1. Either being independent or having no responsibility. Funny how those two are basically polar opposites, but I'm okay with either one. I just hate the in-between place that I seem to be eternally stuck in

  2. theatre. i can’t explain it, but being on stage, being in the audience, hearing the claps, or celebrating the hard work of all the actors and crew, paying endless amounts of money for merch, then listening to all of the songs till i know them by heart, makes me happy.

  3. I agree! I love it so much. I’m usually backstage, making the set, or writing shitty scripts, but it all makes me so happy. The camaraderie and understanding between theater people is amazing.

  4. i feel the exact same way with sports, being on the field, hearing the cheers, celebrating the hard work of all the players and coaches, paying endless money for merch, and running plays over until we all know them by heart

  5. This comment makes me love theatre even more. I haven't been in any productions myself, but gosh, if I were, I can't even imagine how amazing it would be .

  6. Playing matches in games with complete strangers, who are actually really nice and like to keep light conversation during the match.

  7. It will sound strange but animals. Its the only reason that I haven't even given up my life yet. Sure, animals are terrifying to some, but I adore them.

  8. I don't remember what happiness feels like anymore. The only thing that makes me feel something is drugs, but even that doesn't help anymore. Therefore, I'm gonna end it.

  9. My friends, it doesn't matter if we're hanging out irl, in a discord call or just texting i always forget about the shit that's going on when i'm with them

  10. Hanging out with my friends I just feel safe and a realy good feeling about myself than I dont feel like some idiot or loser

  11. Almost everything. Texting and talking to my friends, sleeping, playing videogames, going for a walk, listening to music... I have two moods: happy and very happy :D

  12. There is this girl who I really like and I have liked her for a few years and we just started dating and I’m so happy about it

  13. hanging out w my partner, my hobbies, being gendered correctly (im trans), looking at old pictures, finally earning some money for the first time in my life, being able to go to a school again (due to mental health reasons i was unable to attend school for over a year), being clean from self harm

  14. At the moment there literally isnt a thing i can genuinely think of hopefully this passes and i have passion for something again soon

  15. Talking to my friend, he is the only reason I've lived this long and I couldn't do life without him. Although I'm pretty sure he finds me annoying lol

  16. My boyfriend. Visiting him when I can (we are long distance from az to ga) and our calls I look forward to at night.

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