1. I’m sure Mike gets this moronic stuff all the time. Being widely recognized for being one of the best boxers in history has its downsides.

  2. Why do people say one of the best. He was the best, people just don't want to say it because he was a bit of a low life. It's about time we recognize.

  3. Headlines will say Tyson punched someone and everyone will assume he's unhinged. That dude 100% deserved it. I wanted to punch him through my phone.

  4. Lol victimhood came up quick. Fucking pussies. Hope they get the attention they want. Its not gonna be good

  5. "Social media made ya'll way too comfortable disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it." - Mike Tyson

  6. “Social media got these pussies walkin around like they ain’t losers” is another good one. Growing up I was taught “speak softly and carry a big stick”.

  7. Being a celebrity sucks nowadays because they actually had to go through training to get into the entertainment industry while the participation trophy, untalented kids (and adults) are getting the same amount of attention by doing dumb shit on tik tok.

  8. Paparazzi are garbage humans. Like total absolute garbage. They don't really even deserve to be alive. It's wasted oxygen and organic material.

  9. I think they may have been referring to the Impaulsive podcast where Mike Tyson was chewing on dried shrooms for a long period of the show lol. And yes they were magic mushrooms too.

  10. That scumbag deserved it. He was constantly harassing Mike before and during the flight. That guy’s group of friends all took pictures with Tyson before the flight, but this guy just kept bothering him the entire time. I really hope this footage helps to keep Mike from getting in trouble.

  11. Exactly. This guy had a couple of cuts on his forehead. If Tyson had planted his feet he could have literally broken his jaw/nose with one punch if he wanted.

  12. From what I understand Mike took a photo with him and tried to be cool but dude wouldn’t let it go. Famous people are people too, leave them be. Unfortunately Mike is probably on the hook for this.

  13. Why the FUCK can't people just sit the fuck down and mind their own fucking business on airplanes? Why is that such a difficult concept??

  14. Yeah that video proves Tyson is NOT unhinged. 1980’s no medication bipolar Tyson would have hit him once and they would have to pull the guys head over in Argentina for Speeding

  15. Did anybody hear in the middle clip he says "We shoulda never gave you n***as money". Idk if a reference to Chapelle show or that Kendrick song, but super disrespectful to say to a famous rich Black man.

  16. Let's harass a celebrity ❌ Let's harass a boxing celebrity ❌ Let's harass a boxing celebrity who is insane ❌ Let's harass a boxing celebrity who has spent his life trying to become a better person and be surprised when he clocks you one ✅

  17. Bet the guy is more upset he didn't get a autograph. But being punched by Mike Tyson is kinda sorta like a autograph

  18. Of all the people to get tuned up by for being a massive bellend, that has to be one of the worst people to pick.

  19. i have been so drunk i would have picked fights i would have obviously lost. but at no point in my life would i ever consider fighting mike fucking tyson regardless of the substance

  20. The guy looks like a fucking smart arse with a fuckwit haircut and that stupid fucking face. It needs to be smashed a few times. Shame Mike didn't bust his teeth.

  21. Where the f… was flight attendant? They can remind you to put the mask on 34x in a minute but when someone is harassing other person they have more important things to do

  22. Really disappointed in Mike. He should've punched harder. It seems like that jackass will be flexing that he got beaten by Mike Tyson proudly.

  23. Dude has a face that deserves to be beaten. Sorry not sorry. Shouldn’t be fucking with Tyson. What did he expect lol

  24. Dude is lucky Mike pulled his punches. What sucks is Mike is gonna incur charges because this asshole wouldn’t leave him alone.

  25. He would have gotten it much worse had Mike not been on so many shrooms and pot. These were love taps from the new Mike, the old Mike would have killed the guy.

  26. Play stupid games, win justly deserved prizes. Now this dickhead will want to sue Mike. Good thing there is this "poked the bear too many times" video.

  27. I don’t want to say it’s ok to beat people up for annoying you, cause I don’t think we should normalize that kind of behavior, but yeah I don’t feel bad for this guy for a second. Harassing someone on an airplane when there’s literally nowhere for them to just walk away is super shitty, and doing it to a guy who’s famous for biting someone’s ear off during a boxing match is just plain stupid.

  28. The first rule of Mike Tyson is you don't disrespect Mike Tyson. The second rule of Mike Tyson is you DON'T disrespect Mike Tyson.

  29. That's asshat NEEDED a whoopin'. It could only have been better if he went to the flight attendant after and she whupped his ass. Then every other passenger lined up to take their turn. Then when he went to the cops, THEY beat his ass. Dumbshirt.

  30. 20 years ago Tyson would have killed him. Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist and used to be a genuinely crazy dude. Even beyond the Holyfield thing, watch some of his old interviews. Dude was volatile as they come.

  31. I do think Mike was one of the greatest boxers of our time, but biting off Evander's ear was a terrible thing to do as a professional. I'm sorry he did that as it tarnished his reputation. That being said, there is no way I'd smack talk him, that's death's invitation.

  32. That asshole got what he deserved, he’s lucky he didn’t lose an ear. It’s fucks like those two that make me truly like people less and less

  33. “Just trying to ask for an autograph I don’t know what happened” right after filming the guy being obnoxious and annoying af

  34. Mike should have called over a flight attendant and got the guy kicked off. Fucker would miss his flight and have nothing. But instead played into his hands.

  35. Imagine getting your ass kicked by Mike Tyson and then expecting sympathy but instead listening to everyone on the internet say you deserved it lol

  36. People are pulling this shot all the time with celebrity’s. One guy is the asshole fucking with whoever’s famous while his boys record on their phones. God ppl are fucking jerks

  37. Why didn't any plane staff stop this guy? The can see him harassing another customer. Also, where was the "MIKEMIKEMIKE" guy trying to diffuse the situation when the guy was harassing him?

  38. How quick people change their tones. He’s filming and laughing at his boy talking trash then at the end of the film ‘I don’t know what happened’. What a joke

  39. I don't like seeing people mess with Mr. Tyson. I don't feel the least bit bad for them when things come to their logical conclusion.

  40. If I made a list of the top 10 people that I don’t want punching me in the face, Mike Fucking Tyson would take up 7 spots on that list.

  41. Good! Too bad he didn't beat him a lot harder. That young punk need to learn how to respect people. He obviously needed to get smacked around much sooner in life.

  42. I’m glad we got the answer to the question “what if Mike Tyson just started beating the shit out of a regular person” but I feel like the end result would’ve been better if they weren’t on a plane, separated by seats and what not.

  43. That's not "fucked up"... Looked a lot like WWE punches... 4 little scratches.. C'mon. His face should be swoll AF.

  44. Why in the world won’t you idiots leave celebrities alone when you see them in public. Would you like random people you don’t know bugging you with stupid shit? Have some respect.

  45. What A fuckin dick. You can tell he is an assshole by his stupid face. I wish it was more of a beating. He deserved every punch and more.

  46. That guy got what he wanted, look at his face. Fake internet points for pushing Tyson into hitting him. Scum of the earth.

  47. Fuck this guy! Met Mike Tyson, he is a absolute great individual who will take time with his true fans and gives them the best, Pictures and autographs. Mike is a true legend. If you fuck with Mike, you deserve the fist. Don’t fuck with Mike! That asshole got what he deserves.

  48. Theres gotta be some grey area when it comes people bothering you, like if ur in someones face and being annoying and wont walk away, u can punched a few times at the least

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