1. To me, "The Train" felt like the last chapter of a novel where we reach the conclusion of the book's plot. "Us" (the series finale episode) felt like an epilogue to the book I just completed.

  2. I don't understand the hate! This episode was supposed to represent that the little moments in life are the most important.

  3. I think people's expectations led to the disappointment. They were expecting big drama and lots of scenes that would make them cry, therefore, they couldn't see it as it was meant to be. Quiet and poignant. Just like life is after the death of a loved one.

  4. For me, I wanted more for Kate and Kevin’s kids, especially Jack since we were teased so much about him.

  5. Yeah I don’t either. I think a lot of people either didn’t get the message or just had high expectations of something different.

  6. I actually preferred the finale to the last episode! I was expecting more from The Train and while I loved it, it fell a little flat for me, but the finale was perfect and had me sobbing. I would place the finale and Miguel’s episode above The Train.

  7. Not enough ppl are talking about the connection between Randall and Jack at the end. Rebecca squeezed Randall’s hand right before she died. On the train she was squeezing Jack’s hand - there was a shot of this in her red dress last night. It was also the same moment when she was in bed with Jack in the flashback and said she was scared to leave them and squeezed his hand. That’s why it ended with Randall and Jack - it was all the same moment. I loved it

  8. This episode did what so many great series don't... It gracefully landed. It didn't need big words, it didn't need flash. It ended just as it went along. Because life doesn't go forward knowing what's going to happen. It ended gracefully without puffing it up into something it wasn't.

  9. Exactly!!!! This is my favorite kind of finale. Before you leave these characters forever, you want to see them just going along with daily life.

  10. I felt the opposite. It wasn't overly dramatic (for once! Lol) and a lot of good last moments of each main characters.

  11. Hard disagree. I can't think of anything that feels more on brand for this show than this episode. They had the hard times, they had the sad, the tragic, the losses, but there's always hope and love and light, the sun breaking through after the storm, if you will.

  12. I loved this episode because I felt it was accurate representation of how I felt after dad died, for his funeral. When Randall was talking about how he showered and all, and how everything was pointless, I felt that. I remember after we got the phone call I sat there and when the sun came up I was like “how can the sun be up? How can the world carry on as if nothing happened?”. I thought it was the perfect aftermath of “The Train”, and it felt like closure. I loved it.

  13. Agreed! It really summed up how I felt after my dad died too. That weird, surreal feeling of your world being shattered, but everyone else is still living, and eventually you have to too. It definitely makes you feel lost.

  14. There was literally no plot left to show. Idk what people were expecting, some crazy plot twist or a new death? You're free to feel that way, but I think it was a nice homage to the core of what the show is about.

  15. I was at least expecting to hear each of the big 3's speeches....and during the speech cutaways to references in the speeches when they were children...maybe lessons they learned, or what have you....it was like the directors realized, "Oh shoot, we're running out of time, we need to gloss over the funeral and move on."

  16. That is what I am saying. Do people really want Rebecca saying "hey" to Jack as she died to be the final shot of the show? Like really?

  17. William would have to wait a long time. He is born 2033-34. The flash-forward with Hope - she's born sometime after 2043 (the flash-forward at the bar)

  18. Idk why people are so confused about the purpose of an epilogue, but I suppose not many here read much and are used to just constant nonstop emotional tension. The last episode is meant to act more as a quiet goodbye than anything too emotionally heavy, which was the Train's job.

  19. Yeahhhh I mean don’t get me wrong it was a fine episode etc but this definitely felt like a filler episode that should’ve been half way into this season.

  20. That's literally the whole point, that's how life works. Life doesn't just end abruptly when someone you love dies or get all dramatic. I would know, I lost 2 sisters and step mother by the time I was 10 years old. I'm almost 27 now and life goes on, and one day I too will die and life will move on for the people that love me. It's all just filler. You're born and you die, and everything in between is just filler, some more exciting and grand and sometimes really sad, but it's all just filler.

  21. I agree ...when they showed nicky (Kevin's son) sit next to Kevin, I was like oh yea Kevin's a dad too! And his kids are pre teens now! Would've been nice to touch on how Kevin has grown into fatherhood himself and following in Jack's footsteps, same with Kate and motherhood as her children are older too now. What the heck

  22. I actually enjoyed this episode, really glad we got to see lots of flashbacks and lots of Jack. I also liked the Big 3 sitting on the steps. Good to have the humour of Kevin's tears comment.

  23. 100% agree. The Train gave everyone something good. Even Toby who was sidelined. Even Miguel who died the episode before. All of Rebecca's grandkids.

  24. You all are so beyond ungrateful. This story was beautiful from beginning to end. The Randall hate is sooooo beyond annoying, and let's be real, if it were Kevin who was "centric" throughout the series, not a single one of you would say a peep. Just be honest. What kind of cookie cutter family do you all have, every single family has at least one person who stands tall and commands everyone's attention, in this fictional family it just so happens to be Randall. Your biasedness is peaking through.

  25. I never get the complaint of the show being Randall centric when Kevin consistently had a big storyline every season. I mean the dude had a new love interest each year damn near and they turned the show into HIMYM the final two seasons. He had all of his Hollywood career comeback. His journey into fatherhood. Going to find Nicky. His lifeline journeys with Sophie. We saw the insecurities he felt going back to the pool. His entire rivalry and reconciliation with Randall. I get Kate fans feeling left out but Kevin fans shouldn't have any grievances the dude got fleshed out so much and was never hurting for stories.

  26. I didn't love the finale (but didn't hate it) but agree with what you're saying about Randall. Also in my mind he does run and wins and oh my God, imagine Beth as first lady? The best

  27. Agreed. Maybe mixing the endings of it with the he ending of “Us” would’ve been great. It could end with Jack and Rebecca in the afterlife watching the best of the family grow, or something along those lines.

  28. Agreed. Last night was kind of weak and seemed like a normal filler episode, the funeral could have been added to The Train.

  29. Yup. This episode didn't feel like a series finale at all, "The Train" did. Last week's episode was damn near perfect.

  30. I sort of agree, but it was basically just to wrap things up while leaving lots open as far as their lives. Unless they wanted to directly ripoff Six Feet Under and show the rest of all the characters lives at the end.

  31. You’re right, with the right editing they could have blended more of what they did in the finale into the train episode and created a 2 hour series finale.

  32. I loved the symbolism of Rebecca squeezing Randall’s hand as she died and her subconscious squeezing Jack’s hand. I harkened back to holding my mother’s hand when she passed. And, let’s be real, Randall was always the favorite Pearson child which is why, I think, there was focus on him in the end.

  33. It was an episode driving home the importance of the little things, Randall being the character who did from day one. It makes sense to me why it was on him and Jack at the end

  34. I kind of am too as I'd have liked to see more about what happens to everyone in the future, much like Six Feet Under.

  35. Nobody is living up to the SFU finale. I suppose they could havr just ripped the idea off completely. I think open ended was the way to go.

  36. It was a little weird to say they would still be there but then not hint at what that would actually mean that got people so confused

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