1. The sex offenders aspect is completely reasonable. I fundamentally disagree with the surgery requirement. This will very likely result in a trans women (in prison for a non-violent, non-sex offence crime) who has been on hormone therapy for several years and passes, but not been able to have surgery, being thrown in with the men.

  2. Totally agree. Prison boards should have the discretion to overrule a self ID in egregious examples of predators trying to game the system. I'd suggest putting pre op trans women imprisoned for non violent offences in a male prison puts them at greater risk of rape than the risk they would pose to female inmates

  3. The GRA would not allow a case by case basis, hence the concern around equality’s act. If your legally a woman, then you have to be treat exactly the same as any other woman.

  4. If anyone cares about this, the data from the MoJ says that there are 6 (six) trans women in male prisons currently.

  5. It’s not manufactured outrage, it’s a specific case that points out the problems of a new act Sturgeon was trying to pass ver recently. If you are to believe in self ID with no medical basis, then this is a potential outcome of that law, and one that’s widely been dismissed. If the GRA was passed then by all legal definitions this person would be a woman and would be treated as such, regardless of weather they’re faking it, because how can you determine if someone is faking it without medical intervention? And why shouldn’t they? That’s the law, being male or female is self declared. People rightly have an interest in the practicality of these laws.

  6. You need a policy document now for it because the case of Adam Graham/Isla Bryson has gone viral and, if allowed to stand, risks prompting a large increase in male convicts declaring themselves women to get moved into female populations.

  7. I imagine an 'exceptional' case refers to the rare instances where it is possible to have a sex offence conviction without representing a particular danger to anyone.

  8. I think this is an attempt to stop a deluge of prisoners playing the system by transitioning.

  9. Give your head a wobble and calm down. It's people like you who are doing massive damage to the public's perception of transgender rights.

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