1. Hard to believe I’m 240 now, was pretty fit at 185 in high school, bulked up to 210 and when I started desk work and less gym time, 240 just kind of happened. 17 years and 55lbs. Time to get back in shape because honestly feel like I’m just mentally defeated everyday by my job so maybe I can take control of my life back through my health.

  2. Any number steps in the right direction is an achievement! And at this rate, in *under a year* you'll no longer be overweight, Keep it up man!

  3. You can do it buddy!!! I believe in you. I managed to drop down over 30 pounds and now I’m in perfect shape. Lost my ass and wife ain’t liking it but gotta do what we gotta do.

  4. Worth noting that the phrase "North America" includes Mexico as well. Over 75% of Mexicans are overweight.

  5. Great job! I'm down 40 lbs in the last 3.5 months (a lot of water weight at the start) and 20 lbs from healthy BMI. Going from obese to overweight felt incredible. I didn't realize how much I had gained until it started coming off!

  6. I’m so close to the Normal BMI range that I could taste it. Only literally five pounds away, but I want to lose another 15 just to put me further away from the maximum.

  7. What method(s) of weight loss did you use, if you don’t mind me asking? I have to lose 30 lbs in the next 8 months - easily doable, but have to get started!

  8. Except Mexico and the US switch places based on methodology all the time. They are statistically the same with only a standard error difference (Both are fat as fuck).

  9. Dude, right??? I was anywhere from chubby to fat through my early twenties, then got in shape and I feel fucking phenomenal. It’s like a completely different life.

  10. Truth to that. As a healthcare worker, my job went from treating patients to treating lifestyles. Without addressing the poor lifestyle the conditions would never improve. When you see patients in their 20s with BMIs in the 40s there is a problem.

  11. That and a built environment that nearly forces everyone to drive everywhere so you have to go out of your way to get exercise instead of getting it as part of your day to day life.

  12. Not a healthcare worker, but it seems super clear to me that this is a mental health crisis more than anything else. Really feels like my fellow Americans are super fucked in that regard.

  13. It’s actually getting worse. I’m on the north shore Vancouver- known to be one of the more healthy active places in Canada - and I’d still say a vast majority of stuff is deep fried

  14. It really is. We older folks remember a world where people were so much thinner than people today. When I was growing up I was heavy. There weren’t good options for girls’ jeans in plus sizes, so I ended up in boys’ Hefty jeans - they actually said that on the label.

  15. This is not ignored but done on purpose. Meat and dairy lobbying groups gave the food pyramid to the FDA in the 90's. Sugar industry was allowed to blame fat for dietary risks. The dairy industry convinced the govt to force dairy ( especially milk and cheese) into our foods and schools.

  16. It’s ignored because a majority of the population are overweight lol. Can you imagine if people joined together to fight obesity like they did covid? Advocating for dieting and exercise? It’s crazy we don’t since being over weight and not exercising is responsible for like the top 3 causes of death.

  17. There’s this dialogue from Hotel Transylvania (2012), which basically says how “humans have been getting fatter to overpower us (monsters)” and it lives rent free in my head, because I happened to be eating a supersized meal at the time

  18. And that movie was bullshit propaganda. Others have tried to recreate his claimed results and no one has been able to. That guy is a fraud.

  19. North America also has arguably the most car dependent infrastructure in the world. Especially the United States. Wonder how much has to do with other continents having walkable cities.

  20. It’s likely a big factor. Boring anecdote time: in college, around age 20, I did a semester abroad in a small but walkable city. Like most college kids I spent most of this time eating like shit and drinking too much. No car so dependent on public transport and walking. I lost 15 lbs in 3 months with no other changes in behavior.

  21. Only 52% of the EU is overweight, but they recently stopped including the UK so that may helped their numbers quite a bit lol

  22. I live in New York City and rarely drive. Walk everywhere and take the subway. I tend to not eat too healthy and I’ve lost about 10 pounds since I moved to NYC. We need more walkable cities and less car dependent infrastructure.

  23. Working to be part of that 26.1% right now. I’ve done it before but I starved myself. This time it’ll be different.

  24. I ended up starving myself a little too much. You end up used to not eating. It's good that you're deciding to take it slow. It's better for your health.

  25. It’s almost like a diet loaded with refined starch and sugar, minimal exercise, and constant stress is bad for you!

  26. You mean it’s not totally ok that half the people I know in their 30s are on antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds and also overweight and also sleep with mouth guards because they grind their teeth and….

  27. Raw produce here is fairly cheap, food is cheap. Not as cheap as it was a few years ago, but your average fast food combo is closing in on $10 real quick right along with it.

  28. Before the pandemic, I was traveling to Europe once a year and it was astonishing. Coming back to America was hard. That first trip to Wal Mart after I got back to the states. Whew!

  29. Same with east Asia. I’m Korean and moved back there for a few years in my 20s and it was massive culture shock coming back to visit people in the states. I’ve always been a “small” American (5’5”, BMI at 19) since becoming a teen and plan on keeping a healthy weight for as long as possible.

  30. When I went to the US(California and Las Vegas) I was genuinely shocked and quickly realized why it was like this: healthy food was so insanely expansive. And I'm not talking berries, Chia, or gluten lactose free hipster vegan cheese. I'm talking basic products. If i recall the prices correctly, a half liter of yoghurt was $2,50. However, this yoghurt had shit tons of added sugars in it. The cheapest yoghurt i could find which non sweetened, was $5 for half a liter.

  31. Because the US Gov't subsidizes corn a freaking crap ton, making high fructose corn syrup extremely cheap for companies to put excessive amounts of in everything to make their food tastier and more addictive than their competitors.

  32. A mixed drink is usually cheaper than a neat pour of top shelf liquor. All that sugar in the mixed drink means you can use low grader alcohol. I believe it’s the same factor here.

  33. A 32oz (900 grams) plain unsweetened yogurt is $2.75 here at the more expensive grocery store. I think you might have just missed the plain yogurt.

  34. I buy unsweetened yogurt for the same price as sweetened. The strained Greek style is more expensive. I buy Cabot Greek, which is local here on the other side of the country, for 2 lbs for $4.39, which I estimate is a little under a liter, not a half liter. I've never seen it sold in anything but ounces and pounds; were you in a specialty shop? All the food has gotten more expensive, but snacky stuff seems worse than basics. Fruits and veggies are up because it's winter.

  35. LMAO no. I’m from California. I’ve lived in four continents and traveled to over 40 countries. Fresh produce is cheaper in California than most developed countries I’ve been to, if not all. Yeah, it’s cheaper in South America and SEA, but compared to income, I imagine it’s quite comparable.

  36. Eggs, vegetables, brown rice, and legumes aren’t expensive. A lot of people don’t choose healthy options. Unsweetened yogurt is right next to the one with added sugar. Though it’s hard to make good choices when half of everything in the grocery store has ingredients that induce a huge flood of dopamine with sugar, fat, and salt.

  37. If you raise costs for producers just $0.01 per item they will raise the price of the item by 10% then blame the government. Everyone will be up in arms about the price hike, vote the people who supported the regulation out, have it repealed and the price won't go down. That's the political environment we live in.

  38. And don't forget the deeply entrenched car culture. Car infrastructure everywhere, barely any functional public transport. Walking is not catered to or even downright dangerous in many places. Safe cycling is made even less possible.

  39. In addition to that, you get a medium size meal at McDs in the US, it's a freaking XL meal anywhere else in the world. Also, the dependency on cars is a huge factor. Europeans probably eat more carbs, fat and alcohol than your average American and they are still slimmer. They walk around a whole lot more and they also tend to prefer non-processed foods.

  40. Everybody complaining about being too tall or muscular for BMI to make sense, YES, WE KNOW you're an Adonis with rippling muscles and a steely gaze, or whatever.

  41. "Guise I was a running back in high school class of 2009, haven't exercised since then and I have some big muscley flab muscles and it tells me I'm overweight. It can't possibly be true it must be wrong."

  42. I guarantee you half these people just have a skewed sense of what a normal weight is (which is understandable when the "average" weight in the US is overweight), but want to explain it away with the fact that they go running sometimes.

  43. Haha, it's 's the modern day equivalent of "I'm just big boned". BMI is perfectly applicable to the vast majority of the population.

  44. Relative Fat Mass (RFM) is a much more useful metric for measuring obesity imo. It’s a simple measure of gender, height and waist size.

  45. Worth noting that of those people sampled, 50% were Obese. Only 28% of the population is obese. That's a wild jump. That means a huge number of the obese population was hospitalized for COVID.

  46. And people always point out how healthcare in the US is the most expensive in the world. It’s expensive to treat illnesses related to obesity… hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

  47. Watching the channel NotJustBikes on yt has definitely made me more sympathetic towards North Americans in regards to this. As a non-American, it’s very easy to be judgemental.. and forget that we’re lucky enough to live in a city with accessible public transport, walkable neighbourhoods, and affordable healthy food options. You guys deserve better.

  48. I lived in Amsterdam for 6 months and lost 25lbs without even trying. It turns out not having a car, biking to work, and walking everywhere else makes you not as sedentary.

  49. The United States is not made for pedestrians. Other countries have reliable public transportation which encourages more walking.

  50. The US has already gone all-in on suburbia as the ideal form of housing. Not sure how they can walk it back now

  51. I read an article that said that obesity has actually become a national security issue. That if we are in a significant military conflict, not enough people in the United States could be called to duty because they're too fat.

  52. It is also a security issue indirectly by having them sabotage your own economy, leading to less ability to project economic power.

  53. Just left the obese category, BMI is 29 and getting to 25 within 6 months. Please remind me in three months so I can update progress. 215 right now

  54. You’re not wrong that Americans drink too much sugar, in soda and in coffee! But part of the disparity you are seeing on nespresso is because, if you want plain coffee in the US, drip is the standard, not espresso.

  55. I think you're seeing somewhat of a sampling bias here. I think most people who like sweetened coffee are just doing milk and a spoonful of sugar, but nobody would post that because it's pretty mundane. People post about their weirder ingredients because it's special.

  56. Need more walkable cities and neighbourhoods in the North America, over reliance of cars is insane. If people are walking more, they are burning more calories

  57. Some people will still drive everywhere. I live 1/4th of a mile from the grocery store and my neighbors think I'm crazy that I walk there

  58. We're on the storyline for Wall-E. No walkability, consumerism, environmental destruction and climate change, over weight. I mean for crying out loud Scumbag Musk is trying to make a fucking escape ship.

  59. Well keep in mind that 67% of Australians are overweight. 62% of UK. 64% of Canadians are overweight. 70% of Mexicans are overweight.

  60. Here's another scary one for you. Look up NAFLD. I have read as much as 65% of those overweight people likely have it. I was one of them. It has no symptoms until you are F'd. If all those people suddenly got ultrasounds of their livers, and the truth about nutrition and the impact of highly process foods and refined sugar was known...well you'd see quite the crisis in the US.

  61. Read labels and see all the things that have sugar in them, then ask your self why there is sugar in literally every thing. Only then will you have the answer to why americans are fat.

  62. I didn’t fully grasp this until I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 23 and I needed to pay attention to carb counts in food in order to calculate insulin.

  63. This is a hard problem, because what really is "in excellent shape"? Were you already borderline overweight and then you started working out and putting on muscle? How much body fat did you have that was still contributing to your weight?

  64. I wonder how many of those 72% feel they aren't "normal" due to their weight. I know I do at times.

  65. Well… yeah. We’re dealing with the ramifications of the government taking a stab at nutrition and telling two generations that they should be eating 6-11 servings of bread, cereal, rice, and pasta each day.

  66. That table is a bit wrong though. It separates Central America and the Caribbean from North America, both of which are very much part of it. In fact, if you click on the link for "

  67. I belong , should say I used to belong, to a sub on health care crisis in Ontario. I suggested that perhaps it’s time we took our health into our own hands , to lose weight and to start walking. The response …3 downvotes!

  68. The sad thing is that there are kids 4-12 that are already overweight. What do you have to be feeding a kid to make them overweight at such a young age?

  69. It's very easy to get overweight here, but even the minimal amount of exercise and self control helps. I gained 45lbs the first two years I lived in the US and hadn't really changed any of my habits. It's just that the food here is way less healthy and they give out much bigger portions, and of course I started having to drive to get to places so I was moving much less. Learn portion control, walk a few miles every day and you'll be fine. And stop drinking soda!

  70. There's a few reasons America is overweight, but the biggest two is sugar prevalence and car dependency.

  71. Yes that's why when someone posts pictures of then when they were obese everyone rushes to tell them they were not obese. It has become so normalized that obese just looks normal now.

  72. it’s complicated. the metrics, and the reasons. you can’t expect people living in food deserts to eat healthily, so of course they eat junk food. proximity to recreational sources like parks and rec centers and gyms plays a role. genetics and epigenetics.

  73. Essentially, it is legal to sell 'slow poison' as food. We Americans are offered VERY unhealthy foods in our grocery stores. These foods comprise the vast majority of items in the stores. Most of these foods are cheapest. Too many Americans have to shop this way.

  74. 74% overweight, 54% read below a middle school level, 70% without a college degree, 1 in 5 (probably more) with a mental illness, many more with debilitating conditions including long Covid.

  75. This is why I have strong disagreements with certain aspects of the body positivity movement. How about we stop encouraging unhealthy habits instead of praising it for starters?

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