1. Legal for surveyors but leaving the gate open is just bad etiquette. Could probably complain to the company but wouldn't do much.

  2. Sounds like utility markings. Are you getting any work done that requires digging? Or is a neighbor getting work done?

  3. Coming from someone in the middle of a property dispute.. it isn't worth it. It's a headache. Keep the lock on the gate, and put up no trespassing signs! It'll save you a lot of time and money. We have horrible neighbors they allowed their dogs to run around our yard that isn't fenced In, we fenced In half left half for when we had money to extend, and they tried to claim it as theirs. Last Saturday they was messing with our property stakes, not legal at all but we just documented it and moved along. Having someone come extend our fence seems more worth the money than fighting with them. You really have to have proof showing who did it, when, why etc. If there is a legitimate reason city needed in, etc then it's not considered trespassing as far as I know. It sucks but best you can do is make them come ask permission to get into the back yard so you can plan for your animals. Sorry this is happening

  4. Technically a surveyor can access property. Only @$$hole types would do it without trying to notify owner first. Have only met a couple that were decent enough to let the owner know. Entering a gate and not shutting it on exit is a different issue. Best to lock gate for your legal protection. If your dogs got out , due to removing lock or gate, and harmed or were harmed you would have legal backing as well.

  5. Generally people around here are pretty thoughtless. And utility types etc have an inflated sense of self. If you complain on them, they and their 'buddies' will make sure you pay for it.

  6. Is there a reason you couldn’t lock your gate and throw the stakes away? If you didn’t ask for them and no one notified you of their importance … why would you be obliged to keep them?

  7. Doesn't sound like surveyors ( the pink did, but then They would have marked corners and it would be over. They wouldn't come back with other markers). Utility or road work likely.

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