1. This absolutely has to be bait. I refuse to believe anyone thinks landlords provide any sort of labor of value to society as a whole other than landlords

  2. People 100% believe this is true, sadly. I came across a video a while back of someone gatekeeping unions because Starbucks unions don't actually count. Blew my mind that someone could be so off base.

  3. I think everyone learned what an “essential worker” was during Covid lockdowns and who’s needed to actually keep the world working, this has to be rage bait

  4. I thought this was going to be one of those wholesome type posts where the right side said exactly the same thing as the left side, then I saw landlords included in “working class” and realized some libertarian must have accidentally uploaded part of their spank bank to Twitter

  5. But surely we can all agree on this about McDonald's workers. Ice cream machine always broken. And they never get my order right.

  6. Exactly, and since those jobs above are so pointless let's just get rid of them. Good luck buying anything, eating anything you don't grow yourself since you can't buy anything, and fuck your morning coffee. Now what? How quick would this bag of wind lose their mind if that happened

  7. Maybe they meant "rental property managers," who have to do the administrative work of a landlord, but also have to do the handyman work of a superintendent because the landlord is too cheap to pay for a maintenance staff.

  8. 100% the guy who made the meme is one and put it in just not to take himself out of actual stronk workers like dude your dad bought you a building and now you rent rooms there, nice you’re making money out of your parents money that’s a really hard work

  9. I guess the person who posted shouldn't visit a doctor as they produce nothing real. It is usually only a service

  10. "Landlords grow rich in their sleep without working, risking or economizing. The increase in the value of land, arising as it does from the efforts of an entire community, should belong to the community and not to the individual who might hold title." - John Stuart Mill

  11. Yeah, defiantly created by landlord/rental owner. I used to manage apartment buildings, the majority of issues between tenants and owners was owners ego. It wasn't even always about money, just control sense of entitlement. They own the building, but doesn't give you the right to enter units without permission or proper notice to fix an issue.

  12. Eh. You’re half right. My dad used to own property and his tenements kept him going all the time. Fixing things, remodeling, installing stuff. He was working his day job and working on the houses at night and ended up getting very sick. Sold the houses. And nearly broke even. But there are the ones that hire people to do all that and just collect money.

  13. I’m a rental property owner and I’m not a slum lord. My rental fees only cover mortgage taxes insurance pest control yard maintenance and a little set aside for when the HVAC goes out or a tornado years through and I need a new roof. Falling trees and for when my tenets leave me high and dry and the utilities need to be paid so the next tenant can move in. The ONLY reason I have this extra property is because I’m giving it to my daughter when she gets married and I want it to be in a livable condition with very little need to massively remodel. This may not be every property owners goal but the idea that property owners with one to five properties make any kind of real money is LAUGHABLE.

  14. This must be fake. Even the most delusional conservative stereotype can't possibly think that a landlord is putting in any sort of hours.

  15. I had one that did, I'm very confident that he was an exception to the rule for sure, but he owned the entire block and would always be around doing any sort of repair, appliance replacement etc, it was easier to find him by going outside than it was to try to call him.

  16. I mean landlords can still work, but specifically being a landlord doesn’t make sense for “working class”.

  17. Bruh this obviously someone who is not from the working class that wants to divide the working class. I am happy to see it's not working.

  18. I was all ready to be mad about how dumb this was because I read the categories and saw the examples on the right, then I finally noticed landlords under the hardworking value producers and cracked up.

  19. I know many landlords and put in a huge number of hours. Some of the hardest workers I have ever known. Responsible for maintaining the residence while people live there, and for flipping it when empty.

  20. What? Of course landlords do work. Many maintain their properties in large part by themselves. Do you have experience being a landlord and know it's the easiest job ever? Because anyone who is an actual landlord have a lot on their plate.

  21. This. I told my brother that if he complaints about fast food workers being anything but kids then they should be closed during school hours and he was like oh.....

  22. In an ideal society, nobody works at Starbucks and they go out of business. Then the small coffee shops take over again

  23. Boomers have been complaining about fast food workers for a long time. First it's "quit complaining and get a better job", then it's "they're so short staffed that the wait is unbearable, nobody wants to work!"

  24. The Starbucks across the street from my house is only open 6:30am-10AM. Yes, they close at 10 in the morning. They have 11 employees going back to school and only 3 left behind.

  25. F****** landlords are not working class the teenager who has to work this job to pay for college so that they don't have to sell their blood and a kidney just to get a decent education just so I can have money to eat is working class

  26. Or they lose their shit and assault a barista for forgetting to put in half and half in their coffee. If they don’t do anything for society then why the hell are you depending on someone else to make your brew?

  27. Or they get upset at self checkouts thinking they should be paid for that… Almost like there’s value to that work. Huh.

  28. Regardless of whether you think retail workers provide a valuable service they have to often be the most patient people in the world dealing with customers that seem to be the worst of humanity.

  29. I've pulled 9+ hour shifts multiple times bc we are so fucking understaffed ATM. Also, 8 hours IS FULL FUCKING TIME HOURS. What the fuck do they want? And I'm not able to scroll through my phone for any of the 6+ regular I do. I am constantly doing SOMETHING at my fast food job. Cleaning, stocking, baking, helping customers. white collar/office jobs typically have time where you can scroll, if jokes about it are any indication.

  30. NGL most of these chuds think they're Gordon Ramsay for charring a bubba-burger on their propane-fueled lawn decoration.

  31. Service workers sure seemed important when boomers couldn’t go out to eat for every meal. All workers are valuable.

  32. It’s funny because all of these jobs are co-dependent on one another. Except landlords they do fuck all except raise rent and lie


  34. I wish everyone who hates landlords would give it a try. There's the mortgage payment, taxes, utilities and constant repairs that eat up any profit. Your renters will be bitter because they think when they give you $1000 that you sit around eating lobster with the money until the next payment. They think if you own property that you "have money" as though houses spit money out instead of the reality that houses are bottomless money pits. There's nothing like owning property to make you appreciate the beauty of renting. When I get rid of the last one (rented to family, worst idea ever) I'll never do it again.

  35. Republicans used to call democrats “snobs and elitists” but now look down their slimy noses with sneering contempt at anyone doing labor they don’t like.

  36. “Pointless work, producing nothing for society”, yet people couldn’t quit crying over not have these services during the “lockdowns”. Bunch of clowns.

  37. all 8 of those fields are filled to the brim with every type of person imaginable. hard working, honest and intelligent people all the way to down to the stupidest, most useless degenerates on the planet. work is work man

  38. So let's close down all the fast food, all the restaurants and convenience stores. Shut down all retail stores.

  39. Imagine anyone in the world thinking a landlord is 'productive'. Even landlords aren't that fucking dumb based one the ones I've met.

  40. LMAO landlords are not working class, they provide nothing to society other than stealing home properties from everyone so they can profit off of it. they do nothing. man whoever made this meme must be a fucking landlord lol

  41. Yes...lets the peasants fight eachother, do not look up, only look sideways. Be proud of your little bucket my crabs, it is your bucket, and your bucket is the best and most shiny bucket.

  42. You got to love how they tried to stretch it out by putting fast food worker and restaurant workers which are both service workers.

  43. Landlords are one of the main producers of stress and tension wich boosts the sale of depression meds. So you see landlords are an integral part for big pharma /s

  44. I have to believe this is the type of Russian propaganda that is meant to divide us. I would think after Covid, everybody in this country would be aware of how much value service workers provide.

  45. The person who made this has clearly never worked food before to think it’s “easy”. And pointless? In what world is this pointless? They’re doing their best to satisfy your hunger and thirst while you treat them like pure shit. If you wanna talk about landlords, all they do is sit on their ass all day until and take your money once a month.

  46. I worked in a steel mill and I will say being a line cook was far and away the hardest job I ever had.

  47. I'm sure the person who posted this stopped for a coffee on the way to their landlord job before going out to eat for lunch and then getting a Big Mac on the drive home.

  48. Nice call out the entire service industry that feeds you everyday when you can't be bothered to make a burger yourself or drink coffee from a normal coffee maker. Fuckin pansies.

  49. These individuals should be able to earn a living wage, working a traditional 30 to 40 hour work week; my first job was at McDonald's and I would bust ass for 7.50/hr. Some of the people I worked with would have 2 to 4 jobs and literally never see their family or have legitimate downtime. It's sad that in our mass populated, industrialized and wealthy country that we're slaves to labor because it's not "hard" enough. It's fucking sad. Perpetuating the abuse is not a solution.

  50. Kind of harsh and separatist I've been Blue collar my whole life mostly worked oil. One question where do strippers fit into all this.

  51. Landlords?you work to live in their house, and they kick back and relax! The creator is probably a landlord.

  52. the stupid gen x bitch who made this probably can’t even survive without their venti soy vanilla latte with extra foam and caramel drizzle

  53. Tell me you’ve never worked in retail or the food industry without telling me you’ve never worked in retail or the food industry

  54. A good landlord will maintain the property, but honestly, why are they on that side when so many others (mechanics and such come to mind) would fit better?

  55. Lol I recall these assholes getting really mad when no one was making their coffee every morning during the peak of the pandemic. So yeah. The "non-work" group is so ingrained in the every day functions of people's lives that they would be just as noticeable as the "real workers" if the disappeared.

  56. As someone who comes from the trades I don’t agree with this post. I was in the “working class” section before and it wasn’t easy work. I was just as drained as I am working in the trades now. Both working classes.

  57. This is literally bourgeois propaganda and/or a poorly made psy op to turn the proletariat against each other.

  58. I've worked as a union carpenter doing mostly sheetrock, and as waiter, dishwasher and cook. All equally exhausting and the restaurant hours were much longer. The person does not know anything or does, and it is just bait

  59. Please at LEAST rip that landlord thing off of there. That’s the least “working class” job on the entire thing

  60. Even in economics, being a landlord doesn't make you a working force. It's capital revenue, not work revenue. And you also they don't produce anything.

  61. Have been a property manager (representing landlords) and worked at a grocery store. Want to guess which one was harder? Want to guess which one was more rewarding?

  62. landlords a\re house thieves they steal porperties off the market they sometimes cant afford and make you pay their morgage payments plus extra. landlords are thieves

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