1. Don't forget that there is always multiple balls in play when those tight shorts are worn. But as to which one(s) the opposing team has their eyes on can make it a powerful distraction tactic.

  2. I remember that everyone was very interested in soccer after that one sexy blonde female president streaked in the middle of a game that one time so I think maybe we should bring more sexual tension back to sports because I’ll watch more sports if they’re sexy. Also let people drink at sporting events because saying they can’t will just lead to people trying to sneak drinks in anyway and to people successfully sneaking drinks in, getting drunk, then prob causing a scene because they got too drunk.

  3. Imagine Hulk (the one from atlético mineiro, not the one from Marvel hahaha) in those little shorts. We would never have lost to Germany

  4. Only enough material to have the flag be the colours of the booty shorts. Maximize the Legg, minimize the fabric.

  5. Brazil, using that ancient erotic sports strategy. It worked in the ancient Greek Olympics, and by the gods it will work for anything Brazil wants to succeed at.

  6. i feel like basically all professional soccer players are gonna have beautiful legs and ass, it's kind of a prereq. not saying they shouldn't bring back the short shorts, i just don't think brazilians had a particular advantage in the leg sexiness category.

  7. Ya, that's part of the tactic. Like how you wear a speedo for professional diving rather than swim trunks, got to accentuate the odds of the best possible outcome. Sacrifice some fabric for the win!

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