1. I’m dead. Like who is like yeah I have quirky music taste, let me play this song that I’ve been blowing my load to inside your daughter for your entire family.

  2. It will go in the history books right beside the coconut fucker, the jolly rancher story, the girl who stuffed raw meat in her hoo-ha, and the poop knife.

  3. I think the fame is higher. It's beyond Reddit. I brought it up to some friends the other day and they had all heard of it already.

  4. just reddit? man brought Reddit, Twitter and Tiktok together. Man's like the Thanos of picking lovemaking songs.

  5. “In September 2022, Mohawke's song "Cbat", from his 2011 EP Satin Panthers, went viral on TikTok and Reddit after a post about a man having sex to the beat of the song went viral on the latter platform.”

  6. I want to write a case study about this guy. Not sure in what topic, maybe just freeform like “Hey everybody, check this guy out.”

  7. Most of the top comments from the previous thread were accusing him of karma whoring. And this post pretty much confirms it.

  8. Funnily enough, I was actually listening to a Hudson Mohawke song when I got hit by a car as a pedestrian once. I’ll never forget that song, or getting hit by that car… but at least I didn’t have to listen to it over and over again for 2 years whilst getting my cheeks clapped.

  9. Yeah nah, there was a still a chance this was real but not with a random Punjabi song thrown into his sex playlist

  10. I think the worst thing about the song is that it sounds like a sound effect that's made to represent a deflating penis

  11. But why would the producer need marketing for this random ass song they made, when he’s made songs for Kanye freaking west

  12. Hudson Mohawke is actually an incredibly established and respected artist in the underground bass music scene. It would shock me if he was trying to gain a larger following through a stunt like this because I don't think he makes music for the money/fame/notoriety but just for the love of making dance music.

  13. Hudson Mohawk is actually famous in the EDM scene. He doesn’t need guerrilla marketing at all. He was huge during the trap era of 2012-16 also.

  14. The story is just made up, it's so obviously a joke that the guy thought was funny, and it was tbf but it's not real at all

  15. It was over the moment she told you and she recognized the song without actually hearing it simply from the tempo.

  16. Cbat got dropped at literally every club or festival I went to when it first came out, this song was big in the community when it dropped. You can probably already find a video of this being played at lollapalooza the year it was released.

  17. I still feel you are not real, there is no way in hell you listened to that song and thought, I got it, this is my goto spicy time song for the foreseeable future.

  18. If it’s made up then god, it’s perfectly written. The post not only making it back to her parents but the parents being able to confirm bc he had played the weird song before and they recognized it? The parents sitting in a room while CBAT plays as their faces drop, realizing that it’s all true? The gf realizing her parents know??? Exquisite. Better than the movies themselves.

  19. It definitely doesn't seem real. Like he uses a CD player? Like that is just so absurd. But atleast I have confirmation that all those people saying they found the playlist are just lying for clout

  20. Dude all jokes aside, I'm stunned at how nice you're being about this and to even share your playlist despite knowing everyone's gonna laugh at your situation is beyond me. Im sure it became truly embarrassing for you and your gf, her family included. And I applaud you for being chill about it online. Wishing the best for you, man.

  21. I mean, when it's a completely made up situation to gain internet fame it's pretty easy to be chill about it. In a few days we'll see a TIFU from his "ex-girlfriend" or her "sister" about this situation.

  22. I think the biggest problem here is you listened to the same song every time you had sex w the same person for two years… even if this song is good, that’s a little much

  23. Not only that.. unless he was allowing the song to play on repeat over and over, it meant that he was finishing in under 2 minutes and 52 seconds every time (he said he always came to the song).

  24. im sorry man, but before you leave the internet once again, could you PLEASE show us how you thrust to this song, to end the debate once and for all?

  25. Wow, this situation just keeps getting more absurd. You posted this on an account with a real/recognizable name. You thought *that* song was good to play *every* time you had sex. You've posted your socials.. to reddit.

  26. It's a song from a decade ago by a highly successful and influential artist. It's not like he'd try to use reddit's creative writing sub to advertise it now lol. Especially with such a shitty association.

  27. You've made such an impact on the internet. Sure, you lost your relationship, but you're now a meme.

  28. I just listened to the song.... oh my God lmfao. What a weird and creepy melody is now stuck in my head. I can't imagine hearing the same song literally everything having sex for years... let alone to the sound of some squeaky dog toys XD

  29. Nah if it's anyone's fault, assuming we aren't blaming the OP, it's tiktoks fault, that app has been running with this since the post came out. I have seen countless amounts of videos making fun of this song now

  30. i think the biggest takeaway from this situation is that sex playlists are rarely a good idea, especially when the songs are objectively not sexy. moving forward, dont look to outside sources to help you get 'better' at sex, just ask the person who you are having sex with what they like and go from there.

  31. OP, i’m so sorry this is happening but this is truly hilarious 💀 the fact that you’re still defending the song AND the fact that you’re gonna post your playlist makes this so funny

  32. Count this as a win! Not only did you get someone to have sex to one of the worst songs ever produced, they carried on for 2 whole years.

  33. I was thinking everyone has different tastes in music, shame the girlfriend did not like it but that is just how it goes. Then I went to the other post and followed the link to the song and….OP you are a monster making her endure that!

  34. Having just listened to the song, if you say you move to the rhythm of the tune, then you should prepare yourself for the possibility that everyone you've been with actually thinks you're not good in bed. There's no consistent rhythm or beat in that song that translates into a good pattern for building pleasure in your partner. It's chaotic.

  35. I mean. It's an absurd, awful song but it's a pretty consistent slow 4 count under the ridiculous robot dolphin noises.

  36. I read the original post from a few days ago but right now I had to google CBAT because I had fucking no idea who or what CBAT is. Only to find it in top results from the last few days on news sites and a video uploaded to youtube 6 days ago that now has 64K views.

  37. Your post was the funniest thing I had ever seen on Reddit. I downloaded the song and now when I put it on I break down in laughter. It’s a tremendous mental health resource in my life.

  38. The real FU is your partner going two years without saying anything about it. A healthy sex life needs healthy communication.

  39. I looked up the song expecting it to be emo screamo or something similarity intense cause I hadn’t heard of it before. The song would definitely be a weird one to fuck to but it was the song to one of my favorite scenes from workaholics so thanks for reminding me of that.

  40. Jokes aside, you seem like a genuinely chill guy. The fact that she stayed with you despite the sex song ever says a lot about you, Im sorry all this attention ended the relationship. And even then, you still shared the playlist despite all the jokes that are inevitably gonna be made about you. I hope you find the guy or girl who'll vibe to your electric dolphins with you during sexy times, god speed you magnificent bastard!

  41. Willful suspension of disbelief isn’t a terrible thing when you find comedy gold on the internet tho. Life is absurd, and that’s okay. Seriously, this is almost, not quite, but may be near a Kids in the Hall level comedy sketch worthy bit.

  42. Lmao I was like wtf is cbat and had to go digging through this whole thing. How? Just how? It sounds like something from Animal Crossing.

  43. If it makes you feel any better OP, posting about your FU didn't tank your relationship, your complete lack of awareness did that a long time ago and this was just the catalyst. Better now than having her realize nothing's going to change when you're married with kids.

  44. You disgust me but I’ll be goddamned if you’re not a hero. Grade A work, you glorious weird mf. You will find someone else riding your same goofy vibe & live happily together, I’m sure of it. Good luck lol

  45. I read your first post and a whole bunch of comments…your update is hilariously embarrassing (I’m sorry) and I popped over to TikTok just to see…my dude! This might be the worst thing to happen to your relationship, but it might just be the best thing to happen for your life. Keep doing what you do, bud

  46. Honestly I was just waiting for this sort of update because the story was pretty much unavoidable from the very first minute it was posted here. No way anyone remotely connected didn’t see this and immediately know what was going on!

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