1. I agree with OP, he is hot. I feel like he's a little intimidating though, he's a straight shooter and will call things as they are and honestly I've always felt like he was way too normal to be on this show.

  2. This photo is great but on the show ... sorry ... he is not attractive. And he sex shamed Kira despite saying he wasn't. Not cool at all.

  3. She touched him inappropriately and it made him uncomfortable. Horrid behavior. I'm glad she's gone.

  4. I find him to be average looking. I’m sure these hot women on the beach are looking for someone above average attractiveness. He also doesn’t seem to have any sex appeal on the actual beach. And definitely not standing next to other guys.

  5. Wen Kira was rubbing his nipples he mentioned that he has to be good and that his mother is watching lol

  6. Went all the way back in the 2 Black Girls 1 Rose archive to find when their editor read out loud his rap lyrics during the cast bios bc I remembered how wild it was. “That’s Miami: 24/7 strip club, no panties. Baby mamas everywhere, no families.” … I think I’ll pass on him lmao

  7. he feels uncomfortable about his age comparatively and it’s preventing him from having confidence which repels these women

  8. With his shirt on he doesn’t really look like he belongs there to me. Looks like a regular (if cute) dude on a beach full of super attractive people.

  9. Well he wasn’t into the nipple play, so maybe he isn’t looking to hook up and would rather form a deeper connection.

  10. I mean honestly the women are an average of 26 years old right now, I'm not that surprised? Of course he's attractive but his age is my normal limit for what feels comfy and I'm 33

  11. Oh no. Maga? Ugh. I felt like his views on women last night weren't necessarily problematic. Like... I wouldn't mesh with someone whose really sexually adventurous, and I thought that could be what he was trying to say. But there was something concerning about what he was saying.

  12. I hated that she used him for that random non bachelor nation storyline and he was supposed to pretend not to be hurt. She kind of Brendan'd him.

  13. I hope he makes it longer to meet someone! I don’t picture him with any of the ladies on the beach currently but I like him and want to see him find someone

  14. She made him deeply uncomfortable and you could tell. What if a man did that to a woman? She’s problematic in this scenario IMO. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. I think most people on the beach know that if you want to be there for a long while you have to link up with the more popular/louder ones. That’s why Logan would never go for Hailey over Shanae. I think Cacey is a victim of that.

  16. For me it was the whole Madonna/whore comment of "I like crazy but I'm ready to settle down, I need a good girl" in reference to Kira being sexually forward. I just generally hate when grown men say they want a "good girl," especially when the alternative they're presenting is someone they'd happily sleep with but never commit to.

  17. Honestly, he seems too normal to be on the show, but when someone normal is on the show it makes me wonder what’s wrong with them because why on earth would a normal person go on this show

  18. I don’t really get why he’s on this show, it doesn’t seem right for him if he actually wants to get engaged. Unless he wants to be an influencer lol

  19. Some ppl have come out with long term relationships. I don't think anyone is banking on engagement by the end, but I do think some people really want to fall in love.

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