1. I think the tall dude is so huge, and the focus of the camera is on TJ. The camera probably thinks the big dude is at tree in the background.

  2. Because it is. Zoom in and look at Tj's ear next to the guy and look at guy's head on Tj's side. It's clearly and badly photoshopped.

  3. Ever since my doctor inexplicably marked me as 6ft (I’ve measured and did it again after and I’m no more then 5’10.5) I’ve made a point obnoxiously offer to reach high things for my friends of pretty much the same height.

  4. I genuinely thought that this is in continuation of the guy who posted his pic with Cejudo. Since he was trolled by idiots for his short height, our guy here trolled those trollers by photoshopping himself to look ridiculously tall. But now there's a possibility that this is infact his real pic, and I don't know what to think anymore.

  5. I remember TJ said he grew a beard cus his wife told him she didn’t like how he looked like such a little boy. Looking at this pic it makes so much sense. Man is little

  6. of course he's great. I would love people that love me and are fans of mine. even if they are piece of shit human being. tj is sadly a snake in the grass and busted for EPO. Dom cruz beat him on EPO. the whole team alpha male was on EPO. Garbrandt said we do EPO and quickly changed it to he(TJ) very sus.

  7. How did you feel standing next to him? Even though he is a world class athlete in a sport that involves beating the shit out of the other guy to win, did you feel like you had any power due to being bigger ?

  8. You ever stretch a photo vertically in PowerPoint and you know it looks off but you say “fuck it, this stretched piece of shit is going to have to do.”? That’s what this guy looks like.

  9. He’s also a cheater who used performance enhancing drugs to compete in professional competition. and he got a belt for it. and he’s still in the ufc, somehow.

  10. How long did you actually talk to this guy? Just because someone is polite to you during a PR event doesn’t make them a “good guy”. Guys have such a low bar for “good guy “status.

  11. Wow, so what is the difference between Dillishaw and Jon Jones? You guys don't seem upset about his serious roid use, but you hate Jones.

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