1. Yes he’s very very deserving of what he’s going through. I know the exact type you’re referring to as well. All about that open relationship until the partner actually finds someone as well. It’s one sided for them. They want it to be open for them only.

  2. i agree that's one of my favorite parts this season is that he started this season saying he wanted an open relationship and then as soon as ash is with someone else he's crying and regretting it even though he cheated on her plenty of times before and he doesn't know she knew the whole time, (like the text he got in the hotel room right before the show). the couple i can't stand this season is lascelles and trace, theyre so annoying, ( and i think blake was great for ashley, i liked watching them, at least he was a good guy, not pushy and helped her get through the bs lascelles was putting her through), but yeah i cringed watching trace get all excited like lascelles making that announcement touched her heart, and who tells everyone not to talk to them and that they don't need any friends? kind of ruined the point of being on the show. they're both difficult to watch, i feel bad for ashley for wasting 7 years on him and i hope she finds someone better after the show

  3. TO HATE!!!! My wife and I just bash everyone on the show. But serious though, we do like to write down all our predictions on episode one, then after the finale , we see who was right about what.

  4. Epicaricacy. These couples KNOW what this show is about, what it entails, and the outcomes that can follow. The fact couples continue to appear on this show has to be either for fame/because they make hella money. 😂

  5. The same reason as you and to laugh at how funny it is when the cast all begin to realize what a stupid mistake it is to sign up for a show like that😂

  6. My husband and I call it Evil Island. The evil the producers create is delicious. Showing the clips to the partners that will burn them the deepest. Delivering cast members who will shake things up. Simply evil. Setting it in Maui is doubly evil because who can turn down a gorgeous location like that? “Honey, we will be fine! It’s in Maui! How can we say no?”

  7. My spouse and I watch to see the chaos and appropriate new stupid phrases into our relationship. We've taken "baby baby" and "babers" from previous seasons. Also to thirst at whicherver folks seem most interesting.

  8. Because it's an awesome way to shut my brain off for a while. Mindless tv that is so incredibly addictive and entertaining :-)

  9. I like drama (when I'm not in it), I like hot dudes, and I want to be better at spotting red flags so I can avoid trash men in real life.

  10. The first couple seasons, mainly the first, it was very interesting to see the conflicts the couples went through and their own personal struggles were very relatable. It felt very real and not only was it entertainment but it gave people at home stuff to think about within themselves. Also, a lot of that cast would engage with the viewers frequently on social media or at least live tweet along. Now? I honestly don’t know why I watch it. Habit?😂 It doesn’t feel real or relatable or anything anymore. Just trashy and like a bunch of people desperate to be famous. I haven’t even watched last week’s yet. Mark is the only good part left😭

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