1. Bry is one hundred and ten percent off his meds. And the whole Kanye thing, "Who likes this shit?!" Yes, because King Diamond is the pinacle of music. Between the two I would listen to Diamond. But I also understand that my tastes in music, aren't in line with other people's.

  2. If he were completely off the meds I think it'd be way more noticeable, like "she left me but fuck her for making me love her in the first place!" Kind of shit. but he doesn't seem to be doing as well as he has been as far as the anger goes, so maybe the dosage need to be upped or something

  3. At the beginning on the episode, I could’ve sworn I was listening to a repeat. Hasn’t Bry talked about the tank top dude and the Olive Garden before, and about his mom watching that movie in black and white?

  4. GitEm, if you see this, tell Q that the German woman he spoke to is an NYC legend - I knew it was Wilhemina before he even said she was German. She's a fixture of NYC parks and farmers markets, and a unique soul who will speak to absolutely any human about any thing. So glad he got to spend a moment with her. She's truly a saint. Her daughter, for what it's worth, warned me about Covid weeks before the news first mentioned it...

  5. Whoa, isn’t that similar to the name of the Prussian kissing devil? Or is my brain making shit up? 🤔

  6. It’s hard but I do feel bad that his brain is so broken he can’t handle seeing “Do Better” without feeling rage. He talked about letting go of the comment about seeing the wrong movie but then gives several examples that are even worse. It might be too late for therapy, but I wish he could find some peace. It definitely makes it hard to listen to (god it gets tiring) but I also just want him to be able to relax. Find some happiness, especially now that things seem to be working out.

  7. Potato chip Bry was pathetic here. His obsession against “social woke shit” has rotted his mind. It’s really become his whole thing. The bumper sticker is a good example. He rages and wants to wreck their car, but they’re the assholes not him.

  8. I think Bry would have been a candidate for an Oppositional Defiance Disorder diagnosis. After listening for about a decade at this point, it seems clear that almost every time he rages like that it boils down to an authority figure or perceived authority figure and being told he shouldn't/can't do something or needs to change/do something differently. Any problem with the left seems to be related because it's all "you shouldn't do this anymore" and he simply can't take it. Whereas messaging on the right is typically the opposite.

  9. I admit to hating the phrase, but I think it was because it was used so poorly in the Falcon and Winter Soldier show. I always picture that horrible scene when I see or hear it.

  10. He's went from having original thoughts to being susceptible to simple propaganda. He's mad at things that others tell him to be at this point. Quite sad for the pod.

  11. A few episodes ago he said something along the lines of Edgar and him get along these days because they mostly just talk about politics….isn’t Edgar like a fucking hundred?

  12. Bry was very mad about the bumper sticker but I did notice later on when he was getting the tortoise article he calmly said "Hold on, because, fuckin'...the Post is not very friendly to my iPad."

  13. Seems like there’s just a looming dark cloud over BJ. Hardly brings anything to the pod anymore but negative energy

  14. Honestly Maribeth seems like a pretty high maintenance person. I remember when they told the story of GitEms house fire he said she was crying and screaming saying she didn't know what to do, then there's her uncontrollably crying when Mr Whiskers died recently. Like, these aren't your problems, stay cool and try to help.

  15. I can’t listen to Bry bitch about owning a home anymore. Literally the dream for most people. He didn’t have to do any work to get it and he’s mad that stuff costs money. Maybe spend some of your free time learning how to do shit yourself. Jesus Christ

  16. He literally tried to do one of the easiest things possible, skim a pool, and he couldn’t do it without falling in.

  17. "Do Better" is also a catchphrase for an influencer/bodybuilder named Joey Swoll. His social media is mostly about gym etiquette and being respectful; it would've been nice if Bry screwed with what he thought was a SJW only to be confronted by a jacked roided out guy.

  18. $10 says Bry was annoyed about tank top guy because he was ripped (and Bry's insecure in front of Maribeth), not because of body hair

  19. I thought this was awesome, Bry is back and I couldn’t be happier. I mean it was nice he had all that bliss and happiness but him raging at the most petty thing is awesome and I am here for it. I miss this Bry and I think he’s been too caged up, I say get off the meds and wedded bliss and go rage against all the morons and fools out there. Foolkiller rage man!

  20. Seriously, everyone complaining about Bryan must be a new listener have a short memory. He has not changed a bit since episode 1. None of this is new or surprising behavior.

  21. Read some comments here before being able to listen to the episode. A lot of people really blew the Bry bumper sticker thing out of proportion.

  22. Probably. I just work with the kind of people like Bry, and I can't stand to spend anytime near them. Always bitching about something so miniscule, not realizing they have it all. I'm not entirely sure if complaining about Maribeth is a bit, but I think she just lost her grandfather and he's still a douchebag. I actually feel really bad for Maribeth because her honeymoon phase ended a long time ago I'm sure. I listen and financially support this dude, all because I really like Walt Flanagan.

  23. i love hip hop and i have never understood the fascination with kanye. i bought his first cd when it came out, it was pretty good but not something i’d call great and they were all downhill from there.

  24. He's had some stinkers and some weird ones, but he's had some great albums too. To each his own, but Late Registration and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy are considered masterpieces.

  25. Does anyone have timestamps for the non-BJ rant sections of this week's pod so I can just skip ahead and listen to only those parts? At this point, I wish someone would edit each week's podcasts and cut out the parts where BJ says stupid shit and we can get into the entertainment.

  26. The irony of some people complaining about Bry’s rants, then proceeding to write an even more annoying 500 word diatribe on why they hate his rants.

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