1. As someone who's been listening from the beginning, it's great to hear that the boys are all happier than ever. I also got a big kick out of the jokes about Bry hanging out outside the Quick Stop - what with Kev announcing the date for the Clerks III trailer earlier today.

  2. I definitely didn’t want to hear Johnson talk about abortion but it was hilarious that they touched on it right at the very end

  3. I haven't listened yet but he mentioned before about stopping, at least for now. I was hoping when we visited NY I would FINALLY be able to try R&H since we couldn't get it in Texas. We couldn't find it anyplace, and every place we called said they were " out of stock"

  4. Last year I suggested a monster museum in CT to Walt for Broside Attractions, I am pretty stoked to hear that they are going there!

  5. That's all I was thinking about! Dude shows up for an hour a week and gets a new house with a pool. You're welcome Bry.

  6. I'm not sure if it's well known, but the first thing I thought when he mentioned Richard Kind is that he's BFFs with George Clooney. So old Q might have a chance to meet old George. The second thing I thought of is Clifford (1994), because he's hilarious in that movie.

  7. How do all yall patreon supporters feel about buying Bryan and his child bride a palatial mansion for putting in 1% effort while you cant even pay for a tank of gas ?

  8. Dont get me wrong i love Q but when the boys make road trip plans and Q's always like ill try and be there let mw check my schedule, i always think back to walt saying "C'est la Vie" lol at this point it feels Q when from being jades from being famous to Q being jaded from being normal ant status

  9. We now have people disappointed that the boys DIDN’T talk about a hot button political subject… this sub has officially come full circle.

  10. Nice troll dude, as if a couple of guys that don't want kids and hate wearing condoms are going to be anti-abortion.

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