1. Anything outside of dinner hours during the week isn't quite worth the time unless you're bored and wanna make a few bucks. Weekends are good to me but I work long days and usually break between 2-4. You'll learn what restaurants are worth hanging around after doing it for a bit. Steakhouses on Saturday and Sunday night usually come with good tips. I can usually clear $500 earnings a week with about $60-80 going to gas (about 27mpg) but that doesn't include long-term maintenance.

  2. I have noticed a drop in earnings during lunch rush on weekdays vs weekend nights. The hanging around steakhouses tip is very thought out. I’ll have to give it a shot sometime! Thanks for the very detailed advice!

  3. It's good for supplemental income. We actually had to do it full time for a while but now we do it for dinner pretty much every night. Don't be tricked into taking the long miles orders just because the pay out it decent. You have to keep in mind the area and how far you have to drive back. It'll kill yah

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