader so I guess they wouldn't want him to be the lamb for the slaughter. So I guess stick with Truss and let her get wrecked in a GE?

  18. No election unless the tory party falls apart. They will boot out Truss and try and unite around a single candidate out of desperation, also preventing the membership from voting. A coronation in the party, hoping they can rebuild their reputation and polling so that they're at least not wiped out in 2024.

  19. Bear in mind, Nadine Dorries is only saying this to get Boris Johnson back as he was elected with a mandate. She’s so fucking transparent.

  20. If the 'mini-budget' is defeated, then that's the loss of a supply bill, so should be a General Election. So we could have a December GE. Tories suddenly desperately hoping England do well in the world cup so they can try and claim credit/reflected support.

  21. Anyone else going from horror to gleeful schadenfreude but now circling back to horror imagining Truss pulling a Cersei Lannister and just blowing Westminster to hell?!

  22. I've got a bet with my Tory mother that a General Election will be called by Jan 31st. If I win she buys me a mcdonalds. If they last longer than that, she gets a Starbucks. I've got this in the bag.

  23. I've just downloaded an audio version of The Velvet Ribbon, read by NVD herself! Wife is out of town for the weekend, so it's just me and Nads, a couple of bottles of wine and some shrooms, and my own imagination.

  24. I’d prefer Rishi tbh. It’s about the country, not the party. They shouldn’t care what they look like as a party so long the country fares better.

  25. The problem is that many people in these positions start to conflate the two, believing what's good for the country will come from what's good for their party. An essential part of the equation, such as whether they should actually be the ones in charge, is completely omitted so every positive step for the country stems from first ensuring their government is strong/effective.

  26. I’d love to think Tory MPs not being blind to the fact their party and the country are in trouble. However this means nothing because on Mondays debate they will blindly defend Liz Truss to save their own skins. Selfish snivelling rats

  27. I'm going with Tory Implosion Syndrome. All sorts of symptoms are currently surfacing, including outbursts of sense and a proliferation of swivvel-eyed loons 😵‍💫 The last time this herpes-like syndrome hit the Tories was 1994-97, when a another car-crash PM couldn't deal with the infighting and backstabbing. No-one likes to talk about the nasty rash either. 🤒🤮 Looks like this patient needs that sacked nurse from a few weeks back. She knows what needs to be done.☠️

  28. They can't have a general election now because that would mean having one with Truss in charge. They have to replace her before they could have one (if she refused to resign).

  29. Except if they hold an election now, Labour will win, the economy will still collapse because no-one has any sane plans to stop it, and they can blame Labour and come back at the next election for a possible win.

  30. How people on here just blindly take a screen shot as not mocked up really does show the state of things.

  31. ah yes, whyever aren’t they using a British chat service on a British made mobile phone on a British designed mobile phone system

  32. I mean, we could have another PM, there would be 0 issue if they campaigned on the 2019 manifesto and throughout their leadership campaign said that was their plan to implement.

  33. Is no one gonna talking about the fact that this backbencher seems to have included "MP" in the private contact details of all their MP mates. I don't know why, but that just seems really funny to me.

  34. Crispin Blunt, my local MP, I believe he's never once got less than 50% of the vote here in my area.

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