1. Ralphie 100%. He’s great foil for Tony, so upon the first watch I despised him. Now he’s my favorite outside of the Soprano family (which I include Christopher a part of).

  2. And she marched. And for what? So they can drive around in their SUV’s blasting that rap shit and you can’t say anything cos they might have guns in the car.

  3. Ralphie becomes way more likeable when you remember all the murders everyone else in the series committed, no one has the moral high ground on him just cuz he killed a hooah.

  4. I absolutely fuckin hated Ralphy start to finish. Was he funny and charismatic at times?…sure. But was he an insufferable and totally unlikable piece of shit? Yes.

  5. Yep. Ralphie had a great arc (outside of Chrissy) - wish they kept Ralphie alive longer. Great fuckin performance by Joe Pantaliano!

  6. I’ve grown to like him in the sense he’s amusing to watch, but as a character and member of the crew he’s a complete piece of shit. He’s more or less comic relief for me.

  7. Only in my mid 30s have I developed an appreciation for Janice. She has all the sociopathic upbringing of Tony, and 110% the hypocrisy - however she has at least tried to find new ways to live. She even adopted a new identity. She’s an unattractive, shrill goofball but I appreciate her painful swim against the stream.

  8. AJ for me. I firsted watched the series as a 16 year old and thought he was just a spoiled little prick. Then when I re-watched as an adult I realised he's exactly how Tony's son should be.

  9. It's also important that AJ is the way he is for the structure of the story. Tony subconsciously hates his own father for drawing him into the mafia and his life of violence, and therefore he resents AJ for wasting this gift he doesn't even see that Tony is giving him by sheltering him from it. If AJ was ambitious and successful, Tony would have a lot more peace of mind, but that's not what the show is about.

  10. Please, her husband left her a package that could choke an elephant. She's like a woman with a virginia ham under one shoulder, crying the blues cause she doesn't have any bread.

  11. it may have been early for vodka in jersey, but not back in Siberia where we wash balls with ice water....you want?

  12. Junior. I hated him for some reason, I guess because he’s such ass to some people but after watching again you can pick up on a lot more funny shit, and IMO he’s the funniest character

  13. Always been my favorite. Not sure if it’s the writing or how he’s portrayed by the actor, but the character is gold. Best moment for me is when he was lecturing Mikey in the locker room, or when he got his hand stuck down the drain.

  14. Janice. She is so evil and Unlikable but when she shot Richie Aprile after he punched her in the mouth, I gained respect for her. I also liked when she stole the Russian girls “layg” 😂😂

  15. Richard! I just pretend that he’s the same guy from Mean Streets! He was a mean mother fucker back in the day, that cock suckah Jesus Rossi would have had no chance against these hands! 🤜🏻🤛🏻

  16. Livia cracked my ass up watching the show as an adult. The whole first season was epic. There were some silly goofy TV gangster moments like the whole first episode car chase with Tony beating up a guy in broad daylight and the meat grinder and “it’s Jimmy it’s fucking Jimmy” but on the whole the first season had the beats of an epic drama and thanks to weird old Livia. What a hilarious nutcase. Throw me out the window already!

  17. I didn’t really give a shit about paulie in season 1 but he ended up being a really great character. In fact my personal favorite episode is Pine Barrens.

  18. I honestly really liked Pussy but then started to hate him and not just because he started ratting, but his personality in general, like he really was a big pussy having Stockholm syndrome for the FBI.

  19. I really hated meadow at first but grew to like her as the show progressed. AJ on the other hand was insufferable the whole series.

  20. I hated the way maedo treated the finn-vito situation. First she dismisses his legitimate worries, then she tells on him and makes him complicit to vitos's death. Her hipocresy at that point is just as disgusting as carmela's.

  21. Christopher in that first season. always bitching about being made and shit. But second season onwards he was one of my favourites.

  22. AJ. I was his age when I watched The Sopranos and could not stand him but now I’m Tony’s age watching it again. I see AJ from a whole different perspective and feel much pity for him and wanted him to succeed.

  23. At first I hated Ralph, but now he's one of my favourite characters. I also liked Tony at first but now the more times I watch the show the more I dislike him.

  24. Mine are in a similar vain; Livia and Carmine, Sr. I didn't necessarily hate Carmine, Sr. the first time, just thought he was kind of a boring old man. This third view though I noticed both how funny he is, and how he's also just a straight up boss. He fucking owns the situation between Ralphie and Johnny Sack, and also shows who's boss during the "Esplanade Arc".

  25. Livia, janice and ralphie after the first watch i was able to appreciate their actors portrayal of those characters and now i definitely love livia and ralphie and wish they were around longer (dont love janice but i like her now and can appreciate her character )

  26. Meadow, because as much as I didn’t like her I could see a lot of myself in her. Spoiled Italian American princess with a complicated relationship with her father over her. If she had left the family, she would have had a chance, but marrying Patrick sealed her fate imo. If she did. The ending was up in the air and she was still engaged to him so we don’t know what happens after that.

  27. Definietly AJ. first watch he was just a whiny brat. I kean he still is but you start to kind of sympathize with why. He is a reflection of Tony and carms painting and you actually feel for him

  28. Surprised not many people said Johnny Sack. My first 2 watches I thought he was an arrogant scumbag. The past few rewatches I've learned I really enjoy his character a lot. And Ralphie I fucking love that degenerate bald bastard

  29. Vin makazian, on my first seen when I was younger I didn't feel that guy at all, but being older now I got more and more empathy for him, he wasn't a bad guy he was just lost in this world

  30. Paulie. I thought he was very overacted and cartoonish at first. I subsequently realised that that was in line with the character's insecurities etc, rather than a problem with the writing or acting.

  31. AJ. he was a spoiled brat but by the end of the series i had sympathy for him and i guess you could say i liked him.

  32. AJ. He started off such a lazy brat but grew up. They did a good job with that. When he did his eyebrows I just shook my head and sighed.

  33. Silvio Dante. Thought he looked like a wannabe tough guy at first. But then i realized he actually is a tough guy with the most integrity among the others.

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