1. Thank you for saying this about Ashley! I thought Lascelles and Trace's "relationship" was cold and fake but also agree that something is off with Ashley. It's hard to criticize her because Lascelles is off the chart bonkers so sympathy lies with her but her affect seemed very flat almost all the time.

  2. Lascelles fell victim to Trace’s manipulation. On top of that, he was terrible at communicating. He’d constantly want to have “talks” with her and they’d go awfully because he just talks and doesn’t think about what he’s saying. I mean, any person who says “I’m going to leave single but with [Name]” clearly has a few rocks loose. Wait for the finale, especially if you like train wrecks…

  3. I mean in some ways it’s almost admirable she was able to compartmentalize her emotions that way, but for Lascelles to say he never used to cry with her, and for her to be so buttoned up like that… I think they both need therapy for similar reasons.

  4. So I vaguely know Ashley through mutual people in New York and her and Lascelles used to make all kinds of YouTube and other social media content together. I kind of feel like they went on the show to build them as an influencer couple and he went rogue. I feel like she wasn’t actually ready to experience all these emotions on the show. Don’t really know but that’s my take

  5. No, Gillian deserves what she gets. She wanted everyone to hate on Edger and give her sympathy for his cheating but always left out that she cheated first (and with multiple people). “It was different after he cheated. Everything changed for me.” But when you cheated, that was no big deal? You’d think she’d have more compassion for his one night stand after he forgave her for hopping on the guys who slipped into her DMs.

  6. Edgar sucks just as much IMO, in a different way. He’s petty and sniveling. His lack of throwing it back in her face was seemingly due to his penchant for playing a kicked-puppy style victim all whilst knowing he didn’t have much of a leg to stand on since he’d cheated on her right before the show.

  7. I heard from her own lips that she was sexting her ex for 7 months, which is cheating in my book. You say she cheated with multiple guys, where did you get that info? It wouldn't shock me if it's true given by her actions on the show. When she talks about her experiences on the show it's like, did I watch the same show? We saw her at the couples separation dinner in tears, telling Edgar that she loved him so much and didn't want leave. Less than five minutes later she is all smiles in the girls Villa looking at Tommy like a piece of steak. She said during her IG live that her and Tommy knew early on that they did not have a romantic future. When did they realize this? Was it when she told him that she didn't know if she should continue to wear the promise ring because she didn't have a reason to take it off yet? Or was it during the many times that they sucked face. Perhaps it was when she first asked him into her bed or the second or third time. Maybe it was on a few occasions when Tommy refused her invitation to her bed and she got upset. Guess it could of been their make out session in her bed when Tommy was on top of her. Maybe it was when they were in the shower making out right after they were in the hallway with the look of lust in her eyes when she asked him where he was sleeping tonight. It might of been at their overnight dinner when she told him that she thought they would be good together off the island and was on the verge of tears telling Tommy that perhaps she was more invested in their relationship than he was right after he friend zoned her. It takes a very devious person to conceal that they have been cheating for seven months. Edgar should be very thankful that she wanted and did the show because she revealed her true identity.

  8. Gillian doesn’t give af about Edgar and it’s all manipulation and playing the victim. If Tommy would’ve run off with her like she wanted, she’d be laughing at Edgar. Edgar is weak and allowing himself to be emotionally manipulated by a girl that was going down on another guy in a week while tossing his promise ring to the side… I love Edgar but he needs to grow a pair and realize Gillian is an awful human being.

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