1. This actually made me laugh so hard and abruptly when I was waiting in line at a drive thru. I think the girl who was attending me, thought I was laughing at her unfortunately

  2. Came here to say this. Who is the trashy one here? Certainly not the individual showing off their dance moves.

  3. Christians have a verse in Matthew 5 that says people praying/worshipping in public are hypocrites and they have "already received their rewards" lol

  4. Too bad the religious minority in America now have 2/3rds of the representation on the Supreme Court. Soon enough states will have the authority to practice this sort of bigotry at an institutional level—or at least more than they already do.

  5. Inagine wakinf up just to rush over to the pride parade only because you hate it so much. Kinda weird to be driven to action by a parade of homosexuality.

  6. This is unrelated to the discussion but I would like to point out that our avatars have the same shirt and mouth expression. Thought it was a rare combo, have a good day

  7. They're really bad once they start building up. Everyone should see a professional to get them cleaned off every 6 months.

  8. I am a religious person I believe in the bible, but for me at least there is a point, where I’m embarrassed to say I’m a Christian because of people like this. it’s like they are Christian extremist or something. I really dislike seeing these type of people

  9. I am not known for being someone that uses the term “queen” very commonly, but if I ever were to do so then it would be to describe that very woman since she was fucking slaying.

  10. Just to clarify, from half the comments attacking me, she is a qween doing her thing and I have nothing against her. It’s trashy to invade an event and force beliefs onto people. Period. Oh me oh my!!

  11. Wait a minute. You think the ones with the hate-filled placards aren't trying to force their beliefs onto people?

  12. redditors are completely incapable of inductive reasoning lol you literally called her a queen in the title. you really have to spell it out for these numbnuts

  13. I wish I understood how these dumb fucks even got to the conclusion they did. They automatically assume sinner=bad which itself is kinda revealing where they stand on a lot of things as far as their ideals. Being a sinner=doing all the fun shit the church says you can't do lmfao what's wrong with that? Unless your a religious person and find any sort of sexual positivity sinning/bad 😂

  14. Im not entirely sure thats this post's intention. But it really makes sense we are all confused because this tends to be a really incel-ish subreddit. 90% of the posts here are hate towards women making any public displays of their sexuality.

  15. What’s trashy is all those afterlife gatekeepers making everyone feel weird, spouting all this unproven “knowledge” they’re suddenly in possession of. It’s like, isn’t that David from high school who constantly got pulled out of class by the “helper” teacher? Bro, now we’re supposed to listen to you when you couldn’t understand 12th grade gov/eco? I’m good

  16. I love how those preaching their beliefs do nothing but continue doing just that, now I’ve seen many videos of vegan protests where people are eating meat and they respond with aggressive and violent behaviour.

  17. The trashy part is the guy behind her. Why do so many people think op is saying the girl is trashy? He called her a queen.

  18. Did you post this from your cheeto dust covered keyboard OP “she’s exposing herself in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable as a man so therefore she’s trashy” lol

  19. She’s just trolling him lol. Does she look like a twitch cam girl sure, but this is clearly her just trolling this loser. Love to see it

  20. WTF!!! I am shocked! How could such a horrifically mentally ill person be left to roam the streets! They even spent extra on a stylized sign, just to protest love and acceptance. Get this man some help people, don’t just stand there.

  21. I fail to see how this is trashy at all. Don’t kinkshame the dudes with the Jesus fetish. They’re clearly out there working hard and they don’t get to dress all sexy.

  22. The only thing trashy about this is those dudes trying to control shit that has nothing to fucking do with them.

  23. Hot take: the Bible thumper belongs on this sub but so does the woman. Wandering around in public dressed like that is not exactly the epitome of class.

  24. The religious freaks are trashy as is the attention seeking woman flashing her arse in public for the camera

  25. He’s right. It’s a problem in the mind. No one in their right mind acts the how that chick is acting in public, even at a gay pride event.

  26. for anyone wondering her name is chrissy chapelka and she’s an influencer!!! i love her she’s so cool

  27. ? Why? The title shows OP supports the woman. Am I missing something? The trashy part here is the religious zealot holding the sign no?

  28. I bet the protesters wanked off to this furiously once they went home, what a bunch of losers. I think the protesters are trashy here, her I'm fine with.

  29. If you get this every time you protest against homosexuality, I d protest everyday, even if it s for something I don t agree with

  30. Doesn’t it blow your mind that there are many that have been passed down the tradition of basing & devoting their life around a story book. Just imagine if there were those that actually believed & based their life on comic books or the Twilight series? Apparently they’re the crazy ones, right?

  31. Not Trashy, that lass is a bloody legend. Those cunts were protesting against the general existence of anyone that isn't straight.

  32. It is a problem in the mind absolutely. Social programming is a mother fucka and people don’t know it’s happening to them.

  33. As much as religious bigots are annoying, we have to acknowledge the fact that both of these people are being trashy. She is literally twerking and... Pole dancing? Fence dancing? In public.

  34. So it’s fucked up if someone does something like this at a pride parade, but it’s perfectly okay if she does it in this situation..?

  35. 😂😂u know he was beating his junk at night after this ended ..thinking about her milky white flesh 🤣

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