1. As a last resort, which is where we are at, it seems like the only option. Banks were bailed out in 2009 , this is similar. Not doing anything would all but guarantee numerous deaths during winter, mainly the elderly, especially if we have a cold snap.

  2. Why would tories do this? Them and their pals are making bank. This is boom times for extracting wealth from the country and its people which is the primary goal of conservatism.

  3. It's Guardian/Left liberal dogma that you can always tax companies as much as you want without that ever adversely affecting their decision making

  4. I don’t see how nationalising suppliers would make any difference apart from killing off a very competitive market that has driven some real innovation in the last few years. The profiteering is being done by the energy wholesalers and upstream oil and gas suppliers, the only way to stop this happening in the future is to detach ourselves from the global energy market

  5. Genuine question: innovations such as what? Maybe its a failure of my imagination but I don’t see what innovations a middle man can make?

  6. Basically because these companies are raising prices so they don't go out of business. If you nationalise them you can keep prices lower and the public purse takes the hit rather than the customers.

  7. Might help if you take the shareholders dividends out of it though. In this particular industry and this particular situation.. what do they do that’s so valuable?

  8. Isn't the idea behind nationalizing suppliers that they could operate at a loss though? As it stands, the cap has to allow for the supplier to make a margin. In a nationalised system, the public utility could set the price at whatever they want with any loss subsidized.

  9. I dont get why we want a government to run engery as a public sector. Did everyone forgetting how bad British Gas was as the sole supplier ?run by the government. How it was also way run as lost the gaps had to be funed by the tax payer.

  10. They should set up a green energy company that also installs domestic/commercial green energy solutions and insulation and run in not for profit. I’d rather give my money to the people of the uk as opposed to a it ultimately leaving the uk. It would be nationalisation of energy indirectly.

  11. Back in the day when British Gas was public the world was a very different place. Paper records, most things having to be done manually.

  12. He's talking about freezing the energy price cap, and nationalising any energy supplier that cannot supply energy at that price.

  13. Suppliers aren't the problem, nor will additional price controls do anything beyond leading to shortages.

  14. This would be more compelling if I wasn't absolutely sure the Guardian would've published an article with this exact same headline on day given day for the last decade.

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