1. Comments that have a lot of upvotes on this post aren’t even controversial opinions lol… The controversial tab has the real controversial opinions

  2. Every single movie, tv show, food, air conditioner, house and literally all other things you use/consume are a setup to gain money by making you feel good

  3. Marvel is mid. Like half of all the MCU is just filler, and you have to watch all of the filler to get the full experience of the avengers mainline series. I honestly vastly prefer the standalone stories like the original spider man, iron man 1, Guardians of the galaxy, ones like that

  4. Mariah Carey (singer of All I want for Christmas is you) is an overrated artist who slept her way into fame. Literally got $25m for her first album by marrying the Sony CEO. Also she tried to trademark the word “festive” among so many other ridiculous words???

  5. Nah bro, Mariah at her peak had some of the best vocal abilities in the history of music, did she sleep her way into fame a bit? Yeah. Doesn’t take away from her insane capabilities

  6. You... might be on to something. A small artwork can be rolled up in a suitcase and taken wherever and sold without ever interacting with somewhere it can be traced. Hmmm. You should be more vocal about this

  7. Just cause someone is gender non confirming or a femboy or a guy simply likes skirts, doesn’t mean they’re an egg waiting to be hatched into transgender, im speaking as a trans guy, it just kinda pushes an agenda that any girl who likes “guy stuff” or a guy who likes “girl stuff” is just trans and they have internalized transphobia, it can work and help out for some people but it shouldn’t be normalized in my opinion

  8. Omg yess, I haven't heard of enbys being eggs, but I've heard femboys being eggs. However the femboy=egg thing stems from a lot of eggs cracking because of the feminine boy community.

  9. Yes! For years, I tought that I was nonbinary, because I liked to dress masculinely, and it turned out that I was just a tomboy

  10. Holy shit thank you, as a non-binary, someone had to say it. Just because i like feminine clothing doesn't mean i'm a trans girl, i'm still non-binary.

  11. I think that neo pronouns don’t make sense. If you wish to be called by neo pronouns I will respect it and refer to you by those pronouns cause I’m not a jerk. But I personally believe being referred to as AEX/EGH isn’t fixing anybodys dysphoria. While I think it is stupid I’m not them and I don’t know for sure if it does. So I will continue to respect and support them. My unpopular opinion isn’t that neo pronouns are stupid that’s a pretty popular one. My real unpopular opinion is that we should support things we don’t believe in. Einstein’s theory of relativity is used today but we don’t know if it’s 100% right but we don’t care. Just respect people and don’t be a jerk

  12. Einsteins theory of relativity is used today because many aspects of it are proven by this point, its not a matter of whether or not you believe in it anymore

  13. So many people are so quick to judge others on the internet (i.e. cancel culture) that it costs innocent people their reputation and careers and a lot of people get away with doing horrible shit as well because the wrong people are given too much attention when the internet decides to use an iron fist against them. Also on the flip side people believe stories way too easily and never take into consideration the other side of the story and lack of proof. I understand sympathizing for victims but just believing them by word of mouth doesn't justify trashing someone without solid evidence imo.

  14. Thank you. I do think that marvel makes very entertaining movies but they are absolutely not good. They get so much praise, for what?

  15. Football (soccer) obsession in Europe is getting out of hand. Your favourite team wins? Great. Why can’t you just be chill about it instead of destroying the whole neighbourhood with pyrotechnics and screaming until morning?

  16. As a hispanic, i dont like my latino and latina counter parts being called such an awful slur, refrain from using it

  17. 1: no matter what that one 15 year old hoi4 player would make you think there is probably like one parallel universe where Germany could have actually won ww2 2:Canada dry ginger ale is the single best soda in existance

  18. Agreed. Seriously y'all the minimum tank space required for a single goldfish is like 20 gallons. They're so mistreated. Same with lots of small rodents and birds. People just don't do any research and mistreat an innocent animal.

  19. I saw some extremely controversial opinions in these comments and yet I'm here thinking about how I don't really like most food that practically everyone adores- Like watermelon, peanut butter, nuts, strawberries and berries in general

  20. With the Second one i TOTALLY agree, but I never told any of my friends, because I don't feel the urge, but I will say it to them on a proper occasion. They always joke like that and its NOT ok

  21. I agree with everything you said but i have a question, what do you mean by racism on games? like video game characters being racist? i genuinely can't understand so please help me out

  22. Thank you mfs say sum not racist n say not to be racist ?? Or jus say monkey n everyone laugh😬

  23. I got yelled at by my sister for this but, if I was to have sex with A woman with a condom and she gets pregnant. I would sign my rights away. I’ve explained that we wore a condom and we both wanted the sex, but if I’m not ready for a kid and she doesn’t want an abortion than Im not compromising because she doesn’t want an abortion

  24. Less of a controversial opinion and more of a shower thought. We as people have a tendency to cordon ourselves off from each other using labels and tribes. political parties, sexuality, race, gender, religion, nationality, etc, we seek individuality through ascribing preset labels to ourselves in attempt to differentiate us from the all the rest. In short we as human beings define ourselves by WHAT we are rather than WHO we are. Here comes the opinion. True individuality is adhering to what is uniquely you, your authentic personality defines who you are more than more than the labels you use to describe yourself.

  25. This ain’t exactly controversial but it does seem to be not really thought as the norm. Asexual people are some of the most confident people ever. They don’t give a shit if you want to fuck em or not so they’ll look how they want.

  26. A lot of guys usually complain about how easy girls have it in life since they can start an onlyfans and become rich, but it is men entirely own fault that shit like that is possible, you guys are the one paying -.-“

  27. Some dog breed should be banned or AT LEAST restricted (special permits and licenses for the owners, mandatory training and tests for the dogs etc etc).

  28. I love in these threads there’s two kinda comments being either “ooh pineapple on pizza is the worst!!!” Or then there’s comments with the foulest, most sexist, racist and homophobic thing possible.

  29. I don’t think humans should die cause I personally am a human who would like to not die, but I do get the sentiment that literally everything that’s not a human (besides animals we have screwed up like bulldogs, they’d be fucked) would probably be better off if we were dead.

  30. I mean no disrespect with this opinion. Like I'm bi and Trans, in the same boat as some of these people, and in all honesty my opinion comes from a place of curiosity. But some sexualities don't makes sense to me.

  31. I’m not demisexual myself, but I think it means that a demisexual person just cannot feel sexual attraction to someone they don’t know. Like they wouldn’t be able to have celebrity crushes or gain much pleasure from watching porn.

  32. Like pronouns that grammatically aren’t pronouns. I heard of people on Twitter on their bio their pronouns are listed as god/goddess. Then again that person was one of those dream sexual dream Stan idiots so it makes sense that they don’t know grammar

  33. You useless piece of shit. You absolute waste of space and air. You uneducated, ignorant, idiotic dumb swine, you’re an absolute embarrassment to humanity and all life as a whole. The magnitude of your failure just now is so indescribably massive that one hundred years into the future your name will be used as moniker of evil for heretics. Even if all of humanity put together their collective intelligence there is no conceivable way they could have thought up a way to fuck up on the unimaginable scale you just did. When Jesus died for our sins, he must not have seen the sacrilegious act we just witnessed you performing, because if he did he would have forsaken humanity long ago so that your birth may have never become reality. 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  34. Creating new ideologies, forcing them upon other people, and ridiculing the people that don't agree with them is and will always be inherently wrong.

  35. I'm going to get down voted for this but Religion is necessary and it has done more good than harm, just read your history textbooks and see for yourself many scientists and innovators were religious people and innovated in the name of religion

  36. The death penalty should be completely abolished. No exceptions. I don’t care how serious the crime is, the government should never be allowed to kill its own people.

  37. I think members of the satanic temple are based and they deserve more respect. Their dogma is basically be kind, don't be a moron/ignorant, worship yourself, respect bodily autonomy, act with reason and consideration, show empathy. One of the most freeing religions. Hail satan, hail yourself!

  38. I think abortion is immoral, but as a man I do not hold power over a woman’s body and choice. Overall the abortion discussion shouldn’t be controlled by men, especially since men have no idea what it is like and the necessity of it(medical reasons).

  39. if you're saying steak vs salmon then yes. however things like tacos and stews are superior with meats rather than fish

  40. Helen Keller was a liar. She was just an attention whore. Like how can someone who is blind AND deaf learn anything if they don’t know anything to begin with. No one can EVER make me think different

  41. he puts on a character because that is what sells his course but when he isn’t acting he sometimes has good opinions

  42. People hating on furries are fucking stupid, I'm not a furry but if you wanna dress up as an imaginary animal and fuck someone else dressed as an animal, you do you. The absolute majority of furries are not zoophiles and those who are are despised by the others. So I don't get why so much people hate them

  43. Socialism is not only objectively better than capitalism, but it also is the only path to a salvageable future where humankind is free from existential issues that plague us currently.

  44. I don’t care if it offends you, I’m not going to use neopronouns. I’ll refer to you as a they. Xir is not a gender. people like this are just making a joke about gender dysphoria.

  45. An asexual person is asexual not because they don't HAVE bitches, it's because they DON'T WANT bitches...

  46. Religion very likely isn’t real and only exists/is popular because humans innately fear death/nothingness/meaninglessness/ and injustice.

  47. honestly very interesting, I am religious its not really all abt life n death n afterlife, for me its more like a way of life. Like a little guidebook. It makes me feel at peace and happy that I live my life a certain way. obv I do believe in the afterlife cuz no really knows what happen just like how we humans appeared. but tbh ur opinions is kinda cool cuz I rarely see this reasoning as to why some ppl don't believe in religion.

  48. If you gotta make up pronouns for yourself you gotta accept you're atleast some level of a narcissist. We already have gender neutral pronouns. Get over yourself.

  49. Saying to fat people that it's ok to be like that, i am not saying that everyone should be hitting the gym and staying in perfect shape but GLORIFYING the obesity in the title of boby positivity is not at all good. There are exceptions such as heath issues, but not giving any effort to your body and then feeling proud of it is just bullshit.

  50. Cars are bad. Like, they're obviously needed for ambulances, police etc. but for personal civilian use, people could get by without them.

  51. it's unnecessary to teach kids about sexuality and gender. Most kids under 10 don't even care about that and if they did they would ask their parents about it or learn from the internet. Sexuality and gender is something to be taught at home or atleast in high-school. What little kid cares about boys liking boys and girls liking girls?

  52. I am against neo pronouns, I am against the rule that just bc a girl is skinnier she’s going to always be prettier than a girl bigger than her, I’m against guns for everyone no person with anger issues should own a gun or someone who is suicidal

  53. People saying stuff like “normalize xyz” are so fucking annoying. How about you just don’t give a shit what people think about what you’re wearing or doing.

  54. There are too many "sexualities" that exist in the LGBTQ+ community. Either they are over specific subcategories of the original 5, or they are simply parts of a person's personality in the area of attraction.

  55. demisexual should not be a label 🤨 it's literally just wanting to know someone very well before you have sex wit them. i do not believe it is valid and people are just looking for a way into the LGBTQ+ community or they're gathering all these labels so they have a sense of self.

  56. The world would be a better place if people could mind their business. If you see someone post something you don’t like just scroll or block them instead of Wasting your time on them.

  57. Fat pepole are fat just because they are lazy in 90% of the times. And there are objectively ugly pepole. Not everyone is beautiful in their own way. And attractiveness helps you a lot in life.

  58. We get rid of all the guns. Only police officers and military people should have them. Gets rid of cops bullshit excuses that they thought the civilian has a gun limits school shootings and you don't need a gun to protect yourself if whoever your protecting yourself from doesn't have one either

  59. They should make bisexuality and pansexuality one unified thing. It's weird to explain others the difference. And at best, the differences aren't even big

  60. People need to stop giving a fuck about social media stars and influencers you can’t tweet or post about how much you hate them or hate the new scandal they did and then wonder why they’re still famous like 45% of that fame is thanks to YOU

  61. You dont get to “make” genders and i refuse to call you something completely fucking absurd so you wont shit yourself, i will call you either he or her, or they if its in that context in the conversation

  62. I wasn’t sad about technoblade death. I never watched him so why should I be sad. When I found out my reaction was just eh, but Etika death hit me hard back in 2019 because I watched his livestreams and I looked up to him. I cried for days when I found out about the news. I’m sorry technoblade fans u can hate me if you want

  63. Neo pronouns aren’t a big deal, you don’t have to memorize all of them- why go out of your way to make someone unhappy when 3 words makes them happy?

  64. Native English speakers who don't know the difference between their and there or some other variation on this need to go take a look at themselves in the mirror

  65. Pro Life but I think abortion should be legal and not criminalized. I’ve heard horror stories from my sister about her friend who was questioned after she miscarried her baby, she had to use abortion methods to save her life. She was questioned if she aborted on purpose by police because it’s now a criminal offense in Texas while she was grieving her baby. Also there are cases when abortions can save a mothers life knowing her baby will die, and in cases of rape even pro lifers don’t like proclaiming “they have to carry the baby” (I disagree) I do believe it is killing a baby but in these cases and more I understand completely abortions purpose. I am against abortion being used as birth control. The fact that people brag about how many abortions they’ve gotten, I find terrible. There are also cases of “failed” late term abortions where they leave a breathing baby in an empty room to die, at that point it shouldn’t be disputed that it’s alive. Then everyone just turns away and puts its corpse in the trash when it’s heart beat stops. (Rare circumstances, but there is a story of a nurse who raised one of these babies that was left to die) Making both political sides mad today…..

  66. Cultural representation is much more important than ethnical representation. All representation in modern movies and media is just different colour Americans with a few Canadians and Mexicans thrown in for good measure. Europeans (apart from English people) get next to no representation in any modern media except for being the nameless villains with 90% of the time them being X-American. It’s the same with most Asian cultures apart from Japanese, Korean and Chinese as well as nearly all African cultures, except for African American which isn’t really African culture.

  67. The death penalty should be abolished, because anybody who is really not worthy of living on this planet deserves a worse fate than death

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