1. They should not allow previous singles to come back Midway through the season. If you have them, they need to be there from the beginning

  2. Yeah Sam and Deac's arrivals didn't make sense and didn't shake up the house like the producers thought. It didn't look like anyone but Iris cared about Deac and I don't even remember seeing a conversation between Sam and any of the four guys

  3. Honestly why. Oooo we liked this guy before and he makes for good tv but seriously nah dude. Why not bring back a guy or gal who was a couple but now single that would be interesting

  4. Part of the problem is there just aren't any singles that become super memorable. Deac was probably the closest but even he is not very interesting. So bringing them back ends up being a big yawn

  5. As much as we hate them, we need a real scum bag or two. Not hania scum, that guy who had a threesome in the shower one or two seasons ago scumbag. Guy, girl, non-binary, just bring the scum

  6. Kendal was the worst scumbag in the show’s history but he made it entertaining because he had no self awareness.

  7. For the season three couple you’re taking about that’s Corey and Erin. Also not every guy cheated on their girlfriend this season it was only Edgar and hania. But hania never admitted to cheating on ash until actually being in the show and Gillian apparently cheated on Edgar right back so the dynamic for both is a lot more complex than “the guy cheated on the girl so they’re on temptation island”. Also in season 3 Kendal and Julian both cheated on their girls beforehand and in season 1 Evan and Javen cheated on their girls so it’s an every season occurrence

  8. They need to force them to go on dates with other singles. I feel like the last couple of seasons they have coupled up with someone almost from the first date and stayed with that person. Would like to see it mixed up

  9. 1000% agree! This season was the worst. None of the couples should be together (including Luke and Iris). They should have changed the name of the show to Cringey Island with the gaslighting, toxicity, narcissistic behavior, poor editing and worst of all Lascelles.

  10. Did it bother anyone else when ash and Taylor would grab each others chins when they kissed every single time?

  11. Oh fuck that was weird! My wife and I were so off put by that! It was like he was trying to keep her from escaping.

  12. They should definitely not cast anyone who has prior acting experience (Hania and Ash) cause it just leads to suspicion from us as viewers that they aren’t being genuine (possibly just using the show to gain social media followers)

  13. I totally agree with this. I also think every couple went on to gain followers period. They all seemed to be playing a role and creative their own storyline and narrative so I couldn’t take any of them seriously. I think all the seasons have been the same but this season felt incredibly forced and inauthentic.

  14. I don't care what Iris says, she is afraid to be alone and she thinks Luke is all she deserves. She needs to be alone for at least a year. It's kind of sad how the reunion made them look like the success story and all in love, but it is not okay that your fiance is messaging girls he got touchy with before you were engaged.

  15. I completely agree. I really hoped he would change but I don’t know how you could move on after being cheated on and betrayed multiple times. Once is bad enough. I wish Iris had more confidence to see that it may be better to spend some time alone and get to know herself as a single woman.

  16. This season the guys didn’t mesh well at all so there was no true friendship (it seemed like) where they could help each other grow. I might also just be biased bc I didn’t like a single one of the guys this season.

  17. 100% agree. The weird parties every night with dancing/face paint/zero clothing got so repetitive. I feel like the first season we got to see more genuine connections and conversations that made sense. This season was so choppy boring and neon.

  18. Definitely agree about the age thing... Not sure what made them think casting a couple the ages of 21 and 23 was a good idea. It's such an eye roll.

  19. And it should also go for the singles too, because watching 37 year old Tom pursue 22 year old Sophia last season was a little creepy. Even Chelsea seemed a little young for him.

  20. Analysis is spot on. No younger couples who don’t even know what they want. The seasons do tend to get a little boring once people get coupled up though

  21. I felt like every episode was repetitive & like they were constantly reminding us why they were here blah blah blah…even the final bonfire conversations were SO rushed. I just wanted to see some people acting a fool & being wild like the old seasons!! But instead I got murder-esque Hania, Taylor grabbing Ash’s face 732 times, & the Lascelles/Trace acting like two crayons in love. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  22. I understand a past history of cheating makes the show more interesting but I feel like...why bother? I don't want to see cheater redemption and I don't want to see people get cheated on again. It's even more embarrassing on the show because millions of people might be watching you get cheated on.

  23. Completely agree with all of these! I felt it was really the worst season so far. People in their early twenties don’t have enough relationship experience to need to go on a show like this to figure things out because typically their only long term relationship experience is this one or they haven’t been together long enough to need to figure things out. Plus, the maturity level isn’t what the audience they’ve built can relate to.

  24. I liked how the singles got to send other singles home this season, but I think they shouldn’t have allowed the folks in couples to save one. I think this season would have been very different had Taylor actually been sent home

  25. Yes interestingly bc if you’re not into your relationship so young just move on! No need to stay and make things work esp when you haven’t experienced anything else yet! Aka Edgar and what’s her name. Like you don’t need to go on a show to figure it out. You have plenty of time, experience other people and if you really want to get back together later on then do so. For the older couples yeah the show makes more sense. There’s more at stake there and lingering in a 7 year relationship when you’re ready to get married is not healthy. Lascelles ended up being more of a dope than I thought. He falls too quickly and just wants his cake and eat it too. I’m surprised he hasn’t strayed during their 7 years together. I’m glad Ashley got out! She was amazing and deserved better. Same with the other Ash.

  26. I'd like to see the producers be transparent and not edit to fit a narrative that they want. Their actions have caused breakups of loving couples because they made it appear that cheating had occurred. They don't need to do this because the couples do a good job already, without any help. Kendall, David, Evan, Katie, Ashley G, Ashley H, Gillian, Ash, for example.

  27. Keep the aftershow where the cast members watch the show. It made me like them more and gave some insight to what was going on behind the scenes. The only caveat is that you can figure out who left together and who left single. I wish we could've had that aftershow for all the other seasons.

  28. Is there going to be another season? Usually they advertise for couples interested to contact the show. I didn’t see anything like that this year.

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