1. i’m currently in the late 200s and not too long ago they were talking about, what if there was a disease that was spread through the air and it killed “like 100,000 people like that” and bry said something about going into the mountains or something to escape society. funny how the thought of a disease like that was enough to make bry think people would run away to be alone!

  2. I like that sometimes it's hard to tell when Walt is digging his heels in whether he actually believes what he's saying or if he's just being contrarian to wind up Bryan.

  3. Maybe. I was only 14/15 when the episode came out so i dont really remember. I know personally the only cellphone in my family was my dads work phone

  4. Walt is the mother freaking king of trolls. A dude that tells his kids ‘I can’t see stained glass’ and/or all this other stuff is a GOD level troller man. Keep yer head on a swivel sim.

  5. Early Walt used to annoy me so much. He was just a whiney pessimist always, and I felt like he was arguing just to argue and his perspective was always off. Now I love him, so glad he came out of his shell.

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