1. I may be an idiot right now but can´t he meet with his lawyers in his office? He probably could find some place that is not in the open like that

  2. I think what’s being implied is that they are having “talks” that can’t be risked being recorded by hidden listening devices. That’s what I understand…

  3. To be honest, this is a super smooth brained post. "Secret Meetings with Lawyers" is not really a thing. You can just go to an office, your home, literally anywhere private. Having one in a big open field is not really something you do, fuck if nothing else, what if a lawyer needs to review some paper work. Even Trumps not that stupid. Not to mention the whole "secret" part is unnecessary. Trump is a billionaire, a former president and owns good knows how much real estate. He probably has legal meetings weekly and probably would have even if he wasn't trying to cover up a million skeletons.

  4. The one asshole has a club. The other assholes don’t even look like lawyers. The one ultra-bumpkin is wearing jeans…

  5. There’s a few with clubs, but it looks like it’s a practice green, so I wouldn’t expect everyone to have their full set of clubs with them.

  6. They were there to map out a new layout for the golf course. Hence why that one guy (who was IDed as the head of grounds-keeping) was holding a bunch of little flags to stick in the ground.

  7. I don't think it will happen (even though it should) but if Trump goes to prison, I will caption this picture with that title and use it as my desktop until he dies.

  8. Ironically "disguising" the meeting as just a social gathering might make it susceptible to such surveillance unlike a meeting with one's lawyers. I wonder defines the line.

  9. remembering that episode of the office where the "documentary" is finally getting released to the public, and pam is just now having it explained to her what a parabolic mic does

  10. almost guaranteed. The people in the photo have been positively identified as Trump's groundskeeping crew. The one in the maroon shirt with the orange marker flags is his director of grounds.

  11. Every time Trump goes to the golf course it’s for business. If you have seen his golf swing you know this dude has never actually had a good round of golf lol

  12. His golf card said 64 …. ‘Many people are saying best golfer of all time. He’d be a pro if it weren’t for donating his time helping the American people.

  13. Actually a lot of people say he is a good golfer. They also say he cheats unnecessarily. I find that more funny to be honest.

  14. Meanwhile while these genius’ were “golfing” the pillow guy was surrounded by the FBI in the drive thru at a Hardees in MN and took his phone that has his hearing aid control and all 4 of his businesses on it oh and the dominion voting machine scam plan 😂

  15. I’ve seen multiple groups of 8 before. It’s not impossible to play with 9 especially when you’re on a private course. PSA, if you do this on a public course on a weekend morning you’re an asshole!

  16. wait, you're telling me they said they were going out to play golf, got dressed for it, actually went out to the course, but didn't bring their clubs?

  17. Pretty sure this meeting is about adoptions of Russian children by Americans. Like that last time in trump tower. Nothing to see here. All good and perfectly legal.

  18. Noone seems to have drawn a connection between the multiple trips he made from Mar-A-Lago transferring large boxes of documents prior to the raid, the fact that he buried his ex-wife on the golf course he's seen at in this picture, and the excessive number of pallbearers it took to carry Ivana's casket to the graveside.

  19. I'm not really one for conspiracies, but that's hilarious enough that I can get behind it. Proper sitcom-level shenanigans!

  20. He's getting so paranoid that he'll take a plane to meet in an open air location to discuss his criming, instead of just using a phone.

  21. I know when I fly to golf I always wear my golf shoes. Even if it's a private plane i like to be able run from the plane to course so I can get the best cart.

  22. I mean, the guy is under a lot of investigations and is known for golfing a lot no matter the crisis. It wouldn’t be a far fetched idea to believe he dragged all of his lawyers out to talk some crime/gameplan while they watch him golf.

  23. According to this article, one of the men was identified as, Ty Cobb, former WH Attorney who served the trump administration from 2017-2018.

  24. So guys. I came up with an amazing idea the other day. Let's just blame all this shit that's happened on Don Jr. He's a bit of a prick and I've never liked him anyway. What do you think?

  25. Who are they? I notice that the woman lawyer who is putting Trump's neck in the guillotine in the Florida conspiracy case dismissed last week isn't in the picture. She must have asked to be paid.

  26. Even if he wasn't under any sort of investigation, he's gotta realize as an ex-president he's more often than not being recorded. I never understood why someone so shady and back door dealing as him would willingly put himself in the light as such that a president will be in for years and years

  27. If history tells us anything, at least one of them has a recording of this meeting and within a year three of then will have a tell-all book deal.

  28. If you were to check out my profile you would see I hate Trump and MAGA with a white hot passion for what they are doing to the ENTIRE political conversation. That being said this is not a meeting of lawyers it’s a meeting of employees of the golf course and all the left leaning heavy breathing over this on Twitter and Tik Tok and even to some degree Reddit made us look like Qanon. We should do better.

  29. What's funny is the fact that they probably think no one is listening in on their conversation... out in the open... with easy line of sight.

  30. Could the feds technically listen in on their conversation with parabolic mics since this is just a recreationally outing among friends or does this still fall under attorney client privilege

  31. It is odd, a bunch of guys dressed for golf but without clubs. Or caddies - you think that turd carries his own clubs?

  32. I was about to say that a few were security, but then I zoomed in… none of those guys could be security

  33. Just why with the one club? Like did he misread the memo and bring one by accident or did he not know what golf was so he googled it and saw clubs so he brought one last minute?

  34. I wonder if this was also a failed attempt at avoiding FBI bugs lol we really need a witty comedy about the past events.

  35. There is a scene in Serpico where corrupt cops meet out in the open on the lawn of a park in NYC, in a circle just like this.

  36. Trump probably thinks they can’t be eavesdropped or bugged out there but literally any one of their cellphones can be hacked into a listening device

  37. This means the net is tightening. The investigations are getting really close and at least one of them is wearing a wire.

  38. You know i thought these golf meetings were some kind of joke... but now that i got a new high position job and been invited to a few rounds of golf, i can say without jest that these golf meetings are very real and very common. I'll also add that the backroom deals on the golf course matter more then you'd expect.

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