1. Visually impaired people have software that will read them the text on the screen, so assuming it doesn't gain sentience and spares them, they'll have to listen to all the juicy details.

  2. Exactly. I worked as an activity assistant at a Memory Care facility. One of the other activity assistants knew that her roommate has Covid ( this was when Covid first hit but still) but she went to work and spread it to everyone. 34 out of 37 residents were positive and 4 passed away. Over half of the staff was sick or refused to come to work. I was in the icu for four days. My example is extreme, but the elderly is much more susceptible to illness and because everyone interacts closely with one another, illness spreads so fast.

  3. Oh, oh dear. I'm glad you're feeling better. I change adult diapers in a caretaker capacity(not memory care) and have had near vomit situationas like that. I don't have a problem cleaning people at all but some times it can get tough.

  4. I honestly don’t know who can do this job. Props to people who do because it’s noble as hell, but I’m not having my hands full of 80 year old shit every day (spoken as a healthcare worker myself). Yikes.

  5. Worked doing this for a year right after high school. The exact description in OP's post is very common (minus the vomit), and honestly... It's not super bad. You just get used to it like you would anything else which is disgusting at first.

  6. Have you read the other reddit stories? Some truly legendary stories include jolly ranchers and swamp ass so bad, it rendered an operating room unusable for days

  7. I’m an RN, and some advice to you: the most important person for a caregiver to take care of is themselves. If you are sick, take the time you need because you need to feel your best to give the best care. Part of taking care of others is making sure you are able to take care of them safely.

  8. As a dad to a now 3 year old girl, I'll always remember my first nappy change when I thought well that's my relationship with vaginas irreparably changed forever. I knew about the whole front-to-back but was unaware how the more liquidy stuff can get right on up in there. My wife found this all very funny.

  9. Not to mention he should be wearing a mask as well? I could be wrong, but in the state I work at the mask mandate is lifted for most places but still required in medical facilities

  10. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was horrified by this idea. I'm thinking that he just means labia and not vagina. At least I am fucking praying

  11. Going into work sick. Around high risk patients. In the healthcare field. While not wearing a mask. Proceeds to VOMIT into a clients porous orifice.

  12. fyi most hospitals/nursing homes couldn’t give two shits if you’re sick or not. they pretty much bully you into coming in anyway and some places write you up for calling out sick. it’s fucked up, but it’s the truth.

  13. Why would you think it's ok to go to work feeling ill at all when working with elderly and most likely immunocompromised people?


  15. Not just because of the pandemic... Where I'm from this is a very basic legal requirement if you are working in care.

  16. I'm confused as to how OP and so many people here don't realise how fucked up it is to go to work with stomach flue into a senior center. Like seriously OP wtf.

  17. I scrolled too far to see this. If someone is sick at work, I’m pissed. I have a baby and a toddler, and if you spread your sickness to my family, you cause me so much trouble. I thought we learned from the pandemic that we don’t go to work sick! If your boss forces to go work, then I understand this is different, but this person didn’t even try to stay home.

  18. This. Wtf is wrong with OP (and people in general) When I worked in restaurants you weren’t allowed to come in if you had any such issues.

  19. Goes to work while ill, doesn't wear a mask, apparently cleaned a vagina with his faces inches away from it and wasn't able to keep his mouse closed for long enough to direct the vomit elsewhere.

  20. It totally seems like "legendary reddit story" bait. It was kinda believable at first, then the "that's nice" made me 100% not believe it at all.

  21. Right? I worked in skilled nursing facilities for years and they would never have male employee do perineal care on a female patient/resident. Even if he was gay. This is total BS.

  22. What’s a worst impression? Not going into work to not risk infecting immune compromised patients or going into work and vomiting on one?

  23. Good job being selfish by putting your residents lives at risk by being sick and going to work. Your sickness can kill them. So lesson one, don’t go to work if you’re sick SPECIFICALLY where you work!

  24. This story is horrifying, but TBH more horrifying is the prospect of suffering from Alzheimer's and not being able to go to the bathroom yourself and having to sit in your own urine/feces until someone comes to change you.

  25. I vomited. I know I should have felt it coming and turned away. But I didn't. The vomit happened suddenly and without warning. And it went onto and into her vagina.

  26. I really respect that after all that you still went back. You're awesome! (and so is your boss if this is anything to go by)

  27. I had a similar situation happen to me. I had been working at a memory care facility for about 7 months, so I was used to all the bodily fluids so they honestly didn't bother me. One morning I came in for my 12 hour shift and my stomach wasn't sitting right. I figured it was because I had coffee and still showed up. Well 4 hours into my shift and I'm just feeling worse. I had to go bring a lady out for lunch and when I walked into her room there was poop everywhere. She had an accident and then started walking in it. It was all over her, on the walls, on the sink and floor. I called my coworker to help me clean it up but the second time I walked in there I couldn't handle it. I apologized to her and ran to the staff bathroom and started puking. I went home early and ended up on the couch for 3 days with a fever and vomiting. So yes, please stay home if you're sick

  28. I'm just wondering at what point do we decide its not worth keeping someone alive. They have no recollection of anything that is going on. Isn't it inhumane to keep them alive what is the purpose of this job?

  29. When I first started nursing school I would gag every time I cleaned a patient. I felt terrible about it, but obviously I couldn't help it. Then lucky me, because if there is a God he loves to test me, I had a patient with C-diff who would poop constant liquid rivers....the ones where you change them and by the time you are done you HAVE to change them again. I just stared, gagging, at the patient because I had no idea what to do. I've gotten an iron stomach now though so nothing phases me anymore 😆

  30. At least now any time you’re feeling ill and need to miss work you can just refer to the Vagina Vomit incident if your boss wants you to come in anyway.

  31. I was sitting here reading this knowing what was coming and thinking to myself "oh please pleaseeee let Georgia say it". Was not disappointed lol.

  32. I remember on an ems call we went to an apartment where this old lady had fallen down and couldn't get up so she shat herself. I don't know how, but shit was on a huge radius arouns her.

  33. The gay community should forget the myth that all straight men find vulvas attractive. I’m not even sure a majority do.

  34. Thanks I hate it, kinda calling bs tho. Wouldn’t you be wearing a mask? Unless it’s an old story in which case why post now. Good writing tho

  35. I know that somewhere, someone read this and jerked off because it hit a particular fetish they probably didn't know they had. That's the world we live in. It's not a bad place, just kind of weird sometimes.

  36. How do you clean the inside of a vagina without fingering/scraping, then maybe power washing? I own one but have only ever cleaned my own and it was not poo filled so am confused on how to do this with wet wipes and gentle motions.


  38. i just left work early because i also have a stomach thing and was dry heaving in the lab. i get home, crawl into bed, open reddit, and this is the very first post i see. life is insane

  39. Pro tip for those who struggle with the smell. Wear two surgical masks and put some toothpaste between the two masks. If the sight is what gets you I dont have advice for that

  40. Well, when your first experience with a vagina there's no coming back. We lost another one, bois. (I'm just joking)

  41. Y’all aren’t wearing masks while doing this!? Not only are we still in a pandemic, but a mask would have helped the smell and kept the vomit from traveling.

  42. This is the first time ive retched myself while seeing/reading something on the internet. I couldnt even finish your story. I applaud the job youre doing, knowing i could never do it myself, and i hope that sometime in the very near future this kind of jobs get a 200% pay raise

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