1. Twenty weeks in, and haven't noticed a difference. It's been slowly thinning on top for a decade or more.

  2. By nearly do you mean you haven’t noticed or maybe the corners or the forehead, a little thinning maybe or pushed back hairline?

  3. Tough one. Father and all grandparents have/had great hair, but mine started thinning in my thirties. I got on T when I was about 31. Due to the testosterone? Maybe. I started shaving it down, then shaved it off. Honestly even with this new discovery around restimulating hair follicles to regrow hair, I'm kind of "eh" about it and will continue shaving it.

  4. Yeah im really not trying to be absorbed by something sorta superficial, i think enough people lose their hair for it to not be a big deal, some woman’s gunna dig it eventually lol. How long after starting did you notice, what levels were you at before you settled at 700 being your sweet spot? Were you ever in the supraphysiological territory or top end?

  5. 45 with no hair loss before and no short term loss of hair to date, even at excessively high levels. If anything, my hair grows faster now. Absolutely also increased hair growth everywhere else though. Literally everywhere.

  6. My hair loss was accelerated by TRT, I’m thinking of trying Finasteride, it blocks conversion of T into DHT which causes the hair loss.

  7. The idea is that creams absorb through the skin, and skin contains a lot of 5-alpha reductase (which converts testosterone to DHT).

  8. I was really afraid that I was going to lose my hair, but been on for about 4 months now at minimum effective dose. My hair maybe got a little thinner and receded minimally, but nothing noticeable. There's no baldness in my family so I feel thats a bigger contributor. At 36, if my hair fell out, it would've done so by now.

  9. Definitely not out of the ordinary to lose it at 36 even if it did. Glad its working out you pal

  10. Sad news for me, I’m on 100mg/wk and I noticed a significant loss of hair. Been on TRT for about 4 months now. I started Finasteride a month ago to help curtail it. Now doing micro needling, minoxidil and Finasteride. I think I may notice a little drop in some of the positives of TRT since starting the other stuff but it’s minor.

  11. I have thick hair and a good hairline, 31 years old. Dad was balding by this age, both grandpas have full heads of hair. Trt has not affected my hairline at all yet thank god

  12. I'm 37 no hair loss that I have noticed.. Couldn't grow a beard before trt and now have a decent beard.. Been on trt 18 months... Was on 125mg a week but now with a new clinic and they have me on 96mg a week untill my 1st set of bloods next week and then my dose my be increased... My t levels have been at 45, 31 and 24 while being with the old clinic and never been properly dialed in hence the change of clinic

  13. I was already losing hair before I started. 11 months in, my hair is noticeably thinner, but I can’t blame the T. My levels generally sit around 1200, I’m on .75ml weekly, with AI. So if the hair loss can be attributed to anything other than my shitty genes, it’s the AI.

  14. I'm about 4 months in to trt. Hair is much thinner. Had a little bit of receding on the front sides over the years but nothing drastic. My older brother saved his head at 22 due to balding. My dad and both grandads have bad hair genetics. Not sure wethermy shitty test levels were actually helping my hairline. But im catching my brother rapidly after a short amount of time and I don't like it lol

  15. 44 now... had the *opposite* occur for me actually.. Back story - Have been on / off treatment over the last 10+ years. Last year, at 43, I was off treatment due to some sides I had been dealing with (raised BP, Hematocrit, etc)

  16. Really interesting, did you manage to get your bp,hct in control then? What changed, better protocol?

  17. Tough to say. I started on it at an age where it speeds up (43.) I’m now 49 and I’ve lost a heck of a lot hair since then. Is the test the reason? IDK.

  18. this has more to do with your genetic disposition to androgenic alopecia than the dose. I've used as much as 1000 mg + of total androgens in a single week with no impact on my hair while for someone else even 150 of just testosterone and they will be shedding hair. If you have hair loss the best solution is to embrace it and just shave.

  19. Whatever does gets you into that normal physiological range and alleviates symptoms of low t i guess

  20. 4 out of 5 males have the MPB gene. Some experience noticeably thinning hair prematurely in their 20s, others won't experience it until much later in life. rest assured, if you have the gene, TRT will accelerate that process. Accelerated hair loss doesn't mean your hair is going to immediately fall out, it just means that over a given interval of time(1,5, 10 years), your hair on treatment will be thinner compared to no treatment.

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