1. Clearly Godzilla didn’t want to get involved. Accordingly Imma little confused as to why he would so gratuitously involve others by sharing this big as a house but timid as a mouse flex.

  2. Those large guys, they are block the pavement. So, if those large guys that are block the pavement are large, how large is the big guy? And by big, did they mean fat?? Maybe the big man was Jon Brower Minnoch's kid.

  3. In England, that is a pretty common phrase, I've heard it said already once today and it's just lunch time. 'For fucks sake' might not always be put with the word pal, sometimes it would be put with the word dickhead or wanker. Such eloquence.

  4. They tried to turn around and walk away. Did they not just turn and keep walking? Did they just stand there and turn around and be like... I don't see anything? Why do people get off on posting such bull shit?

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