1. convert to Judaism is a nightmare. i dont remember the hole process but i think it takes multiple years and involve being extremally religious within those years. oh and did i mention that if you are male you have to get circumcisers while old enough to remember it? unlike Christianity or Islam when its relatively simple\fast

  2. Probably not, it would be very difficult to take on all the laws. Judaism actually discourages converts (unless they're clearly serious about rly wanting to convert) becasue its a big dedication that can be difficult to keep to.

  3. I'm a jew that lives in israel. I like ti say "Ish ish be'emunato yehieh" aka Each with their own belief. I don't really care what you believe in, since that us not what makes you human after all...

  4. We have what is called "saving shabbat" Which you can't drive, use elections, cook, bake or anything that have something to do with work. Most jews don't do that, only the religious ones.

  5. When someone breaks a plate in a restaurant or something, everyone is clapping, cheering and yelling mazal tov. I don't know why we do it but i love it

  6. I’m Jewish too. Only came on here to sort by controversial, saw everything I expected but at least a majority of the comments aren’t just edgy kids acting edgy.

  7. He is an angel (not a fallen one) that tries to convince people to commit sins, then tells on them to god and prosecutes them for said sins in god's court

  8. Does exist. Called shatan no joke. He is not bad, but he is difficult. Sets us challenges because he wants to see us prevail. Ranges from every difficulty known. Is generally perceived as a necessary evil and generally good.

  9. When people make holocost jokes do you or most Jews get offended by them? Or is it more like how a lot of Americans will make 9/11 jokes and take it more as haha dark humor, idk if this is insensitive of me to ask I’m sorry if I have made anyone upset

  10. I wouldnt say we get offended, just feels kinda disrespectful considering 6 million of our people died, and the few remaining survivers have come back from hell...

  11. This is a problematic question, I believe OP lives in Israel(could be wrong tho), here most people are Jewish so usually it would be Jewish people making holocaust jokes which comes off just fine. It is a little weird when someone else says it because you are not even entirely sure if it was a joke. You should be careful when making holocaust jokes, even when they are hilarious

  12. Christian here and the way I see it is Jews don't believe in Jesus and still follow all the old testament rules whereas christians no longer follow all those rules. Obviously there's a lot more to it as well but that's the gist of it

  13. ok i live in Israel and a not religious jew, and i never understood why cant you do a lot of the things you cant on Saturday. i thought the point was to rest and maybe pray or something, so doing something that makes your life easier without requiring much energy from you sounds good for that.

  14. You get used to Saturdays. Non religious jews i believe have to experience a religious Saturday, with no distractions, just the family talking and it's super fun.

  15. They're doing the same in Israel btw. They were almost forced to start learning basic stuff like math, English and Hebrew(a lot of them speak Yiddish), but then some politics happened and they're back to Torah. It's only the boys though- the girls have been learning math and English from(I think) the beginning.

  16. Depends who you ask. That's the great thing about Judaism. It can be interpreted in a lot of different ways, and some rabbis aren't anti gays, so I side with them

  17. What do you think about Chistians and Muslims? We worship the same God, just with different rites and cultures

  18. Do Jews really control the entirety of America including the government and all the other institutions?

  19. Most non Jews probably don't realize this, but there are actually many different races within the Israeli Jewish community. There are Ashkenaxi Jews who's roots are in Europe (American Jews are mostly from immigrant families), there are Yemeni Jews, Moroccan Jews, Ethiopian Jews, Iranian Jews, Iraqi Jews, North African Jews(splits into different countries of course) and more, bit I think I got the main ones. Each one has its own culture and food, but of course it's all Jewish and all mixing in Israel.

  20. I've heavily considered converting to Judaism, but I am gay an do don't know how my family would react . I don't know what the draw is. Perhaps it's just a phase . Any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated

  21. It's not your fault that you are gay alot of religious jews are gays. It's totally alright if you are gay, and it's great that tou want to become a jew.

  22. If you get it done when you are older you can totally ask the doctor to keep the skin so it can have a sweater when it gets cold /s

  23. Do you have any advice for non Jewish people wanting to avoid disrespecting your religion? Like anything that an outsider wouldn’t normally know.

  24. Not op but Jewish, purim is deff the best the backstory is evil dude (haman) wanted to kill all jews, pretty much pulled off his plan but got squished in the end (he got hung with his children) so nowadays we dress up drink and party

  25. Gotta be portal/portal2. They introduced me to proper gaming, and just have so much nostalgia for me. Really, amazing games. Currently favorite has to he spiderman tho. Just platinumed it a couple of days ago

  26. Kippur/Yarmulkes are something you get used to, I don’t remember a time when I personally found it uncomfortable but I’ve worn them my whole life

  27. Do you believe in heaven and hell? I read somewhere once that they aren’t really part of Judaism and the focus is on life on earth as opposed to afterlife. Is there an afterlife according to Jewish beliefs?

  28. As a more so cultural Jew myself, I rarely go to services, but celebrate Judaism. Would you still consider me a Jew?

  29. Spent a few minutes on this thread looking at the questions and your answers and I gotta say just based off of your answers to the questions, you are a good guy

  30. Why are there different areas of Christianity what's the difference between a Catholic and a Jew and Baptist and all these different denominations, you don't have to answer for all of them just tell me what your beliefs are

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