1. I could see the upset maybe being bam tbh u never know if he catches gane with one. Not saying he will but who knows at this point. It’s been a wild year

  2. Not really getting the Marvin hate here? Everyone was sucking him off for the Costa fight earlier. But this fight really should’ve been a main event. Both guys are so incredibly skilled it’s such a hard fight to pick. I wouldn’t be surprised if either guy won, but I would be surprised if someone got finished since both dudes are so tough.

  3. Where’s the hate? Rob vs a come forward southpaw who can wrestle a bit already happened against Gastelum. Rob made a mess of him. Rob struggles more against counter strikers not pressure fighters, 3 rounds also favours rob as the attritional damage won’t impact too greatly, even if it does I suspect rob would be up 2-0 going into the 3rd. Rob can be chinny, too bad Marvin rarely hurts anyone.

  4. I love Rob but Vettori has earned a fan in me too. I don't like how aggro and always-mad he seems to be, but he's dedicated, hard-working, and a hell of a fighter.

  5. While that line makes me cringe so fucking hard any time any fighter uses it, the sentiment is real and something to be proud of. When the people you beat can't be beat, you're really good. Same goes for Volk. No one is going to beat at Max except for Volk.

  6. uh how. Robert is probably the hardest match of for marvin out of anyone in the top 15. Its actually crazy that you see any path to victory for marvin. Like seriously tf is he gonna do?

  7. I’d be surprised. I feel like Vettori is tough but not as physically gifted as Whittaker. I think he will be too quick for Vettori.

  8. Only if he has leveled up his game in every way at a fast enough rate to overcome the already large gap in skill between himself and Bobby. Sloth relies on his Neanderthal strength in his grappling and power in his boxing. In nearly every aspect of the game Whitaker has shown better knowledge, instinct, and economy.

  9. That is such an insane stat! Robert the Reaper is about as close to a Champion as you can get! The height and reach is just too much against Adesanya.

  10. Great post. I’ll bet vettori , Dude does not stop moving forward and his chin is bad ass so if you can get him at underdog money its worth a shot in the dark.

  11. Everytime I see Whitaker’s name, it makes me happy that he not only beat Yoel Romero but he gave a fat check from UFC 225. He got Yoels money too. Romero is such a carny and he got stiffed rightfully that night.

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