1. First- this is so good?? I don’t even love Heathens but this breathed new life into the song for me, it’s amazing how well it meshed with the ST theme.

  2. If I’m not wrong the event was sponsored by Netflix and also other artist performed with a st themed background so it’s very rare that we’ll see this again

  3. Yeah, I have a feeling it might just be a one off collab. We got a nice video documenting it, which is telling, imo.

  4. I've been obsessive about this mashup since it came out. We know they put serious meaning into everything they do. Opening with the text "Music has the power to save everyone" was beautiful and meshes so well with TOP's focus on mental health. It was also such a harsh season for ST. Most of the characters were dealing with really heavy stuff outside of Vecna. Ngl, this makes me tear up everytime I watch it.

  5. The whole festival was sponsored by Netflix. I was there and there were a few ST themed attractions, tents, stuff like that.

  6. I also was intrigued in a first place, it sounds just like the original song with ST soundtrack on top of it. But it ended quite good

  7. Really good! I’d love if they got to make a song to be on Stranger Things season 5. They could totally capture the 80’s sound.

  8. Does Tyler say "you'll have another murderer sitting next to you"? Lyric sites all say "you'll never know the..." which is what I thought it always was. But I know he sometimes forgets his own lyrics and says slightly the wrong thing live without really knowing it lol

  9. This is GREAT everytime I get on my pc I listen to this song first I just love how it changed the song almost entirely and the eery ST sound seems like a sound twenty one pilots would use.

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