1. All while Fordlets his billionaire developer friends build $2 million homes paving over our greenbelt. Only the rich get backyards now....

  2. An interesting statistic. In the 1980’s, 59% of people in their 30’s owned their home. In the 2020’s, it is just over 50%. Down, but not as much as you would think when you listen to people complaining about the cost of housing. The numbers are from StatsCan.

  3. There’s plenty of affordable housing in Canada. I use to be in the same boat as everyone else. Then I decided to do something about it. Applied for jobs in other provinces and cities within my means.

  4. Britmonkey did a great video on this the other day. Really shows that the housing costs are a huge drain on society right now

  5. There is an interesting relationship between the share of all homes bought in Canada by investors vs homeowners and the average Canadian home purchase price. At the same time the interest rates went down significantly. At the same time as that, mortgages became much more difficult to acquire vs 15 years ago. The largest attributer to Canadas high standard of living was because almost anyone could purchase a decent home to call their own. What is happening needs to stop.

  6. Lot larger today than yesterday, wow. Yesterday afternoon (around 4ish), it was just a few mics/amps and mostly overwhelmed by the usual chaos of the intersection.

  7. I saw something today (although I assume it’s US numbers) - during the Great Depression, a median income earner made about 22% of the value of a house per year.

  8. They're passive for a reason. Canadian homeownership was around 69% last I checked, and is up from a decade ago. So the majority own homes. What is the incentive to fix a system that benefits the majority?

  9. That and telecommunications :/ I hate how the trucker convoy was a thing but over getting vaxxed but theyre okay with bungalows selling for 1.5 mil or some Chinese billionair just buys and makes a bunch of condos.

  10. First it was about the War Memorial being secured, when ignorant protestors PISSED and danced on it. As per usual with these idiots, it morphed to Hod knows what... Posted off? FUCKING CAST YOIR VOTE. DUCKING CALL YOIR MPP DO NOT INVADE INNOCENT CITIES. JUST DUCLING DONT

  11. There will always be a housing crisis while people breed quicker than homes are made. People keep expecting their progeny not to live worse lives than them concerning issues of overpopulation.

  12. What are the protests about? I’m actually having trouble finding media sources that give information ABOUT the protests (beyond “there will be 12 protests this weekend, the police are worried, etc.”).

  13. It’s May Day, aka International Workers Day, aka The Original Labour Day. Protests are generally centred around working class solidarity.

  14. I was in the area earlier today, it’s about Affordable housing and rising rent prices. A real problem, but not sure how it’s genocide

  15. economic genocide = policies that eliminate the middle class leaving only the rich elites and "the poors" i.e. slave labour.

  16. It's absolutely outrageous that they are using the word "genocide" to describe this situation. Cunts like these rob the word of its power.

  17. I found a feeder event on Facebook - you'd probably be able to search up "May Day Toronto rally" and find something

  18. It depends on the protest and how they're going about it. In many examples (not quite sure about this one though), protesters will hinder a lot more people's days than just the people they're trying to get the attention of. Hell, sometimes they aren't even in the right place to get those people's attention.

  19. People generally want protests to have meaning and value. If your protest is just “housing is expensive” like everyone already knows then all you’re really doing is ruining people’s weekend drive

  20. It's the idea that an economic class is being eliminated. In this case, the middle class is being destroyed by income inequality (everyone will be either poor or rich).

  21. Our economy is being shafted. They're trying to bring back feudalism. Good for the protestors. Canadians conform so easily. Taking a stance is always a job for someone else. Then when someone does stand up, your cowardly Canadian will say "Oh, this makes me feel uncomfortable because its different"

  22. How are these things organized? I never hear of them, might not be bad for people to know how to exercise their right to protest for things they are interested in.

  23. Affordable housing should be a damn human right. If only the politicians in charge weren't bought by the real estate industry...

  24. this is not wrong. the message is ok, unlike the other times, but idk if they butchered the execution or it was peaceful.

  25. I'm sure Ford will have no problems sending the cops in to break it up. Unlike the freedumb idiots in Ottawa that he refuses to address.

  26. I'd have to agree. Don't get me wrong I associate heavily with labour and progressive ideas but genocide has an incredibly serious meaning associated with it. It covers the IDing, forced removal, and outright extermination of people for no other reason than their national, religious, and or ethnic background. The issues of wealth inequality can be referred to as

  27. It's about natives being shut down of the social ladder and secluded in land that is now being destroyed for economic gains that never go towards them. The group is called Land Back and if you search for them I think that your eyes could go back in the righr direction.

  28. I’m sure blocking access to retail and stopping a tour bus from operating on their route is going to do wonders to stop this “economic genocide”

  29. The truckers were trash and whoever these folks are are also trash. It’s not ok to occupy major intersections. Ticket them the same way we’re ticketing folks in Ottawa.

  30. If the economy will blow up because of a protest on a gloomy Sunday in a location where there are protests 24/7, I mean…

  31. Closest residences are blocks away and I don't see any bouncy castles or big obnoxious trucks honking and blowing diesel smoke everywhere.

  32. yet again ?? everyday it's a different demonstration for something else ! city should rename that ," Protest Square ". just getting too much

  33. Perhaps try these folks should try studying STEM, and not anthropology or cultural studies and they may find they can afford things. Just sayin’.

  34. I was there in the morning, stuck for hours at the exit of Gardiner. Got late for work. It was because some marathon I don't what was it for.

  35. As if the good people of Toronto haven’t been through enough. Now having to deal with these *ssholes every weekend. Just put another layer of tinfoil on your hat, drink some kool aid and go home.

  36. What percentage of these protestors would be willing to call out the immigration that is responsible for unaffordable houses?

  37. Immigration is part of the problem but not the full, American cities have higher immigration especially Texas cities a couple of millions in a couple years. The problem is housing regulations and builders unlike many developed countries Canada is slow at development, moving forward in projects. Those industries behind that are part of a pyramid scheme that no one seems to see.

  38. When they last 3 weeks and make unbearable noise 24/7 and are more of a local area occupation than a protest, yes.

  39. Why does everybody in Toronto wear that coat !?!? (Or some variation of it) I was just there the other day and saw the same beige/brown overcoat like 50 times.

  40. There is no economic genocide. All that needs to be done is to get BoC to print more money to give to the people to afford the houses, then everyone's anguish will be quelled. Just be patient. Daddy Macklem's got your back.

  41. Just don't go to Toronto in general it's not worth it. Except for the nerd stores comicons/similar conventions and medieval times.

  42. Why don’t these ass hats protest an actual genocide that is happening as we speak? Oh right, that requires them to think about others and not just about their own selfish fantasies

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