1. remember gettin off in Vidor and was told "naw, cuz, take this shit all the way to Beaumont first." - why? - "this is where all the fuckin nazis are" i laughed and thought it was them fuckin with this yankee carpet bagger fresh from the north.

  2. Watch out for Hico, Texas, up until the early 2010's they had a restaurant called Koffe Kup Kafe. Their bank also had a mural of a lynching scene at some point. If you're going towards Dallas just drive on through.

  3. I once lived next to a guy from Vidor. He was an 80-year-old man and clearly had memory issues. Every time we got caught outside with him he would ask us where we were from. We would tell him we were from Santa Fe, Texas because the truth is always easier than a lie. His eyes would light up and he'd always respond the same way.

  4. We played a HS football game against Santa Fe in 1982 and someone burned a cross in a lot near the end zone before kickoff. We whipped the shit out of them.

  5. I’m from Southern Louisiana, and I’ve heard many stories about vidor. Took one of those AncestryDNA test and David Duke KKK Grand Wizard is my 5th cousin…I’m creole/African American Decent. I bet he’d be surprised if I send him a message and say “How’s it going Fam” lol 😂

  6. As recent as 2013 there have been mysterious deaths of black people there. The 2013 one being a rival sports player getting run over by a train. Literally. It’s crazy

  7. There was a viral video from a few years back of a school fight involving some black kids. A white security guard/off duty cop pinned a kid down, put his arm in a kimura like hold, and straight up just snapped his arm in half. Of course, it was investigated but the guy didn’t get in any trouble, it was decided to be “unintentional”. Guy was a off duty cop I think. All happened in Vidor, Texas.

  8. In 1993, Vidor was ordered to desegregate their public housing. They didn’t like this, and the klan chased these families out. Shameful. Must be hard to shake the stink of being from Vidor.

  9. At this point, you should probably assume that by default reddit is not safe to play on work devices, and certainly not on speakers like the other dude.

  10. Vidor gets a lot of crap. Beaumont even in 2008 was still mostly separate. Never saw nazi flags. Plenty of union jacks. There is white flight up through Lumberton. Lot of growth up through that area. East Texas is beautiful if you like nature. Area is growing like all of Texas.

  11. Moved to East Texas a year ago, never been around more openly racist people in all my life. There are some good people out here but they seem to be heavily out numbered by the amount of "old school" people. I avoid Vidor at all cost. Jasper is sketchy and only go to Lumberton for the Wal-Mart. Never knew it was considered a mini Vidor. I have been to Beaumont a few times for date night because its the only place to eat at anything other than a fast food joint.

  12. Y’all I live about ten minutes from Vidor and this town is no different than any other . Go to Walmart in Vidor and it’s just like any other Walmart. People are nice and they just get a bad wrap from things that happened a long time ago.

  13. Have you ever lived outside of Vidor, especially in a blue state or city at least, you might just be used to it? Vidor is really fucking racist and sketchy in my experience.

  14. Yall had to be ordered to finally desegregate public housing in fucking '93 and had a clan rally in response. Wasn't that long ago that yall had a viral video pop up showing how currently black men are treated in that town. However I guess to residents as long as someone isn't getting dragged to death yall think the racism disappeared.

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