1. Really? I rarely tend to notice that kinda stuff unless it's super obv. I didn't notice any of the show was filmed in Toronto previously, probably bc I wasn't looking and assumed it was shot in USA. I think one of the few times I noticed was watching Suits with an ex gf, it's supposed to be in NYC but I recognized a lot of the buildings like BCE in our banker district. I extensively skateboarded those buildings as a teen, so I know them well.

  2. It's been filmed here for literally years at this point, their headquarters is shot at Roy Thomson Hall. Toronto has a substantial film industry.

  3. I just found out about Diabolical, I've watched two episodes so far. I didn't love the first one. The looney toons style.

  4. I'm not the right person to ask that to unfortunately. However I'm 99% certain they are filming here next week, since I get paid for being displaced those days.

  5. If you think Butcher is/becomes the antagonist, you're probably right. Although I don't think that means Vought/Homelander are getting redeeming story arcs lol.

  6. Dope! Was wondering how difficult it might be to keep walking past the shoot and try to get in as an extra by accident lol. Probably not easy though.

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