1. Lacelles has to be an actor. I don't know how's he's in love and ready to marry someone he just met and I've not seen any "DEEP" life changing interactions between them.

  2. yesssss that pose they were doing leaning their heads on her arms and legs.. looking a the camera haha 😄 so staged! so cringe!! and i gotta say i loved the other seasons so very much.. but this season is the absolute worst!!

  3. Now that you say this I think Ashley is over acting. That part where she does a sage burning with Taylor? I swear she prepared everything she was going to say lol it was so dramatic. I understand it was emotional but she was complaining about Hania’s lack of emotion and that she felt like he was acting, but she’s doing it too.

  4. Dude so glad I found this. After Ash didn’t send him a video, Hania crying and talking to the pic of Ash … “it’s okay. I know you just couldn’t find the words to say. I can’t wait to see you. To hear you.” I was DYING. SOOOOOO FAKE!

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  6. I think what it is, is that the producers don’t realize some of these couples are just business partners lol. The days we live in now, People will do anything for clout.

  7. Wasn’t there a couple last season who were actually just friends / FWB who went on? And the guy ended up with a single girl and the girl was all upset cause that wasn’t their plan? It all blurs together for me now.

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