1. It's interesting because Gillian point blank said, "We didn't think it would be Edgar" when referring to him having sex with Marissa. That really validates similar comments I've seen in the sub. I guess Gillian (and the girls side of the island) never thought he'd do that either lol

  2. That means the reunion is going to be crazy huh !? Gillian said Edgar lied about sleeping with Marissa on the overnight date then said he did and found out watching the recap that it was actually a lot ….

  3. She was literally smiling in the clip beforehand cause she thought she was gonna get off scotch free bringing him to the island to break up with him. She’s beyond delusional. Also saying you think you want to be single to enjoy your 20s and then immediately try to start a relationship with another guy is so unbelievably scummy. Go Edgar finally getting away from her

  4. I totally agree. She was the one that suggested they go on the show. From the very second that they were separated she has not acted like she wanted the relationship. She says that she didn't have sex which I find hard to believe. Why did she ask Tommy several times to sleep in her bed? Why was she so upset when Tommy refused her request that one time? I don't put any blame on Edgar. She gave him every reason to believe that she was done with their relationship. There is always the possibility although slim that it was all an act. If so then we were all fooled. Nothing would surprise me.

  5. I'm sorry, but I don't get the drama that they split checks. He isn't having her pay for him, or tasking advantage of her. The whole situation in this instance just felt like "equal rights til it's time for the check" kinda energy. Just because he's successful doesn't mean he has to bankroll her.

  6. Gillian needs to get over herself. She brought Edgar there so she could mess around. She certainly had no sort of sexual contact with Tommy. Right? Oh, wait she definitely did. Then Edgar says fuck it and she wants to play the victim. Nah, girl this is what you wanted.

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