1. Yeah, but do you have Netflix? I never had Netflix or Spotify when I was your age, and I didn’t buy my first avocado toast until I was already a homeowner. I didn’t have an iPhone until I was in my forties, either. See, I am empirically better than you, and I have a house to prove it. *

  2. Before I was born, my mother worked for a company that banned bag lunches. You were expected to go for lunch every day because bringing your own food would make the company look "cheap".

  3. It’s pretty common where I live among office workers, especially if the employer offers lunch vouchers. Basically a voucher is worth a standard lunch (10,5€) and the employer pays 25% of that, rest is deducted from your salary. I didn’t take any vouchers because it really adds up in a month. But I know many people who did.

  4. Me, almost everyday. I'm too lazy to prep/cook and wash dishes in my break. Time is a resource too and this way I'm eating healthy and have a variation each day. Sometimes I bring stuff from the evening before if stuff is left over, but it's definitely annoying having to pack it, bring it, heat it, wash afterwards, etc

  5. 90% of the people I work with go out cafeteria and buy their lunch. Granted, it's only $5-8 and only 5 days a week, not 7,but it definitely still adds up.

  6. Right? I'm content with eating one or two meals a day, sometimes I just don't eat at all. The body can survive roughly 2 or 3 weeks without food. I can go without lunch for a day or 3.

  7. I mean if you use app deals on fast food apps you can often eat pretty cheap. Sometimes cheaper than the cost of what you’d pack for lunch. Like a common every day deal on the McDonalds app is two free medium fries with a 20pc nugget. So like $5-6 you get 20 nuggets and 2 fries. Two people can split that and it’s pretty filling.

  8. Right?! I've always thought that was just rich people. I used to eat a cliff bar and an apple for lunch when I worked customer service...

  9. Shit where I live $900 isn't close to enough to travel somewhere. I could drive to the next sparesely populated province and sleep in my car at best.

  10. And what, pray tell, will you eat while traveling? That 900 is just for the ticket or gas most of the time

  11. Exactly. This might cover the cost of 2 plane tickets to fly across the country (USA) but will not cover lodging, food, entertainment, and whatever you wanted to do when you got there.

  12. A fan of the spaghetti-o’s tall boy I see, I used to pound a four pack of those to start off the night in college

  13. According to this fbook post, all of anyone’s financial complaints are due solely to them spending on excesses and not due whatsoever to underlying factors in the economy itself.

  14. $900 gets you three months of lodgings in many parts of South East Asia, or 1.5 months lodging and 1.5 months street food.

  15. It's really not that expensive to travel. It was a few years ago sure, but I spent 2 weeks in japan eating well for like... 1000 bucks. Lodging is not as expensive as you think.

  16. Yeah that's assuming the sandwich supplies are fucking free and every flight isn't over $1000

  17. Flights are way less. You just need to book in advanced and don’t fly direct. Stop over in Singapore or the Philippines a few nights. You’ll save so much on your flight and experience more

  18. Most churches have a free food pantry/program that provides these types of things. You usually don’t even have to be a member at the church.

  19. I don't spend 10$ on a sandwich, I spend at least 12-15$ cuz I want a sexy ass Jersey Mikes giant sandwich that helps to fill the void in me.

  20. As per Cobra Taint: cooking food is for poor people, not high enough ROI for it to be worth it for sigma males

  21. 5 dozen eggs and 3-4 loaves of bread is $12 and 30 breakfasts. Egg in a basket takes about 5 minutes to make, only gotta flip it twice.

  22. This is such a “pick yourself up by the bootstraps” mentality. Come on guys just manifest the money out of thin air. It assumed that everyone who is broke spends a huge % of their income on a non necessity.

  23. I only eat once a day for dinner, which is home-cooked. I cook about 3 times a week and have leftovers to feed me the other times. I cannot afford jack shit.

  24. Imagine having to patronize yourself in order to go on vacation, instead of saying “man we should raise these wages and pay people what they deserve so they can go on vacation without having to sacrifice every single bit of their budget”

  25. Because taxes, rent, water, electricity do not exist and your only expense is the food and because if you choose to only eat sandwiches made by you you don’t have to pay for bread or whatever you put inside and you aren’t risking any health issue for not having a varied diet but always eating the same stuff

  26. I eat ¢28 ramen for lunch. That's $1.96 a week. That's $7.84 a month. That's $94.08 a year. That means in 5 years I'll have $470.40.. I just can't eat for 5 years and I can do it!

  27. For ten years my budget was fifty cents. I ate one cheap frozen burrito each day. Now my budget is zero. I do like to splurge on a $9 burrito on my day off though. But with my caloric limit, that's breakfast lunch and dinner.

  28. $900 will get you where and for how long? And what about lost income during your travels if you don’t have PTO? Fuck outa here

  29. I happened to spend $9.99 on lunch today. Today was also the first time I've bought lunch in at least two weeks. Blanket statements are always the worst.

  30. You spend $1200 a month in rent. That’s $1200 a month. In three months, that’s $3600! If you forgo shelter and live on the streets like one of the dregs of society, you too can save up enough to Travel! But you like comfort and safety more than financial success.

  31. The maths isn't even right, if you spend a tenner a day that's 70 a week, a month is roughly 4 weeks, so you'd have about 280 pound, leading to about 800-850 pound in 3 months (though correct me if I'm wrong)

  32. Has no one in the comments section been to the store in the past 10 months? A fucking homemade sandwich and any kind of side runs like $10

  33. While yeah this person is pretty ignorant, the idea is that small amounts add up over time, those 5 bucks a month for that streaming service you never use adds up, that 15 for Netflix, 10 for Hulu. So what I’m saying is pirate

  34. You have to buy lunchs for a few months for the money to be as high as a travel ticket while a travel ticket is like a day or 2

  35. I worked my day job as a pressure washer then would go to dominos every night to deliver, 7 days a week for 3 months I saved like $6000. It was annoying but it's temporary. I used that as a down payment. It took every scrap of money me and SO had to get a down payment on a house. We went from $1450 a month to $1000. The only way to get ahead is to work until you absolutely must take time off. I can't understand why houses are so much, there is like one house available for every person in the US, yet we have empty houses that are too expensive for any normal human.

  36. I've got a partially paralyzed stomach and only eat maybe 1 meal a day on average, yet I still have never been able to afford to go on a legit vacation. I'm 33 and planning on getting a passport for the first time next week because my dad wants to take me on a cruise as I'm the only one in my family who has never been on one.

  37. This is ridiculous, even when I cook healthy meals at home I still average around $5/meal. $450 isn't enough to travel anywhere but work.

  38. It’s probably only 20 days you’re eating out since weekends I assume you’d eat at home. However lunch has about gotten to $15 so it still balances to $300.

  39. That’s right. I always forget that the sandwich fairies bring free bread cheese and lunchmeat everyday and it costs nothing from home.

  40. I know these memes are cringe boomer humor and completely disregard the nuances of people's personal finances, but I can appreciate what they are trying to say. Money spent on small purchases can quickly add up and you'd be surprised how much you can save if you give up things like takeout, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, weed, etc.

  41. True = terrible? Got it! Between coffees and lunch I easily spend $20 in a work day. It adds up quick over the long run.

  42. Nah I fucking love making sandwiches. I love cooking in general. I have loved cooking for as long as I can remember. And I know what I like, so I’d much rather make my own, if I can, so that I can make fit my tastes as much as possible.

  43. I make very decent money but eat peanut butter sandwiches every single day for lunch. Have done so for 10+ years.

  44. Lunch today is probably going to be bison burgers. And tomorrow. I have a fuckton of bison, so I'm good for lunch and dinner for a looooong time

  45. I mean, it's not entirely wrong though. I meal prep on my day off. Takes less than an hour, and lunches are made around what's on sale. Typically cost less than $3 per meal and it's filling. $15 a week compared to the $50 or more I spent eating out before.

  46. Just stop wasting money on dumb things like eating. Idiot kids these days. If they want to travel, al they gotta do is not eat 3 meals a dat

  47. Everyone talking about the expense of lunch and not talking about how the employer wouldn’t give you enough days off to take a long vacation anyway.

  48. This concept is kinda true, but the example is stupid. About half of the young people that I know who travel or have traveled do it on wild budgets and live very near the edge of poverty. Either volunteering to get a plane ticket(usually that's hard labor on the other side) or signing up for a work contact(a lot of English teaching/house keeping/rich kid tutoring). It's not impossible to travel for relatively cheap, but that's not really the life I or most people wanna live, so 🤷‍♂️

  49. 900 bucks MAY cover the tickets to some places sure, but there will still be lodging, food, local transportation, and other expenses. I do actually make decent money which allows me to save up money and I could spend less on food daily but I'm also in the process of trying to save up for a house since rent is skyrocketing. I sadly can't do both house and travel even if I were to drastically tighten my budget.

  50. I usually have dinner leftovers for lunch, make a sandwich, have a can of soup, etc... I work from home, so it's super easy for me to do these things. I can't afford to travel.

  51. Everyone in here is an idiot, mostly. This is a logical and factual post but apparently it’s a terrible meme?

  52. Are people actually saying that making your own lunches WONT save you money?!? I get it won’t make you a millionaire, but yes obviously you will save money by meal prepping/cooking your own food. How is that controversial? Lazy fuckers

  53. I love being able to take my own lunch to work now. Even just for the health factor. I always tried to stick to healthy foods when eating out but. Yeah idk id rather have more control over what I’m eating.

  54. Eating out everyday for lunch is great though, it's a mini-vacation from work where you can get to know your coworkers

  55. So if you do decide to eat nothing but sandwiches for an entire year, 900 over 3 months minus the cost of lunchmeat, cheese, and bread likely 600 per month, or $2,400 over a year you STILL can't go on vacation unless it's pretty close at home, in an off season month, at a budget hotel, with a VERY modest entertainment budget.

  56. Basic applied mathematics proves it’s very possible to spend less than $10 a day on lunch if you make it yourself, and it doesn’t even have to be sandwiches. This isn’t a meme, the message is accurate enough, and all this post does is further prove that this sub has been killed by posts that don’t belong

  57. The point is that this only applies to a small set of people who spend $10/day on lunch. Most people don’t do that. It’s a stupid boomer ass argument, it’s the whole avocado toast thing just worded differently.

  58. Redditors are so blind to how much cheaper making your own food is. Like seriously do the ducking math you can save so much money

  59. Yeah. People replying “but I don’t spend $10 on lunch” are just not the target audience of the meme. There are people out there that make stupid financial decisions out of laziness, this is for them.

  60. Unless you work 7 days a week including public holidays, the maths is wrong. In Aust there are approx 250 working days in a year. So 250x$10 =$2,500 then for the sake of simplicity divide by 4, to give Roughly the same time frame and you have $625 per quarter. I mean everyone gets those advertised holidays in there inbox including spending money from $600 …… right!

  61. I make my lunches and I’m pretty sure her math is off. To buy all the stuff for my 5 days of lunch equates to a little under $40 a week. So in 90 weeks I’d be making 900 by her logic. Also, where tf am I going for 900? That’s barely enough for a round trip ticket to anywhere cool

  62. Except in my case. I used to earn $6.50/hr pay $600/month rent and still saved enough to go over seas once a year and managed to go out with friends. The problem is that some people are not willing to prioritise. I would seem apparent that you studies accounting and mathematics at a less than reputable institution.

  63. lol not only do I not like making sandwiches, I don’t like eating the same shit for lunch every day. I am willing to pay for the convenience of not having to cook for my own disabled ass self every single night, and being able to travel less is the trade- off.

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