1. Fun fact, Texas bans or regulates a shitload of lab glassware that could be used to make meth. Why would anyone need glass beakers and shit if they weren't making meth, amiright?

  2. They're selling the land, expecting you to knock the house over and plop a modular on the property. They're not expecting someone to refurbish the house. The cost of building supplies would make that more expensive than replacing it with a prebuilt.

  3. The listing would be $600k if the house wasn't meth-contaminated, and $650k if it was cleared land with the house already gone.

  4. Because the realtors and owners know there are thousands of dumbasses who will pay $500,000 to live in a shoebox in Los angeles, all so they can brag about how they live in LA. It’s pathetic

  5. at least the ones that people got caught in have been somewhat cleaned up.... way better than not knowing that there used to be a meth lab and slowly letting ur family and kids be poisoned for decades

  6. I’m laughing at people buying homes right now at the top of the market. The bubble indeed will burst in the next couple of years and we will be able to, shortly thereafter, once again purchase homes at reasonable prices.

  7. ''Eyo Mr. White, Call Saul and tell him these mfers won't take the house for anything more than 500K tell him to do something''

  8. For a meth lab, I like that they took pride in curb appeal. Just because you make bad decisions there is no need to drag down the whole neighborhood. Beautiful tulips, and shards.

  9. The meth adds value. Now if you replace walls and carpeting and anything else that has absorbed the meth while cooking... that will bring down the value 200k or more.

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