1. There’s big difference being a cool dick or just a dick. CM punk is just a dick I use to think he was cool and important. He had a great come Back and has farted into the wind if he was so amazing why is AEW still #2. I remember him giving a interview thinking he was going to be so interesting he was so boring. Sad too I was a big fan

  2. It’s mostly people coming at CBM. Most people don’t know what TESD is. It was nuts how many people tried to bash CBM when it came out. So weird - there’s so many more terrible reality shows. I never understood why so many people actively hated it in the early days.

  3. My theory is that many people who worked at comic shops thought the conversations at their shop were sooo much better, and they deserved their own show. At least that is most of the hating I witnessed then. I bet the Impractical Jokers online comments are full of, "Me and my boys are sooo funny, we would do this even better" too.

  4. A little part of it I think has to do with Kevin Smith. He's always been a bit of an easy target for haters and I'd imagine that extended to comic book men.

  5. Very true . Though tesd has had their fair share . The one true three jingle guy , the pod awards show announcer , Mr. Oz , Major Wally , Gitem Steve-Dave , Collingwood magician . That’s just off the top of my head.

  6. I think that comic nerds are very very sensitive about how they're portrayed take Big Bang Theory, people's hatred for that is completely irrational, I've heard it called "Nerd Blackface" and have been labelled a "Big Bang Theory Apologist" they treat it like it's the holocaust rather than a sitcom, I'm not saying it's any good but it ain't that bad.

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